Portugal surpasses Spain and becomes the fourth biggest processed tomato exporter.

In 2012 Portugal became the fourth biggest processed tomato exporter, surpassing Spain and Italy within European border trade, according to the Tomato Manufacturer's Association (AIT).

Portugal exports 95% of their production and, last year, processed 1.2 million tons of tomatoes, which corresponds to a business volume that exceeded 250 million Euros.

Italy is the leading European processed tomato exporter, followed by Portugal, with almost 20% of the total exports.

Domestic production is intended primarily for Europe, where the UK is the largest market, followed by Spain, Holland and Germany.

Outside European borders, Japan is the biggest customer, accounting for about 10% of total exports.

Other major importers include Kuwait, Russia and Australia, with about 7,500 imported tons each.

Portugal produces tomato paste and other products such as sauces and ketchup.

Publication date: 2/4/2013
Author: Carlos P Poggio
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