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Friday, July 22, 2016

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In April this year, we already published an overview of the global avocado market. Since the product is very popular, we decided to take another look at the global situation. The market conditions are currently similar to those of a few months ago: a good demand and high prices. The global avocado.....

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Season of fresh barhi dates started
The season of fresh barhi dates will start next week in Israel. The season will last until September. The volumes that are coming from Israel will be stable. "Growers of the barhi dates are on the market a long time. The short season of the fruit prevents a massive entry of new growers," explains Yoav.....

Apple growers concerned by possible Polish imports
Jim Allen of the New York Apple Association says that possible apple imports from Poland could present a threat to New York's apple growers, if they bring pests or diseases with them.Its roots are in trade. Under a deal with the European Union and after strict inspection against invasive species, seven.....

Around 25% fewer grapes in Valle del Vinalopó due to powdery mildew
"July is not the best month for Spanish grapes"
The table grape campaign started with high prices (although not exorbitant) in the Spanish market, according to Miriam Cutillas, of the Alicante-based company Uvasdoce, who affirms that, at present, these remain at similar levels as last year. "In Spain, July is not the best time for the consumption of.....

Citriburst finger limes go viral just in time for season kickoff
Last week on Tuesday July 12th,, a media brand dedicated to culinary news, released a 45 second informational video on their Facebook page highlighting Shanley Farms Citriburst Finger Limes. The short clip quickly went viral. Within one week of its release, the video has been viewed on Facebook.....

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Mónica Coito, of Naranjales Guarino:
"Europe will have 50% fewer Uruguayan citrus this campaign"
A few months into the citrus season in Uruguay, the big consequences on the production of the weather phenomenon El Niño have started becoming noticeable, namely a significant delay in the start of various harvests. "The heavy rains have postponed our citrus harvests by more than two weeks. While the volumes.....

Turkey: New cherry bags for the retail market
One of the recent innovations launched by Aypek Ambalaj is the new cherry bags intended for the retail market, which according to Vanessa Martinez, “These are better for retailers because they are made of polypropylene and polyethylene, which make the bags brighter and clearer. The bags have handles, thus.....

Natasja van Angeren: "A dip in fresh products in a moment"
Tasty & Fresh line with guacamole and salsa package
Dutch fruit and vegetable trader Levarht, after consulting with numerous customers, has expanded its Tasty & Fresh exotics line with a Guacamole Kit and a Tomato Salsa Dip. "The convenience for the consumer is central in these packages. They all have fresh ingredients in one package with the recipe.....

Republic of Srpska:
Frost damage up to 25 mln for fruit and veg
The Republic of Srpska has experienced up to 25 million euro in damages to fruit and early vegetables. The assessment for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is not yet finished. The Republic of Srpska government has said that it will provide help for fruit and vegetable growers, with the aide amount.....

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Italy: 80% drop in spring onion exports
"It is not a positive period for spring onions. Weird weather, a heavy market and slow demand are not generating the results we were looking for," explains Campania Export's owner Biagio Sorrentino.Campania Export headquarters"In the past few months, quality varied a lot due to the weather. Germany has.....

Sustained demand for Nortwest cherries
Through July 20th, the Northwest cherry industry has shipped 19,931,404 boxes (20-pound equivalent). "Cherry sizing and color are incredible; leading to sustained demand worldwide," said James Michael from Northwest Cherries. "These are cherries that will build excitement for next season’s crop. Over the.....

Limoneira Company adds oranges and specialty citrus varieties
Limoneira Company announced yesterday that it will go back to the future by adding its oranges and specialty citrus varieties to its ONE WORLD OF CITRUS™ model. Alex Teague, Senior Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer said, “For 124 years, we’ve been growing a wide variety of citrus. We began our.....

French seaport opens bidding for operators
The seaport of Sète is launching a call for proposals to identify one or more terminal operators for the concession of a reefer terminal in the South of France, able to handle both pallets and reefer containers. "We are looking for an operator experienced in managing port terminal and specialised in handling.....

AU: Fruit growers want supermarket backing in fight against illegal propagation
Sainsbury's takeover of Argos approved
Israeli supermarket chain skips checkout line -Grocery shopping in Israel is about to get much easier, with a new app allowing shoppers to pay for items using their smartphone and circumventing checkout lines. A new system produced by the Israeli startup SuperSmart allows users to perform their own.....

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Polish apple exporter eyes mango & citrus imports
Originally starting out as an apple producer and exporter, Polish company Mazafruits is now venturing into the import of various fruits, specifically mangoes and citrus, from other countries such as Egypt and Spain. The company plans to update their website soon to reflect the new venture and are looking for.....

Not all doom and gloom for Serbian fruit supplier
Hail the size of golf balls over the last few weeks in Serbia has led to almost a total loss for apricots and also ruined the last few weeks of the cherry season. In order to prevent this happening in the future, large investments are being made in Serbia , to modernise farming, such as hail nets, to get the.....

New red fleshed and non-anthocyanic nectarines
Innovation is essential, especially in the peach and nectarine world. But it must not "only" be limited to the introduction of new cultivars because, nowadays, they are not very different with what can already be found on the market. CREA-FRF is instead focusing on new genetic material, and it seems red.....

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New Fragolà season starting at Ceradini Group
Despite the difficult campaign, it was a record season forCeradini Group, which closed the year with little over 15 thousand tons. "Finally the work we've done ever since the 1980s, when we started cultivating kiwis, is paying off. Ceradini is now associated with high-quality produce," explains owner.....

Grower Sil Moonen:
"We have to be careful the blueberry doesn't become a commodity"
Sil Moonen of has started with the first blueberry harvest. The grower has production areas in Drenthe, Limburg and near Oldenburg (D) and brought the first early varieties on the market this week. Last week, the price was still at a reasonable level, however, now there is more supply and the.....

An interview with CSQA's Alessandro Mattiazzi as regards GlobalGAP
While the GlobalGap standard for Good Agricultural Practices is still only marginally used in the agricultural department (cereal production, industry productions, olives to make oil, grapes to make wine, etc.), it is quite relevant in the fresh produce segment.This is what we gathered from our interview.....

Nava acquires Tredi in Poland to strengthen presence in Eastern Europe
In the early 1990s, Angelo Antresini realised the importance of the ago-industrial industry for former Soviet Union countries and started to look for contacts in Poland, Czech Republic and Baltic countries. In 1992, he started shipping table grapes, citrus fruit and kiwis. "He was a pioneer as there was no.....

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“Gradisca and Kizuri have potential to seduce the consumer”
Two apple contracts signed by Melinda at ABCz
On 20 July, consortium Melinda signed a contract with ABCz about the production of Gradisca apples. “It is a second contract within a month. The previous one was about apple strain Kizuri,” says Achiel Rijckaert of the ABCz Group. Melinda is going to commercialise these strains exclusively in Italy.Left:.....

Mick Zwolle, CocoBomb:
“International retail dares to take risk on young coconut”
Last autumn, Mick Zwolle talked about the import of young, Thai coconuts on this website. Nine months later he talks about the progress of CocoBomb. “We had a good year. We now have weekly arrivals and are focused completely on the import and export of young, Thai coconuts. Our customers include wholesalers,.....

Turkey approves new technology to improve apple quality
AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. announced on July 18 that it has received approval in Turkey for its new and easier-to-apply Harvista™ formulation, and expects apple growers in Turkey to expand their use of Harvista technology to obtain better crop quality, reduce loss, and improve yield margins. The patented.....

Ukraine: Fruit, veg prices up 7% last week
The prices of several fruits and vegetables in Ukraine have increased week-on-week. Problems with cucumber outputs have caused farm prices of the vegetable to grow by 35% week-on-week.According to Fruit-Inform, Ukrainian growers have reported significant losses of their cucumber crop due to diseases, hot.....

Finnish company goes for quick, easy-to-use packing machinery
The modern-day Finnish produce market is chaotic and competitive. Customers demand short delivery times and this requires machines for quick packaging. To keep up with the market, Hanna and Raimo Alainen recently invested in an entirely stain-less steel Manter M10 Ca weighing machine for root vegetables and.....

The recovery of Hungary’s watermelon sector
The effectiveness of the National Watermelon Program, launched in 2011, has been significant, with an increase in the acreage devoted to the fruit in ​​Hungary. The country currently has around 6 thousand hectares for the production of watermelons, as reported by the Ministry of Agriculture.....

Poland: Autumn apple harvest may face export problems due to quality issues
Poland's apple production this season will be really high, although a large share of the fruit has been affected by hail. For this reason, there could be problems with its commercial quality, making it difficult to sell. The high yields and low prices of industrial apples will certainly have a negative.....

Lemon prices up by as much as 71%
Spain: Alicante closes one of its most profitable citrus campaigns
ASAJA Alicante has expressed its satisfaction about the results achieved this citrus campaign in the province, especially with fresh lemons, which in some cases saw increases in the price at origin of up to 300% compared to the 2014/2015 campaign. For the next harvest, prospects point to an increase in the.....

Brazil nut market goes global
Modern processes of globalization and improvement of production and logistics processes stimulate the development of exotic product markets. For example, if earlier Brazil nuts were strictly a local commodity, now they are gaining popularity. The striving of the population towards healthy nutrition, along.....

Sainsbury's making banana bread
Britain wastes 160m bananas a year
UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's has found that one in three people bin bananas if there is a single bruise or mark on the skin and all the wasted bananas in Britain would stretch from the UK to New Zealand if laid out on the floor.Sainsbury’s head of sustainability Paul Crewe said: “We want to encourage.....

Post-Brexit future for UK farmers
Ali Capper, the NFU horticulture board chairman, warned at the Fruit Focus event in East Malling, Kent on July 20, that crops could be left unharvested without access to labour post-Brexit.Speaking at the fruit industry event, Capper said that the decision to leave the European Union placed huge uncertainty.....

Mts Steegh chooses Sevance tomatoes
"Production increase of over 10%"
Tim Steegh, grower at family company Mts Steegh, decided after two trial years to plant the entire greenhouse with Sevance, De Ruiter's new variety.Tim says: "The first year Sevance was trialed with one row and last season with five. Of course it's difficult to judge a variety based on such a small test, but.....

First pole for Scherpenhuizen distribution centre
Last week the first pole was driven into the ground for the new building location for Scherpenhuizen. This year a modern distribution centre and office will be built right next to the current location on industrial estate Acht-Noord in Eindhoven. The DC has a total floor surface of 40,000 m2, consisting of a.....


AU: New website aims to improve mental health of farmers
Researchers in Australia have developed a world first: a website which aims to improve the mental health of farmers specifically. The website aims to help farmers, who traditionally have among the highest rates of suicide across the globe, with effective coping techniques and prevention methods.The 2014.....

And its parasitic companion
AU: Protecting horticulture from the Asian honey bee
Biosecurity officers from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, armed with the nets, seek to protect Australian horticulture from the significant potential threat the Asian honey bee and its parasitic companion the Varroa jacobsoni mite could pose.The pests were discovered recently in north.....

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Vietnam: Dragon fruit to be exported to Australia, Japan
In the near future Vietnam expects to export dragon fruit to both Australia and Japan. Recently, experts from Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources have been on fact-finding tours of Vietnamese provinces to evaluate their dragon fruit production, packaging and exports. According to.....

Changing trend in lettuce
AU: Iceberg gets the cold shoulder
Australian consumers are turning away from iceberg lettuce and opting for more variety and convenience when it comes to lettuce and ready-to-eat salads, reports news site Reardon, a director at Australian Fresh Salads, a company that supplies restaurants and large supermarket chains, said 50.....


Carlos Cumbreras, manager of Grufesa
Spain: "This year we have sold over 18% more strawberries"
The producer and marketer of berries Grufesa has closed the campaign with an increase in the volume of strawberries marketed compared to the previous season, even though the planted acreage has remained at a very similar level.Grufesa manager Carlos Cumbreras highlighted the work carried out by the company.....

High end market still a tall order for Pakistan mangoes
Despite Pakistan being one of the leading producers of mangoes in the world, exporters are yet to tap into high end market due to quality issues. According to Naveed Nadir, the director of Farm House Export (Pvt.) Ltd, the cosmetic makeup of the fruit is number one priority to high end markets such as Korea,.....


AU: Fruit growers want supermarket backing in fight against illegal propagation
Sainsbury's takeover of Argos approved
Israeli supermarket chain skips checkout line -Grocery shopping in Israel is about to get much easier, with a new app allowing shoppers to pay for items using their smartphone and circumventing checkout lines. A new system produced by the Israeli startup SuperSmart allows users to perform their own.....

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