Spain: Protected cherimoya dominates the markets

The cherimoya season started a couple of weeks ago, but only now are we starting to see more significant volumes in the markets. In recent years, producers in Jete, Granada, have managed to change the pace of production, in addition to obtaining a Protected Designation of Origin for this variety, characterised by its induced pollination, which is divided into two stages. With this, the production is extended until the months of April or May when, until then, February had always been the last month of the campaign. "The idea is to have this fruit available throughout the winter and part of the spring," explains Francisco Cervilla, of Hortiquality. In this way, they manage to avoid oversupply, with the consequent price drops, and it is also better for the tree. "The pace of production is not as intensive for the tree, and it is also more beneficial for the field and the sector in general."

Spain's subtropical area, which spans from Vélez-Málaga to Motril, is Europe's largest cherimoya producer. "Our production amounts to about 100,000 kilos, and at a more local level, there are many producers with volumes to be taken into account," explains Cervilla.

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Publication date: 10/6/2017
Author: Mara Aguilera

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