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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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Chilean Calmeria variety to fill gap in Spanish seeded grape market
The off-season table grape campaign in Spain has been marked by considerable difficulties in the supply of seeded white grapes, at least until the arrival to European ports of theSouth African Dauphine,"whose season is coming to an end with average quality," according to Miriam Cutillas, of the sales and.....

Northwest cherry crop down on last year
On Wednesday May 25th, over 70 growers, shippers and industry leaders of the Northwest Cherry industry met to discuss the 2016 Northwest cherry crop. The group meets annually to discuss crop potential across all growing districts and formulates a crop estimate based on attendee input. The 5-State estimate is.....

US: Early start of South African citrus season
“The first container vessel of the season with South African clementines arrived in the US on May 18,” says Mark Hanks with DNE World Fruit. “The fruit was released last week and is about two weeks ahead on maturity compared to last year.” South African clementines are expected to peak in June and early.....

Jesús Gómez, manager of Frutas Esther:
"Our Paraguayo peach sales have surpassed those of regular peaches"
Paraguayo peaches are gradually becoming the flagship fruit of Frutas Esther, one of Murcia's largest stonefruit producers. "Last year was the first season in which we sold more Paraguayo peaches than regular peaches," explains its manager Jesús Gómez.Founded in 1969, Frutas Esther is a family business.....

2015 mango sales data shows strong results nationwide
The National Mango Board (NMB) in collaboration with Nielsen-Perishables Group, released two category development reports to help retailers and mango industry members understand the trends and opportunities in mango sales growth. The Performance Benchmark Report and the Mango Market Development Index Reports.....

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South Africa: Navel export taking shape
Citrus export from South Africa is going well at the moment although some traders say that they are not doing lemons or grapefruit because they just cant get a hold of it. Volumes of grapefruit are short but with lemons it is the huge demand which is making them scarce.Navels however, are available as.....

Photo report Frankort&Koning new location
Almost a year ago the 'Ground Breaking Barbecue' was held to celebrate the start of construction on Frankort & Koning's new building. The 17,000 m2 logistic centre has now been up and running for a number of months. did a photo report on the new building, which was realised by Group Heylen. "Most.....

Apple test to prove 1-MCP treatment
NSure increased her range of tests with the FreshNSure Apple test. This test allows you to determine whether a batch of apples has been treated with 1-MCP. The test can be used worldwide: both shortly after treatment and still after months in storage, the effect of treatment can be measured.1-MCP slows down.....

Malcolm Keys - Dragon Trend
Consumer engagement, key to gaining foothold in Chinese retail market
The CEO of Dragon Trend, a commodities sourcing company of fresh produce from Australia, Mr Malcolm Keys, gave a conference at the latest PMA Fresh Connections event in Australia to outline how a new business model of retailing is connecting with Chinese consumers. He explains that “the produce that Dragon.....

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China Fruit Marketing Association
Changes and integrations of Chinese fruit industry
During last week's Asia Fruit & Vegetable Summit (iFresh), Mr. Lu Xiaofang, the executive vice president of China Fruit Marketing Association did a comprehensive review on the development of Chinese fruit industry in 2015, where he cited the overall industry changes in terms of sales and consumption to.....

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PMA Fresh Connections AU/NZ 2016

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Hannes Hollebecq ,Coopburo:
"Cooperations are dead, long live cooperations!"
Globally there are around 2.5 million cooperations in total. Around half of those are in agriculture and horticulture. 'Cooperations are failing at their task: the price for growers isn't better', 'Agriculture and horticulture have to innovate and auctions are old and slow'. These negative remarks are.....

UK: Freshtime Fun Club goes back to school
Primary school children in Boston enjoyed showing off their vegetable knowledge during the third annual Freshtime Fun Club, which launched on Wednesday (25th May).Staniland Academy on Peck Avenue in Boston is the latest school to welcome the Freshtime Fun Club, which is now in its third year.The educational.....

Increased availability of German cauliflowers:
Improved German quality competes with import
CauliflowersAlmost equal volumes of Italian and French cauliflowers dominated the market. The availability of the German cauliflowers increased gradually. And its quality has clearly improved, so the German cauliflowers could compete with the imported products.Overall the supply was manageable and increased.....

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UK: AHDB potatoes launched ’Next Generation’ initiative
On May 20, the second year of AHDB Potatoes ’Next Generation’ initiative was launched at AHDB headquarters in Stonleigh. The successful applicants had completed a competitive video application process to become one of the final 13 delegates, competing with other talented and passionate individuals from.....

Denny Bros solutions to fix food industry's labelling dilemma
From December 2016 food labelling will become even more complex when the latest EU Food Information Regulation comes into force. From then it will be compulsory for back of pack labelling to carry a nutrition declaration.Added to this, Britain’s Royal Society of Public Health has also suggested putting.....

Gert Mulder, GroentenFruit Huis:
“Our economy will be on the decline if we lose export position”
The Dutch Food Safety Authority (NVWA) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs are not able to keep up with the growth in exports, according to several industry organisations, including the GroentenFruit Huis. And that is going to cause problems. Vegetables, flowers, fruits and bulbs are at risk of being.....

Fresh produce driving growth
France's organic food market worth €5.75 Bln
The popularity of organic foods seems to be on the rise in France, as the country's Agence Bio reveals that the value of organic foodstuffs there has reached €5.75 billion, following a 14.7-per-cent like-for-like increase over the past year.Figures supplied by the body, which is dedicated to the promotion of.....

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Per capita consumption Fair Trade products increased by 11% 2015
Swiss buy 520 million CHF of fair trade products
In 2015 the Swiss bought 520 million CHF (522 million USD) of fair trade products with the Max Havelaar label. Flowers and bananas are the largest share according to the Fairtrade organization. Compared to the previous year the sales of fair trade products increased by 11.4%. “Fair trade products are.....

The cooperative La Pequeña Holanda produces 350,000 kilos
Spain: Parsnips conquer British market
Parsnips are not easily found at greengrocers. It is a vegetable similar to carrots, although whiter. In Spain, it is not traditionally consumed, despite the fact that it used to be an essential food on the tables of Europe, before being cornered by the introduction of potatoes from America.Nowadays, the.....

The EC tomato group to analyze market situation, campaign forecasts
On 1 June, the European Commission's Tomato Forecast Working, which is composed of experts from the EU Member States that are responsible for the EC, will analyze in Brussels the market situation, the forecasts for next season, and the entry price regime of the tomatoes that the EU imports, especially from.....

From Morocco and Iran
Russia finds ag pest in kiwi and apple shipments
While conducting checks on batches of fresh fruit arriving from abroad in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Rosselkhoznadzor found the agricultural pest San Jose Scale. According to Mari El, the director of Rosselkhoznadzor for the region, they found the pest in parties of kiwifruits and oranges from Morocco and.....

Failure of Ukraine’s apple season
Currently Ukraine’s apple growers are forced to sell their fruit for a record low price, the lowest for six years, reports APK-Inform: vegetables and fruits.Apples are now sold for between 4-9 UAH/kg (0,14-0,32 EUR/kg), depending on the variety, quality and size of the shipment, while in the previous year.....

Irish shoppers waste €400 a year
Ireland: Aldi partners with Foodcloud to cut food waste
Discount retailer Aldi commissioned a new survey which has revealed that the average Irish shopper loses €400 a year due to food wastage. Fruit and vegetables turn out to be the items which consumers are most likely to throw away.According to the survey carried out by Ignite Research, just 13% of people.....

Ukrainian fruit, veg prices continue to drop
In the week May 21st to 27th, the Ukrainian fresh produce price index went down by another 5.1%, after a decrease of 53.7% in the previous four weeks, reports Fruit-Inform.''Last week a decrease in prices was registered in all Ukrainian fresh produce price segments,'' says Ms. Tetiana Getman, Head of.....

Bulgaria: Sharp drop in pepper and tomato acreage
There will be scarcity of Bulgarian tomatoes and peppers on the domestic market this summer and the harvest of cherries, plums and apricots will also be 30% lower than in the previous year, according to Mr Slavi Trifonov, chairman of the Union of Gardeners in Bulgaria.According to him, the impact of the.....

Bulgaria: First cherries from Kyustendil hit the market
The first early cherries from Kyustendil have already hit the Bulgarian market. The price stands at between 2 and 4 Lev per kilo (1.02 to 2.05 Euro), depending on the quality. Until recently, early cherries from Petrich were being sold at that same price. Despite severe losses caused by frosts, local cherry.....

at the BEA fair 2016 in Switzerland
Jazz apple chosen as favourite apple
During the BEA fair in Switzerland the Jazz apple was chosen by visitors as their favourite apple. The BEA fair held annually in Bern is the largest retail fair in Switzerland. From April 29 to May 8 2016, the Swiss fruit association Besofrisch and Agroscope organised a stand where they tasted apples.Jazz.....

Greek fruit and veg exports to Romania may be in jeopardy
Greek food exports to Romania may be in jeopardy, as the Romanian Government is backing a draft law that would force major grocery stores to ensure that at least 51% of the fruits and vegetables on their shelves are of domestic origin.Speaking to, Mr Giorgos Polichronakis, Special Advisor to the.....

The 5 A Day check on route to the UEFA Euro 2016
Will Germany win the football with fruit and veg?
On 10 June 24 football teams will compete in the 2016 UEFA European Championship in France. And according to the insiders the German, French and Spanish teams are the favorites. The 5 A Day campaign, to encourage the consumption of fruit and vegetables, also sees the German team as a potential.....

Spain: Alpinsur is Spain's third largest tomato processor
Many can agree with the idea that every crisis also generates opportunities for change and growth, although not as many are actually capable of carrying it out successfully.An example of a successful attempt at redirecting a company's future is the Algosur business group, an agro-industrial group founded in.....

Zespri SunGold available again in Spain
This month has marked the start of the new Zespri SunGold season, Zespri's yellow kiwifruit, which already has a great popularity among Spanish consumers. With an extremely high amount of vitamin C and a delicious sweet flavour, Zespri SunGold is now available in stores across the country, after the first.....

Spain: Asparagus campaign closes with huge production losses
The Union of Small Farmers (UPA) estimates that this year's asparagus production won't exceed 30 million kilos.The General Secretary of UPA Granada, Nicolás Chica, has stated that, with only 15 days left before the campaign comes to a close, "many growers have shown their despair," as they have lose 50.....

Mushroom Days 2016
Vacuum cooling mushrooms: the quickest pre-cooling technique
The faster mushrooms are cooled after harvesting, the lower the reject percentage. With conventional cooling, the perfect storage temperature of 2 – 4 C is being reached after 8 – 10 hours. With vacuum cooling, this process can be shortened to 15 – 30 minutes. Even when they are packed in crates and put on.....

Almeria, Andalusia
Spain: Piel de Sapo melons affected by bad weather
The rain and low temperatures recorded in recent weeks have been far from beneficial for the melon production, as the bad weather "has affected the pollination and calibres have suffered from it," explains José Ruiz, head of the Piel de Sapo melon department at Agroponiente. He also states that "greenhouses.....

Last summer's heatwave affected fruit post-harvest 2015
The 15th technical conference on fruit post-harvest, organised by IRTA, served to bring to light the main incidents recorded in the previous campaign. During the conference, one of the heads of the Technical Post-Harvest Service at IRTA, Elena Costa, blamed the high temperatures and hail recorded in early.....

Canary Islands
Spain: Tirajana to lose over 70% of its apricots
Apricot growers in Tirajana, the apricot producing area par excellence in the Canary Islands, are going through a rough patch. Due to the high and abnormal temperatures recorded last winter, they will lose more than 70% of the production. This was stated by the president of the cooperative Zona Alta, Vicente.....


Mildura Development Corporation looking after the sector’s future
The Mildura Development Corporation is a non-profit organization working together with the Mildura Rural City Council to encourage growth and prosperity in the region. CEO Ms Jenny Garonne explains that they achieve this “by assisting local businesses to expand, by encouraging investments and facilitating.....

Fiji's potato planting season kicks off
In the Western division of Fiji, the potato planting season has begun. According to the Agriculture Ministry, 33 tonnes of potato seeds that were imported from Australia have been distributed to local farmers, free of charge.The Ministry’s Principal Research Officer Horticulture Shalendra Prasad says the.....

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AU: “Aldi needs to get fresh right.”
The German discount retailer Aldi has been seen as an “unstoppable force” in Australia, winning customers at an accelerating rate over the past two years, yet according to a new report, Coles has managed to stem the losses over the past 12 months through aggressive discounting and fresh food quality.While.....


Higher yields and better quality with Big Data
Is it possible to increase the yield with a smarter use of available data? The IBM T J Watson Research Center has developed a platform for the use of Big Data in precision farming. The results speak for themselves: 20 percent more output and 10 percent more efficient use of water.Three years ago, E & J.....

Leonardo Ferrer, Frueexport Colombia
"New generations look at agriculture from a business standpoint"
"The international market can pay up to five times more than the Colombian domestic market, but in order to gain entry to this profitable market, you need to obtain a number of certifications and meet established global standards. Also, if a company wants to be competitive, first it needs to regularise its.....

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Mariano Martinez, from Don Kiwi:
"Argentina to increase kiwi exports"
Even though last month's rains in Argentina affected several of its agricultural areas, they had a positive effect on kiwi crops. The kiwi's percentage of dry matter was better than expected. "The harvest began 15 days ago with very good results. Despite the rains, the kiwis we harvested had more than 16%.....


Costco: 'Fresh foods will drive sales' | Walmart China Q1 sales up 5.1%
Fresh fruit-selling Dollar General threat for Walmart
Aldi most profitable supermarket in AUAldi is now Australia’s most profitable supermarket and Coles and Woolworths will find it hard to stop, according to analysis by UBS. “We estimate Aldi holds 11% share of the East coast grocery market and has reached a tipping point, with customer acceptance.....

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