Brazil: Oversupply of mangoes on the national market

The mango harvest increased in September, which pushed the prices in this period. In Petrolina (PE) and Juazeiro (BA), the most offered varieties are Tommy and Palmer. The harvest peak  of these regions is expected in September/October. In addition to this supply, HF Brasil explains that the San Francisco Valley is offering Kent and Keitt with a focus on the exports to the European market. The preference for these varieties in Europe, can reduce the Palmer shipments and result in an increased volume of Palmer in the domestic market.

HF Brasil continues: “The region, Jaíba/Janaúba (MG), also experienced an increase in supply of mango in September. However, harvest in this region is expected to slow down soon this month and end the harvest early November. In Livramonte de Nossa Senhora (Bahía), there was less offer from the Palmer and Tommy variety last month. The harvest of the Bahía region is supposed to continue for a while until December.”

Because of the high availability of mangoes in the domestic market, the prices decreased for all varieties in all regions. However, the scenario can be improved if more exports go to the United States and Europe. If US Demand for the Tommy variety is significant, increased shipments will reduce the volumes on the national market.

Publication date: 10/5/2017
Author: Kelly den Herder

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