Opportunities for Pakistani Kinnow exports in Indonesia

As a result of prolonged discussions at the highest level and in an effort to increase Pakistan's exports, Indonesia has agreed to allow the export of Pakistani Kinnow starting from December till April. Previously it was allowed for only January - April. Permission to export Kinnow during the month of December, would play well for Pakistani exporters as competitor countries like China are not allowed to export their citrus during December. It is important to the note that citrus consumption in Indonesia is usually at its peak due to new year's festivities.

This exclusive access for Pakistani exporters should provide a good / timely boost for our exports to Indonesia, which were around $ 156 million in 2016. However, during last season, Kinnow's exports to Indonesia grew exponentially. Which were around $ 20 million in 2016, during the first four months of 2017, Kinnow exports were recorded to the tune of $ 48 million. This number is likely to grow further, during the current season, considering the fact that our exporters are given preference by the Indonesian authorities.

Source: fp.brecorder.com

Publication date: 10/6/2017

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