Season in full swing
Argentina: Blueberries expected to have damage of 6% by hail

Argentina has been hit by hail in the Northeastern region during the night of Sunday to Monday. The blueberry production in this region has been affected. In a press release Alejandro Pannunzio, president of Asociación de Productores de Arándanos de la Mesopotamia Argentina (APAMA) and vicepresidente del Comité Argentino de Arándanos says the following: "Although we have not yet completed a survey, we anticipate that the total production of this crop will be affected by 6%, reducing by that percentage the total expected for this year."

In the same press release it is mentioned there is constant contact with producers in the affected areas, there is a survey being done to eventually make a final diagnosis. The affected areas are the production fields located in Entre Ríos and Corrientes on the Argentinean coast. 

Statistics of season
The blueberry season in Argentina is in full swing. If you check the numbers from September, the weekly arrivals to the different destinations have increased tremendously. For example the first week of September (week 36) a total of 83.104 kg arrived in the United States. The last week of September (week 39) 509.210 kg arrived in the same market. The total amount of export blueberries in the 2017/2018 season has increased in September, from 203.270kg in the first week up to 919.020kg in the last week. See graph below, to check the developments.

The numbers show the expected growth of export this season. Exports have increased this month, compared to last year. As mentioned before the weekly arrivals to all destinations cumulated were 919.020kg in week 39. In comparison with 784.202 of week 39 last year, this means an increase of 17%.

One of the destinations that shows a massive growth in export is continental Europe. As you can see in the graph below, in week 39 this year 502.784kg has been exported. This is compared to only 176.278kg during the same period last year. 

The accumulated volumes are very positive as well. Until last week the total volume arrived of all destinations summed up is 2.062.000kg, compared to a 1.499.810kg of last year during the same period. This is an increase of 37% and it has only just started, as the season still continues for a few months.

Publication date: 10/6/2017
Author: Kelly den Herder

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