Officials warn of hepatitis A exposure from fruit cart in Lancaster, CA

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health warned consumers of a possible hepatitis A exposure after a street fruit cart vendor was found infected with the disease in Lancaster.

Health officials believe the produce may have been contaminated by the worker who was infected at the time. The fruit cart was located at the corner of West Avenue L and 20th Street West. Officials said anyone who bought fruit from the cart between Aug. 15 and Aug. 22 may be at risk.

The department urges anyone who believes they may be at risk to get an immune globulin shot or hepatitis A vaccination within the next week to prevent or reduce the illness.

Health officials said the case may be linked to outbreaks of the disease in San Diego and Santa Cruz counties. A large majority of the cases happened to people who are homeless or use illegal drugs and several cases occurred among people who provide services to the homeless, according to the department.


Publication date: 9/7/2017

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