Presentation of promotional campaign for Canary bananas in Europe

The Canary banana producers' organization, ASPROCAN, was in Brussels last week to present it promotional campaign for the product in several European countries.

The banana producers' associations of the French overseas regions of Guadeloupe and Martinique, UGPBAN, and of the Portuguese island of Madeira, GESBA, have also taken part in this initiative, which seeks to make consumers aware of the quality label for bananas of the outermost regions of Europe (ORs).

To this end, up until 2019, they will carry out activities in Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany and Poland in order to promote the OR label.

One of these activities, co-financed by the European Union (EU), is the European tour "Marité"; a ship that will travel for the next three years through European cities to symbolise the link between the islands and the continent.

ASPROCAN's head of communication, Marta Rodríguez, told Efe that the ORs have the "added difficulty" of not being part of the European continent when it comes to marketing their products.

"Giving the products from these regions a specific label that confirms that they are quality European products grown in a specific way makes it easier for the rest of Europeans to identify them as such," she assured.

In this regard, she affirmed that the Canary Islands, which are not as far from the European continent as Guadeloupe or Martinique, doesn't suffer as many problems as the latter when it comes to the recognition of its bananas.  
Rodríguez highlighted the "important" role of the European Union in helping countries outside the EU in the shipment of their products, but also to offer guarantees of protection to the ORs.

"For us, it is now crucial to work with the European Commission to ensure the monitoring of (import) prices and the entire marketing process," she added.

For his part, UGPBAN's communication officer Karym Bagoee stressed that European consumers don't usually think of the products from these island regions as foods from Europe, and that is why the objective is to "make the OR label even stronger by means of promotions."

Bagoee explained that, with these labels, consumers are shown that producers are working together with the EU in order to adhere to a "strict legislation" that gives certain quality guarantees.

Source: EFE

Publication date: 9/25/2017

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