American consumers willing to pay more for Fairtrade bananas

Low prices for bananas are used by some supermarkets to attract customers, but consumers are willing to pay more for Fairtrade bananas, according to recent research from GlobeScan and Fairtrade America.

“When the price is right, consumers are very willing to pay more for Fairtrade bananas,” says James Morris, US Director of GlobeScan. “It shows consumers will support retailers who are willing to take an extra step and invest in their supply chain.”

The smaller the price difference, the more consumers are willing to pay. When the price difference is 5 cent, 77 per cent of consumers says they’ll choose Fairtrade. When Fairtrade bananas are 10 cent more expensive, 67 per cent of consumers will ‘probably’ or ‘certainly’ choose these bananas.

Right now, 12,172 small cultivation companies and 10,353 workers are divided among 130 Fairtrade-certified cooperatives in 12 countries.

Publication date: 9/25/2017

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