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Friday, July 01, 2016

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The impact of El Niño has taken a toll on Latin American bananas. Colombia and Costa Rica recorded losses, causing a large part of the market to depend on Ecuador. However, this country also recorded losses. For the whole region, estimates point to a 30 percent drop in the banana production. Because of this.....

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"Chinese garlic prices still un-realistically high"
“From January until May, we received almost no overseas orders for garlic. Since June, new orders have been coming. On the domestic market, local, small to middle sized garlic traders, are still holding onto their garlic stocks. Data from the Chinese Inspection and Quarantine Services (SIQS) shows that total.....

José Antonio Lizárraga, Del Ande Alimentos SAC:
"When Spain has no strawberries, the Peruvian production peaks"
The strawberry production in Spain and Morocco, the major producers of this fruit, leaves a gap in the market in the months of October and November and early December. This commercial window could be profitably used by Peru as a potential producer and exporter of fresh strawberries. While this is a fairly.....

Fred Douven, ABB Trading:
"For many retailers the price is more important than the origin"
On July 1 the open ground cultivation of blueberries will start, a day later than last year. "The products look good, we haven't had hail damage. As far as that is concerned we can consider ourselves lucky. Some fellow growers have been mostly hailed, but we slipped through the eye of the needle," says Fred.....

Halo program continues to grow
“Two weeks ago, we finished the last shipments of the Halo season,” says David Krause, president, Wonderful Citrus. “This was the third season and another very successful one. The brand continues to grow in terms of consumer recall. With over 50% market share, Halos finished the California mandarin season.....

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Tight NC sweet potato crop, but on track for next season
Heavy rains had an affect on the acreage for sweet potatoes in North Carolina. “Pack outs have not been as good this year so inventory is disappearing fast,” said Kelley Precythe of Southern Produce Distributors.Planting is finishing up for next season and is on track. Precythe said that as far as crops left.....

Robert Cullum - Pacific Produce
UK: Avocados, currency is the big issue for the next few months
The UK market for Hass avocado remains steady at the moment, but according to Rob Cullum from Pacific Produce that is because most of the Hass is sold on pre agreed programs to the retailers. So how the market looks depends on what Europe is looking like, if prices are good in Europe then it is not a good.....

Altamir G. Martins, Finobrasa:
“From August to October, only Brazil supplies mangoes to the US”
"The European market mostly seeks non-fibrous varieties; a trend that Alatamir G. Martins, director of operations at Finobrasa, sees year after year. The production window of the Kent variety is very short, because of unsuitable weather conditions, so they are moving slowly in that market. "It means.....

Patrick Verhamme, Delhaize:
"We are working hard to catch up on Fresh Produce"
The customers of Delhaize are looking for healthy food, inspiration, and sustainability. "Fresh Produce is a very important department. We've recently investigated what the customers thought of our Fresh Produce sections. In comparison to other retailers, we have good scores regarding meat and dairy.....

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Competitive international position for Bangladeshi potatoes
Ahiyan Impex Ltd. is a Bangladeshi exporter and importer of agricultural products which ships potatoes to various international destinations, including Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Dubai or Bahrain, and with interest to expand in Russia, despite some initial phytosanitary issues. According to Jahir Uddin Ahamad,.....

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Agricor-Gallo apricot season coming to an end
Excellent flavour and sugar level for the apricots ofOrganizzazione di produttori Agricor - Gallo, whose season will end at the end of the month. "The rain spared us, but we have been affected by the huge climate change, especially for what concerns grades. The fruit remained small and yields per hectare.....

Overview greenhouse vegetables market Belgium
Tomato market slowly emerges from the depths
Suddenly, from one day to another, there was a big turnaround for the tomato market. Growers can breathe freely once again. "Wednesday morning (29thof June), the average price for tomatoes at BelOrta auction was around 80 cents per kilo. The day before, this was only 55 cents per kilo. The cucumber did.....

Turkey once again a Russian holiday destination
Russia extends boycott
Whilst Europe is finalising the extension of the sanctions against Russia until 2017, president Putin is ramping the pressure on Europe up higher. In a presidential decree he announced the boycott of Western products, including European fruit and vegetables, will be extended to 2018. Officially the boycott,.....

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Golden onions from Montoro now available
The golden onion campaign has started in Montoro (AV). Gaia/GB Agricola has in fact started harvesting and selling the traditional variety. Quality is good but volumes are rather low. "This year, productivity is lower because of the weather, especially due to the heavy rainfall during certain periods,".....

Hailstorm in Abruzzo damages potatoes and leafy veg
A short yet strong hailstorm hit the Avezzano area on June 27th. It is the third hailstorm in Abruzzo in just a few weeks. According to Coldiretti, salad, spinach, carrots, red chicory and potatoes have been damaged.Local producer Raffaele Torti reported that "for what concerns potatoes, it is the top part.....

Demand growing for Ortofrutta Mele's grapes
"We never imagined that a brand created from a pun would have been so successful on the local market," explains Michele Sodano from Ortofrutta Mele.The pun is based on the Italian words Mele - Miele - Ape (Apples - Honey - Bee), cue to the funny bee that represents the table grapes sold by the.....

Leek cultivators have been happy for a while
New leeks arrived in May already, and the market situation has been positive up till now. “At certain moments prices were even more than a Euro. Currently, prices are between 80 and 85 cent, and that is still quite nice. Better than this time last year,” says cultivator Koen Franco from Torhout. He supplies.....

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Flonacamid insecticide found on Polish tomatoes
A shipment with Polish tomatoes has been classified as a serious risk due to the presence of the Flonacamid insecticide. According to a report on the European Commission's Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed, the Polish tomatoes were analyzed during a regular control when they came into Austria. Flonacamid.....

René van Dommele
The king of bananas 40 years in the trade
40 years ago, René van Dommele, aged 18 and the youngest son, started working in his father's company Van Dommele in Roosendaal. He worked together with his father and two older brothers. Some years later the company moved to the new location at the IABC in Breda. René took up the leading role with success.....

UK: Compostable packaging extends shelf life by weeks
Organic food delivery company Abel & Cole has improved the shelf life of its produce with an ingenious Finnish invention: easily processable and transparent biodegradable packaging film.Abel & Cole is the first company in the UK to use a new kind of compostable packaging film developed by Finnish.....

Number of weighing bin combinations multiplied
New 16 bin ERC scale offers exponential accuracy
The new generation of ERC multihead scales with exponential accuracy are able to make more packaging out of the same amount of packaging than was the case for the last generations of mulithead scales.This may be due to the two step approach, in which the accuracy is improved on two fronts. The first step is.....

French student develops hand-held pesticide detector
A 25 year old French student has won a €150,000 prize from the Ministry of Agriculture to develop a pesticide detector for fresh fruit and vegetables.On average in conventional farming, a potato is treated with pesticides 18.9 times and an apple 35.1 times (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides etc) before.....

2nd Berry Congress, Spain
Customers demand small containers for berries
Berry producers in Huelva have made a firm commitment to using new formats to allow for the fast consumption of their fruit. Consumers in countries of central and northern Europe demand easy to take away formats of small size and convenient to consume the fruit as a snack anywhere and at any time.The company.....

Hans Vonk retires from Fresh Produce sector after 53 years
After working in the Fresh Produce sector for 53 years, Hans Vonk has decided to retire. "Hans is the patriarch of our team and has spent his years building a great network within our sector. We are going to miss Hans, but we respect his choice and wish him a bright future. The 30thof June was his last.....

High Turkish tomato prices ‘temporary blip’
In the lead up to Ramadan, tomatoes were priced at between 1-1.5 Turkish lira a kilo, now this has increased to 3-4 lira. Bursa Mobile Marketeers Chamber President Bulent Gur stated "Tomatoes have experienced an increase in price due to the transition from greenhouse to field growing and high temperatures......

Hail hits Turkey’s apricot harvest
The apricot harvest has begun in Igdir in the eastern Anatolia region. The apricots grown there are known for their juiciness and mainly sent to big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Erzurum and Bursa.Apricot purchaser Gunduz Yildirim explains: ‘’This year hail has damaged the fruits. Igdir’s.....

Joost Derks, Dutch Payment and Exchange Company:
Brexit offers opportunities to smart entrepreneurs
Currency markets are facing uncertain times due to the approaching Brexit. Entrepreneurs do not need to await the developments. They can personally take action to protect the profit margin and their position on the British market.The news that a small majority of the British population voted in favour of a.....

UK: Personnel changes at Commercial Horticultural Association
CHA has announced that Stuart Booker, who for the past 10 years has looked after the day to day management of the association, is to step down to take a new role in the agriculture and horticulture PR industry.The CHA secretariat team at head office in Brasted will continue to manage the daily activities and.....

Spain: Navasa and Kingenta sign trade agreement
The Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the agreement reached by the Almeria-based company Navasa S.A (Antonio Navarro) with the Chinese group Kingenta, which will allow it to start operating in Almeria from the current facilities of the Port of Almeria. The presentation of the agreement reached between the.....


AU: Real time horticultural pricing divides industry bodies
Real time horticultural price reporting is a contentious subject in Australia, causing a divide between fruit and vegetable growers bodies. While NSW Farmers’ Horticulture Chair, Brett Guthrey, speaking on behalf of Growcom, NSW Farmers, Vegetables WA and Victorian Farmers Federation, who also support the.....

$6 million to strengthen Aussie vegetable businesses
Horticulture Innovation Australia (Hort Innovation) recently invested more than $6 million into a targeted program which aims to bolster vegetable production in key growing areas throughout the nation.The funds will be used to inform growers about current research and development activities and help them.....

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W. Australian potato industry to be deregulated by year-end
Seventy years after a bill was introduced regulating Western Australia's potato industry, new legislation has been introduced in State Parliament to abolish the regulating Act and the Potato Marketing Corporation (PMC).News site reports that Agriculture Minister Dean Nalder said the change, which.....

NZ kiwifruit grower's crop sabotaged
Kerry Farrand, a Kerikeri kiwifruit grower estimates that sabotage of his kiwifruit crop has resulted in a loss of $217,000 to his company. He is offering a $50,000 reward leading to charges being laid after 2.26 hectares of his four orchards was sprayed with an insecticide that meant the crop was unsuitable.....

Asparagus grading tech company wins copyright case
A copyright case stemming from an issue over a cup that collects asparagus on a grading machine, has led to Waikato company Oraka Technologies being awarded $4.1 million in damages. Michael Schwarz, owner of Oraka Technologies, developed the first automatic asparagus sorter, known as the Oraka Grader, in the.....

Dongfang buys more citrus plantations
Dongfang Modern Agriculture has bought a tangerine and a camellia plantation in Xunwu County. Both new plantations are near to the company's existing plantations within the Ganzhou City district of Jiangxi Province, China's premier citrus region.The tangerine plantation (400 hectares) and camellia plantation.....


Andrés Astorga, of Agrícolas Llahuen:
"Peru has the potential to become a leading strawberry producer"
"Strawberries are a fruit that needs no advertising to be sold; consumers see them and they want to buy them," states Andrés Astorga, of Agrícola Llahuen, in an interview. "Every year, our nursery produces more than 100 million strawberry plants, which are mainly exported within South America, but some.....

More competition from the US and Turkey for cherries in Asia
"There are hardly any paraguayo and platerine peaches in the market"
The market lacks paraguayo and platerine peaches at the moment. Murcia has less and less fruit, while Lleida and southern Huesca, the largest paraguayo production area in Europe, is still suffering the impact of the losses caused by frost and hail in the early areas. In any case demand continues to be small,.....

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Jiuye’s founder on building logistics across China
"The potential of inland China for fresh produce is huge"
"China has a wide variety of fresh produce, but the market is constrained by a cold chain logistics system that is not advanced. First-tier cities are well connected, however, second or third tier cities are often not. If these cities can be unlocked, the potential of the Chinese market for the fresh produce.....


HelloFresh meal-kit service lands in Canada | Waitrose profits slide
AmazonFresh expands across London | Lidl and Leclerc strong in France
Amazon challenges food industry by starting to sell private label perishables -Amazon has debuted its first private-label groceries according to the Wall Street Journal. Amazon had no comment from the report. Amazon has reportedly been preparing to roll out its own grocery product for some time,.....

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