Ecuador: Banana prices fixed at $6.20 per box

The banana sector reached a consensus on the price of a box of bananas; it will be paid at $6.20. It is a commitment by both parties to maintain the growth and positioning of the product abroad.

Alex Serrano, chairman of the board of the Association of Exporters of Ecuador's Bananas (AEBE), said there were ups and downs, but that this price allowed producer to have profit margins and that it would help them in the seasons in which the price of the fruit fell below $4.

Banana exports account for more than 25% of Ecuador's non-oil sales, said the Minister of Foreign Trade, Humberto Jimenez. The official indicated that 78% of the producers were small producers and that, including the middle sized producers, they amounted to 95% of all producers. This means that it is an inclusive productive chain. 

Eduardo Ledesma, executive director of the AEBE, stressed that, in order for the country to advance, generate more income, and maintain quality, the financing of the public banking - the National Financial Corporation (CFN)- needed to be done. He also said that a credit to the sector would be made in 10 days. 

The XIV International Banana Forum was inaugurated this Tuesday in Guayaquil. The forum will be attended by national and foreign experts who will present the best practices for the cultivation and commercialization of the fruit. 

In the event, which is being organized by the AEBE, the Institute of Export Promotion (ProEcuador) will organize a business conference where 50 national companies will participate and will have the opportunity to negotiate with various international buyers. 

In addition to the business conference, today there will be talks related to the importance of the European Union market. On Wednesday, there will be technical talks on the management of plantations, and the work of shipping companies, among other topics.


Publication date: 10/5/2017

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