Juan de Dios Pérez: "Cadiz is positioning itself as an avocado producer"
"We must all look after the reputation of Spanish mangoes"

The Spanish mango campaign is underway in southern Spain, where the Osteen harvest is in full swing. While prices dropped at the start of the campaign, now they appear to be stabilising, according to Juan de Dios Pérez, manager of the Cádiz-based company Pérez Zara Agrícola.

"The Osteen is the most planted variety, both because of its organoleptic qualities (a result of the soil and climate in this area) and its high yields," explains the producer and exporter.

According to Juan de Dios Pérez, "the growing concentration in the supply of Osteen mango in the last few years has resulted in the market being unable to absorb the incoming flow of production at given times, with the consequent impact on prices. At the same time, because of this, some growers become impatient to sell their fruit and harvest it with a Brix, texture and colouration that damage the good reputation that Spanish mangoes have managed to build in Europe, as it usually has the same quality as mangoes shipped by air from more distant production areas."

So good is the reputation of Spanish mangoes that "when the campaign starts, it is not affected by competition from other origins," he affirms. "That is why, as a sector, we have to continue looking after the product's reputation, since its appreciation in international markets is booming."

Pérez Zara Agrícola continues to work on its flagship brand IPM supreme, under which it ships its mangoes to around 30 different countries, mainly in Europe, and also to distant destinations, such as Canada.

Cadiz is positioning itself as an avocado producer
The Cadiz-based company is already preparing the Spanish avocado campaign, which will begin in three weeks with the first green-skinned avocados of the Fuerte variety. Then the Hass will follow with larger volumes.

"Cádiz is becoming an increasingly important avocado producer. Our irrigation capacity allows us to continue growing in terms of volume and the climatic conditions give the fruit some unique organoleptic qualities, especially in the case of the Hass variety, the most planted," explains Juan de Dios.

"At the moment, we have a limited production of our own, but in 2019 we expect to have considerable and stable volumes with production in our own farms. This will allow us to have full control on the product's traceability during its marketing, in addition to a product fitting to our brand."

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Publication date: 10/6/2017

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