Singapore's AVA to investigate reports of "blue dots" on vegetables

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is investigating reports of "blue dots" on several vegetables from NTUC FairPrice in Singapore, it said on Wednesday (Sep 27). 

A Facebook user named Jeff Yeo posted a photo on NTUC FairPrice's page on Monday complaining of blue "pellets" which appear at the stems and leaves of the Japanese Green vegetables he bought. 

He asked for an explanation in his post: "What is it? Dye/colouring, or pesticide?" 

NTUC FairPrice responded to him saying that they "will bring this up with the supplier for an investigation". 

Another customer, Sally Lim, also made a complaint with a photo of the Shangai Green vegetables she purchased, which also had blue spots at the stems. 

As of Wednesday, at least three complaints had been made from Sep 23 to Sep 25, on NTUC FairPrice's Facebook page regarding the same matter. 
AVA, which will be taking samples for food safety tests, said that the blue stains could be due to the use of a copper-based fungicide, approved to be used in agriculture. 


Publication date: 9/28/2017

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