Pink Lady America and The Produce Mom join forces

The Produce Mom® and Pink Lady America are teaming up to promote Pink Lady® brand apples. Promotions of Pink Lady® brand apples will include video, e-newsletter mentions, and cross-promotional social media posts.
Together, The Produce Mom and Pink Lady America will create content that educates consumers about how to select, store, and serve Pink Lady® brand apples; their nutritional value; and where to purchase.  Content will also provide information about the growing and harvesting processes that gives Pink Lady® brand apples their blush color, sweet flavor, and crisp texture.
“Earlier this year, The Produce Mom created and shared a Valentine’s Day themed video using Pink Lady apples which received thousands of Facebook views. We have been impressed with the quality of content The Produce Mom creates and the authenticity of the audience they reach,” states Kathryn Grandy, Marketing Director at Pink Lady America.
“Many people already know of and love Pink Lady® brand apples. Our goal is to expand upon that brand recognition and show just how versatile this apple variety is. The content we will create with Pink Lady America will demonstrate the many ways Pink Lady® brand apples can be prepared and served,” explains Kristin Ahaus, Director of Content and Communications for The Produce Mom.
The Produce Mom’s Pink Lady® Valentine’s Day video can be viewed here.

Lori Taylor

Kristin Ahaus

Publication date: 10/4/2017

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