China: Persimmon cultural festival a great success

On the morning of October 9, the sixth Persimmon Cultural Festival was held in Leifeng village near Taizhou city in Tiantai county. The festival was held under the motto "Leifeng sends you it's best wishes along with it's best persimmons" and aimed to promote the Leifeng persimmon brand in the media, to find new partners and to increase local farmers' incomes. 

Red persimmon from Chafeng village has a long history. Currently, Tiantai county has more than 200 ha of land under persimmon cultivation. More than 133 of them are in Chafeng village, all planted with red persimmons. On the day of the festival, Chafeng villagers showed an original approach. They arranged persimmons into a slogan: "with persimmon red like fire - let all your wishes come true" and other creative pictures to show their love for their home town and hopes for future success.


Publication date: 10/13/2017

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