Winter season kicks off at Fruit World
"Berries from all over the world on their way"

The soft fruit market is in transition at the moment. "For us, this weekend hails the beginning of the majority of our contracts for the winter season", says Ronald van Vossen, Commercial Manager at Fruit World. The supply of strawberries began somewhat earlier. "The supply forecasts show that there will also be quite a lot of picking happening before next week. This then causes more pressure and stress on the market. But, shortly, when the volumes stabilise, and the programmes get under way, the market will find its way back again."

A farm in Tanzania with Kilimanjaro in the background

At the moment, Fruit World is getting raspberries from, besides the Dutch growers, it's partners in Spain, Portugal and Tanzania. "The cultivation in the Netherlands was not without its problems. The ever-changing weather means the raspberries do not store well. The first shipment from our Tanzanian farm is scheduled for next week. Traditionally, we sell close to home in the first week, but after that, the exports take off. We are very pleased with our Tanzanian crop. In December, hopefully during a good selling period, the first installment of our second farm will be in the production phase."

The volume of Dutch red berries is notably less at Fruit World this year. "Our growers had a 30-40% lower yield, due to the frost. The prices are, therefore, on the same high level as where they ended. Whether these high prices will compensate for the lower yields remains to be seen", says Ronald.

"There are not very many Dutch blueberries available. Their shelf life is also, on average, not of the best. The prices are, however, at a reasonably high level. We are also, anxiously, awaiting the arrival the Peruvian berries. This season should start in the next few weeks."

Fruit World is working with a Mexican cooperative for the imported blackberry season. This cooperative will supply Fruit World with blackberries from October through to April/May. "Just like every year, we expect a stable growth for blackberries. An increasing number of customers, who take other soft fruits, are adding blackberries to their programmes," says the Commercial Manager.

In conclusion, 'specialties' such as pomegranate seeds and coconut wedges from India also have a place in Fruit World's assortment. "The hype about pomegranate seeds has blown over, but it is still a growing category. We receive coconut wedges from the same supplier. These sales still need an initial phase, but they are beginning to take shape now."

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Publication date: 10/6/2017

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