Wisconsin cranberry production expected to drop

Wisconsin is second to none when it comes to cranberry production in the U.S. Most of the state's crop grows in central Wisconsin, and growers are working hard to harvest millions of pounds of the fruit.

Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association executive director Tom Lochner said this year's harvest however, may not be as high as last year's, due to cooler temperatures in the summer months. However, the numbers may be close to normal.

"We still have the bulk of the harvest to go yet, so I would suspect we're going to be coming in perhaps at 550 million pounds of produce," Lochner said.

Millions of pounds of fruit, Lochner explained, means a lot of money going into the economy.

"That crop will generate about a billion dollars in economic activity and provide about 4,000 jobs for state residents."

Just another reason motivating growers to continue returning to the bogs every year.

Lochner said last year's harvest was around 600 million pounds - the second largest crop grown in Wisconsin. Growers will continue to harvest the berries through the end of October.

Source: wsaw.com

Publication date: 10/6/2017

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