Cees van der Meer, BUD Holland
"Always demand for larger Canadian cranberries before US season starts"

The Canadian cranberry season has begun again at Bij BUD Holland. "We buy a few planeloads full, prior to the start of the American season. As soon a boat of cranberries become available, those flown in become too expensive for the market", says Cees van der Meer. 

The importer receives the cranberries from their supplier, Farm Fresh. "They are of very good quality. They are, compared to American cranberries, nice, big berries. You sometimes find soft of crushed berries among the American cranberries. This is never the case with the Canadian product."

According to Cees, due to the early start of the season - for the American season - and the good quality, there is an increasing demand for Canadian cranberries. "Our Dutch clients have always been keen on them, but the demand is now Europe-wide." BUD Holland imports the cranberries in a specific American pack of 24 x 340 gram. 

Quebec (Canada) is the second largest cranberry-producing region, after the American state of Wisconsin. It cultivates more than 38 000 hectares of cranberries. In addition, Canada is the largest producer of organic cranberries. A massive 80% of the growers in Quebec are based in the Centre-du-Quebec region.

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Publication date: 10/6/2017

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