Ghana: Workshop for Africa-EU climate change research

Climate Change Ghana is hosting a two-day workshop aimed at creating an Africa-European Climate Change Research Platform to strengthen the capacities of researchers towards sustainable agricultural growth.

The vision is to develop a new crop of African researchers in climate change-related studies for agriculture intensification with studies that better reflect the needs of their local industries and policies in support of sustainable agriculture.

They would collaborate with their European Union (EU) counterparts for sustained knowledge sharing and improved outcomes.

The workshop, which is the second of three pilot platforms, has brought together experts from academia, the private and public sectors from across the Africa Region, including Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Benin and Uganda.

They are working in the area of climate change research and research funding, with a particular focus on sustainable agricultural growth.

They would be provided with guidance on developing research ideas leading to draft project proposals, and be identifying options for accessing research financing to place them in a better positions to secure funding through the private sector and other sources.


Publication date: 11/25/2016

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