Banana Freckle effects bananas from Réunion

Banana production in Réunion has become difficult for producers over the last few years as a fungus is effecting all of the plantations. The fungus was first detected in 2015. The fruit can still be consumed, but the skin is marked and therefore less attractive. Some farmers have had to bin half of their production. The fungus causes a disease called Banana Freckle, which while still consumable, puts off consumers. David Morel, Organic Advisor at the Chamber of Agriculture explains that “It has been scientifically proven that the flesh inside is healthy. So it is just the visual aspect that is a disadvantage. But on a taste, nutritional and health level, there is no problem”. Instead of the 1,900 tons of bananas originally expected this year, the farmers are expecting to see volume decrease by 300 tons. 

Publication date: 9/27/2017

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