Mike Glas, Glas-Groenten:
“More spread-out supermarket promotions would be good for Dutch sprout market”

After promotions at six Dutch supermarkets two weeks ago, the sprout market has dropped to a lower level. Mike Glas from Glas-Groenten from Broek op Langedijk, the Netherlands, is fed up with the situation. “More spread-out promotions would be good for the market. Now we suddenly had enormous demand for sprouts and prices rose sharply, while there was hardly enough product to meet demand. Now we have plenty of supply, but demand is low.”

The sales of kale, the company’s show-piece, are doing better. “These promotions have been spread out more, and that results in smooth sales,” Mike says. There are hardly any price fluctuations in kale. “We work with fixed prices. With sprouts, we normally start with the contracts in week 40. How those prices will develop depends on what enters the market outside of those agreements.”  

For more information:
Glas Groenten VOF
Dulleweg 36
1721 PM Broek op Langedijk
Tel. +31 (0)226 313 981
Fax +31 (0)226 320 245

Publication date: 10/4/2017

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