Australian orange export value increases by 42%

The value of Australian oranges into China rose 42 per cent in the 2016-17 financial year as overall export returns for the fruit grew by 11 per cent.

The figures were disclosed in the annual Rural Bank Australian Agriculture Trade Performance report on Monday.

Rural Bank’s Ag Answers senior analyst Matt Ough said the rising interest in “eating healthy” was behind the surge in export of oranges to China.

“China’s middle class has a real desire to eat healthy food,” he said.

“As they become more wealthy they look for quality food from countries that have a clean image in regards to food safety.

“Australia has this image and in the last 12 months fruit has been on the menu.”

Mr Hancock said to the end of July exports were 16 per cent higher by volume than at same time last year and 27 per cent higher in value.

“China represents 28 per cent share of orange exports to the end of July followed by Japan and Hong Kong,” he said.

He said the increased demand from China had caused difficulties in supplying all customers, but there were plans in place to mitigate this issue.


Publication date: 10/4/2017

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