China: Anyue lemon export prices drop

"This year, the Anyue lemon season started at the end of September. Their export time will last until May, and they will be supplied to the Chinese market until August," according to Luo Gang, deputy CEO of Chongqing HD Lemon Technology Group Co Ltd.

Luo Gang, deputy CEO, showing the products to a Bahrain customer

The HD Lemon brand of Chongqing HD Lemon Technology

"Compared to the last season, the Anyue lemon production has increased dramatically. The main reason is that the weather has been relatively stable the entire year, which benefits the growth of the lemons. Furthermore, last year was an off year for lemons. After improving the trees, the lemons will grow well this year."

Luo Gang, deputy CEO, and a Bahrain customer in the processing facility

The office of Chongqing HD Lemon Technology Group

Packaged lemons waiting to be exported

"Currently, Chongqing HD Lemon Group's Eureka lemons are sold under our own brand 'HD Lemon' through the port of Shenzhen. We mainly sell to South-East Asia and the Middle East. Because of the large increase in supply, the export price is lower than last year. However, this has not influenced the export quantity very much. Eureka lemons are rather sour, fragrant and high quality, and suit the demand of foreign customers for juicy lemons with a thin skin. Furthermore, after developing the market for years and creating our brand, we now have a stable customer base. In the future, while we are steadily developing our current markets, we are also striving to reach new markets."

Processing facility of Chongqing HD Lemon Technology Group

Research facility of Chongqing HD Lemon Technology Group

"We have seen that foreign customers have different preferences when buying lemons. The Russian market prefers larger lemons, the South-East Asian market likes medium lemons, and the Middle Eastern market prefers smaller ones."

Luo Gang (Deputy CEO)
Company: Chongqing HD Lemon Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86 183 9806 6432
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Publication date: 10/2/2017

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