E-commerce help Indian farmers reach consumers

A group of tech-savvy youths have created several e-commerce platforms aimed at helping farmers get a fair price for their produce and also to give consumers the opportunity to buy fresh and unadulterated food items.

The core idea of the initiative is to promote products of rural farmers by creating a platform to sell their produce directly to consumers at a fair price.

The middlemen and the buyers are known for making a hefty profit by exploiting farmers into selling their crops at a much lower price compared to the retail market price.

The farmers till now did not have a platform to showcase their safe food products, such as vegetables, fruits and fish. They needed an outlet where they can get a fair price, which is quite rare in Dhaka.

Meanwhile, the consumers are always on the hunt for fresh and chemical free products at a reasonable price, amid concerns over adulterated food.

Source: www.dhakatribune.com

Publication date: 10/6/2017

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