China: Apple oversupply might persist

Last year, China clearly had too many apple cultivating areas and too many apples as a result. Apple supply exceeded demand and prices decreased. According to reports, in the first part of this year, apple producing areas in Jiaodong, Liaoning and Northern Hebei provinces have suffered from drought, which should reduce apple production by about 20%.

However, this year's total output of apples probably won't be less than last year. National Apples Engineering Technology Research Center specialist says, that according to their analysis, loss of the products from dry Bohai Bay cultivation areas will be compensated with larger harvests from Western China. This year's predicted output of apples might be the same as in previous years or even a bit larger. Last year, China produced 43.88 million tons of apples and supply significantly exceeded demand. It is likely that this year apple oversupply will persist.

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Source: Yanqing Fruit Service Center

Publication date: 10/6/2017

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