New Zealand: More science added to 5+ A Day

Food scientist Dr Carolyn Lister has been appointed a trustee on the board of the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust.

The Trustís general manager, Paula Dudley, says Dr Listerís appointment this month brings a new level of scientific expertise to the organisation and broadens the skillset at board level.

Dr Lister, Plant & Food Researchís Phytochemical & Health Team Leader, has worked with 5+ A Day for several years and says the organisation is doing a great job of encouraging people to eat more fruit and vegetables.

ďOur knowledge about the importance of nutrients and phytochemicals in our diet only has an impact if people change their behavior, and we know 5+ A Day is doing just that,Ē says Dr Lister.

ďAs well as doing the science Iíve now got a fair amount of experience in communicating health benefits so Iím delighted to have the chance to help at a strategic level.Ē

Dr Lister is already helping develop new material for older school pupils, workplaces and online.

The Trust celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. The 5+ A Day logo appears on more than 600 packages and promotions, and research shows 94% of shoppers are now aware of 5+ A Day, up from 82% in 2012.

A 2017 Ministry of Health survey shows the number of people eating five or more servings of fruit and vegetables a day is increasing but, at 40% of the population, much work remains to be done.

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Publication date: 10/6/2017

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