Dutch tomato prices out of summer slump

In September, 21% more was paid for a kilogram of tomatoes in Europe than, on average, over the last five years. This was especially noticeable for Dutch tomatoes, compared to August. The prices for tomatoes was no less than 55% higher than in the summer month. These figures were supplied by the European Union.

The price per kg for European fruit has been higher than in previous years for almost the whole year. Due to the ever-increasing area used for snack tomatoes, the average price per kg for Dutch tomatoes was bound to climb, year-on-year. This was evident in the export to Germany. This country spent more on Dutch tomatoes, but did not get an equal amount more in kilograms.

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Down since May
Since May, the price for Dutch tomatoes has, however, been quite a lot lower than the yearly average. May, June, July as well as August did not see good average prices. This only improved last month. The price for tomatoes improved, on average, in mid-August. In September, it remained in the EUR 70 / 100 kg range. This year, however, in August, only EUR 44 / 100 kg was paid. This is compared to an average of EUR 59, and even a pleasant high of EUR 65 in the previous year.

The EU also indicated that the drought in Italy and Spain is still playing an important part, as is the heat in Eastern Europe. On the other hands, in the Baltic states and Scandinavia, rainfall is a problem.

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Publication date: 10/6/2017

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