Dia is concerned about the possibility of Amazon buying Carrefour

Last June, Amazon announced the largest operation in its history: the acquisition of the biggest chain of food supermarkets in the United States, Whole Food, worth 13.7 billion dollars. With this move, the leading company in the online commerce sector significantly increased its role in the food business, as well as its presence in physical outlets.

Rumours now insistently point out that the company run by Jeff Bezos may be considering making a similar move in the European food market with the acquisition of the supermarket chain Carrefour. Last June, Société Générale analysts said Carrefour could be among the possible targets for Amazon in Europe; now the French publication 'Valeurs Actuelles' has revealed some figures and states that Amazon should have to pay at least 13,146 million Euro (current market capitalization value of the French company).

Most European supermarket chains have strong reasons to fear the idea of the king of e-commerce having physical stores in which to provide services to its customers, or where customers can collect their already paid purchases.

But in Spain there is a company with even more reasons to be concerned: DIA Supermarkets, which is currently in an alliance with Amazon to boost the sale of foods making use of the Amazon Prime Now service, which offers the delivery of groceries within one hour in Madrid, Barcelona and their surrounding areas. Thus, with the acquisition of Carrefour, DIA could be forced to abandon its position as Amazon's privileged partner.

Source: ticbeat.com via Economía Digital

Publication date: 10/6/2017

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