Polish apple exports grew by 11% in 2016/17 campaign

The export of apples from Poland in the 2016/17 season amounted to 1.09 million tonnes, which is 11% more than in the previous season and not a lot less than what was shipped before the introduction of the Russian embargo.

As noted by the expert of agricultural markets of Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas, Magdalena Kowalewska, this increase was even higher in value terms and amounted to 13%, according to data from Eurostat. Exports were only 3 percent smaller than before the introduction of the Russian veto.

Approximately 68% of Polish apples went to the non-EU market (746 thousand tonnes), while the EU market received 348 thousand tonnes. Exports outside the Union recorded a 24% increase, while exports to the EU market were 9% smaller.

After the introduction of the Russian embargo, Belarus became the main recipient of apples from Poland. In the 2016/17 season, Poland's eastern neighbour imported 504 thousand tonnes of these fruits, i.e. 19% more than a year earlier. The second most important destination was Kazakhstan, which imported 78,000 tonnes; 43% more in annual terms, and ahead of Romania.

Exports to Romania (-0.5%) and Germany (-9%), which are the EU countries importing the most apples from Poland, decreased. Worthy of note was the increase recorded in Serbia's purchases, which totalled 46,000 tonnes; 22% more than a year earlier and 127% more than two years ago. Serbia thus became the fifth most important destination for Polish apples.

The loss of the huge Russian market contributed to the diversification of export destinations. In the 2016/17 season, Polish apples were exported to 75 countries, while before the embargo they were shipped to 59 countries.

Polish apples are shipped to increasingly distant African, Asian or Middle Eastern markets. There are exports going to destinations like Egypt, Jordan, India, Mongolia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and also China, among others.

Poland is a leader in the production and export of apples in the EU. Last year (according to the Central Statistical Office), 3.6 million tonnes were harvested, and this year's production is estimated at about 3 million tonnes.

Source: farmer.pl

Publication date: 10/5/2017

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