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Friday, July 25, 2014

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Joep van Lierop, of De Groot International:
"The impact of Citrus Black Spot measures on importers is currently not very big"
According to Joep van Lierop, of De Groot International, the impact of Citrus Black Spot measures on importers is currently not very big. He affirms that "measures are currently in place to stop citrus from Black Spot areas, but for now this has not had great consequences for importers. However, until Today.....

US: Effects of storms on imported bananas still not clear
Wind storms earlier this month in banana-producing regions in Colombia are likely to affect volumes of fruit imported to the United States, but the overall effect of those storms on the market is still unclear.It was reported that about 4,500 hectares of banana plantations were destroyed in Colombia as a.....

Added value is key
Complex future of asparagus in Peru
Peru's position as the world's largest exporter of fresh and canned asparagus is currently facing a complex problem.The higher freight costs, compared to Mexico, the steady decline in profitability and the consequent change of local farmers to crops with higher profit margins, are factors that endanger the.....

Business as usual between Europe and Russia
The emotion in Russia is tense after the plane crash in Ukraine. "This tragic event has been a shock,” says Gabriel Berard, owner of Bretonskiy Koupets, a representative agent in Russia for European exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables, who lives in Moscow since 2004. “Russian buyers of fresh fruits and.....

Italy: Good table grapes season expected starting 15th August
"After a slow start due to the poor quality of Victoria grapes, better quality bunches will be available on the market from the first week of August," explains the manager ofOrchidea Frutta, a company specialised in the production and sale of table grapes, cherries, citrus fruit, peaches, apricots,.....

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Chinese banana harvest destroyed by typhoon
Authorities in Nanning town, in the Zhuang du Guangxi region are trying to save a banana harvest that has been severely damaged by typhoon Rammasun.On Tuesday, over 1.6 million banana trees in Tanluo were knocked over by the storm, with financial loss at over 58 million Yuans. The Mayor of the town, Wei.....

Chiquita wins dismissal of US suits on Colombia torture
A US court has thrown out claims that US fruit giant Chiquita was liable for thousands of deaths during Colombia's civil war.The firm was accused of supporting terrorists because it secretly paid $1.7m (£1m) to a right-wing paramilitary group that carried out the killings.The Cincinnati, Ohio-based firm.....

AU: Southerners driving Top End melon expansion
An increasing number of southern melon farmers are expanding their operations into the Northern Territory, driving significant industry growth across the Top End.Melon production has tripled in value over the past five years, with the NT industry generating nearly $64 million in the 2012/13 financial year,.....

German top fruit harvest could break records
Experts are counting on a rich apple harvest in the orchards of Germany, as reported by German website This year, a harvest of 80,000 tonnes of apples could be possible in the orchards, as the 'Verband der Deutschen Fruchtsaft-Industrie' (VdF) announced last Tuesday.Throughout Germany, 250,000.....

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The country looks for alternative exotic destinations
Polish strawberries taking over the Russian market
The president of the Association of Polish Fruit Growers, Miroslaw Maliszewski, stated that Polish strawberries this year have conquered the Russian market, displacing other producers. Russia is also the main importer of Polish apples; however, due to the uncertain political situation in the East, Polish.....

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Man arrested after eating bananas
Eating a banana that wasn’t paid for led to felony charges against a 33-year-old man, on Sunday.A security officer at Walmart in the 1200 block of Flour Bluff Drive saw a man and a woman eat bananas before paying for them about 8:25 p.m., police said. The guard directed them to a self-checkout line, but they.....

Panama: Melon, watermelon and pineapple exports decrease
The low temperatures in Europe and the United States have cooled down the export prices of melon, watermelon and pineapple for the first five months of the year, when compared to the same period of 2013.According to data from the National Comptroller, the export value of pineapple, melon and watermelon.....

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Bulgaria: Domestic watermelons replaced by Greek produce
Bulgarian-produced watermelons are in danger of disappearing from their domestic markets; this is due, on the one hand, to the effects of hailstorms occurred in recent months, and on the one hand, to the lower prices of imported fruits and vegetables.According to Bulgarian traders, Greek watermelons have.....

Norway: Finström’s apple harvest in danger due to hailstorm
Last Saturday's hailstorm in Finström could cause substantial losses to apple growers. The extent of the damage will be determined in a few days.On Saturday afternoon, thunderstorms raged in northern Åland, accompanied by hail. Tjudö, Västanträsk and Finström are some of the areas affected."It is still too.....

Castellon, Region of Valencia
Spain: Wild boars, the newest threat to melons
Castellon's melons are threatened by a new predator: wild boars. In recent days, several growers in this Spanish province have been visited by these hardy animals, which have arrived from the nearby Raco de la Figueta due to the food and water shortages caused by drought.Vicente Pardo, owner of a plantation.....

The state ranks fourth in national production
Mexico: Apple harvest in Tetela is higher than of 2013
According to data presented by the delegate of SAGARPA in Puebla, Tetela de Ocampo's Golden apple harvest surpassed the 50 thousand tons in 2014.Currently, according to the agency, the state ranks fourth in the national production only under Chihuahua, Durango and Coahuila.The delegate said that SAGARPA.....

Massimo Marchetti (La Diamantina)
Italy: Excellent quality for summer apples and pears
Massimo Marchetti, chairman of La Diamantina PO, talked about the top fruit season.Gala trees."The Carmen and Santa Maria pear varieties that we are currently harvesting are 15 days early with respect to 2013. Gala apple harvests will also start early.""Fruits look very good and the colours are great. In.....

Portuguese stonefruit producers also concerned
The Council of Ministers of the European Union and the Committee of Management have received demands from peach and nectarine producers from Italy, France and Spain for urgent, extraordinary anti-crisis measures to try salvaging the current campaign.Meanwhile, Portugal, and more precisely the region of Cova.....

35% more than last year
Thüringen has very good strawberry harvest
According to provisional numbers strawberries were grown this year on 180 hectares in the German state of Thüringen, reports the German website Compared with the previous year there has been a 6% increase (11 hectares) in the growing area. This makes the total strawberry acreage the largest it.....

UK: Crunchy new apples to be grown in Kent
Researchers in Kent are working on a new project to develop a new variety of apple that lasts longer and suits our changing tastes.Tom Savvides talks to Richard Harrison and Professor Peter Gregory from East Malling Research and Tony Harding from Worldwide Fruit. Click here to watch the video

Oregon berries in full swing
First, it was strawberries, then blueberries. Now blackberries and raspberries are ripening and by fall, cranberries will be harvested on the southern Oregon Coast. Oregon Department of Agriculture Marketing Director Gary Roth said most states can’t match the quantity, quality, and variety of berries.“Oregon.....

Top largest fruit display record with melons
As the saying goes, “records are meant to be broken,” which is why Cub® Foods and Robinson Fresh® have teamed up to top the Guinness World Record for Largest Fruit Display. Robinson Fresh will supply and transport four truckloads of fresh MelonUp!® Pink Ribbon watermelon to the Cub Food’s store in Maple.....

Herbsmore »

Germany: herb market continues to grow
Even though there is hardly any statistics on herb cultivation, the AMI (Duitse Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft) says that in Germany the revenue from herbs increased in 2013. According to information from market statistics from AMI, profit from fresh herbs in Germany reached 68.1 million Euro (this is.....

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SUNSET® becomes official sponsor of Leamington Tomato Festival
Some exciting news is coming out of Leamington this week: Mastronardi Produce/SUNSET® is proud to announce they have become the new official sponsor of the Leamington Tomato Festival.What began as the Heinz company picnic has evolved over the years into an iconic festival for the entire community. Now in the.....

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Nearly 70% of US-produced oranges comes from Florida
Florida is, after California, the most important American state when it comes to exporting fresh fruit and vegetables, TaxWatch, the independent analysis and research institute of Florida, reports. Citrus cultivation in particular is important here. 69.9% of all oranges grown in the US come from Florida......

Argentina: Producers seek to keep orange export markets
According to Mariano Capraruolo, executive director of the CECNEA (Chamber of Citrus Exporters), "the situation is very bad. Two years ago, there was a very heavy frost in el Litoral, Entre Rios and south of Corrientes, which greatly affected the production. It was the biggest frost in 70 years and we almost.....

Exotic fruit and vegetablesmore »

Promoting national garlic encouraged in France
In a press release on the 22nd July, the commercial agricultural relations mediator “recommends large retail companies and negotiators that supply them to promote French garlic production as of August”. This recommendation comes when the 2014 harvest is announced to be of good quality with moderate volumes......

Organicmore »

Increase in consumption of organic products in Ukraine
Ukrainians are increasingly switching to environmentally friendly products, according to the newspaper Vesti. The total growth of organic product sales in Ukraine in 2014 is estimated to be of around 15%."If last year the domestic market for organic products reached 12.2 million Euro, up by more than 50%.....

Healthmore »

Mangosteen shown to kill breast cancer cells without causing harm
A tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia has been shown in a new study to protect against breast cancer. Researchers from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences’ (UCAS) College of Life Sciences found that the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit, which is commonly grown in Thailand and Malaysia, contains.....

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Anti-insect nets in France to fight strawberry pests
Insect proof netting is being tested to see if it can protect against Drosophila suzukii fly attacks. The first results show that they could be interesting for protecting sheltered strawberries. One month early compared to last year and the Drosophila suzukii fly is already present in tunnel grown.....

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Westville resident shares story behind wasabi ginger Lay's potato chip idea
Westville's Meneko Spigner McBeth grew up watching her Japanese grandmother make homemade sushi. As a young girl, McBeth enjoyed her grandmother's creation, but wasn't allowed to add the secret ingredient until she was older.McBeth's love of sushi stayed with her into her adult life, and during a visit to a.....

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Halmstad, Sweden, 24th-26th June 2014
The Flavour of Frigadon a sweet success
Alan Colbourne CEO of the Frigadon Group which embraces both Frigadon AB, Sweden and SRS Frigadon UK welcomed visitors for this 3 day event which was supported by major suppliers to the company. Alan Colbourne said, “We were extremely pleased to have the support of Bitzer, Grundfos, AIA, HYCOOL, Georg.....

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Europe: High standards for QS laboratory approval
In the most recent test, whether the laboratories had overcome the difficulties they had in analysing certain active substances in previous tests was specifically checked. A particular active substance mixture was prepared for this purpose. The potato prepared as the optimum matrix turned out to be the.....

Nuts and dried fruitsmore »

Turkey: Dried fig exports boom thanks to China
According to data elaborated by associations of dried fruit and other fruit exporters from the Aegean Sea, it's been a great 2013-2014 season for Turkey's fig exports.China increased its demand of dried figs of ten times over the last five years, entering the top five of major markets for Turkey.This result.....

Packaging and Labellingmore »

GEO invests 700,000 Euros in foil machine for cucumbers
GEO, the Austrian vegetable growers organization, has invested around 700,000 Euro in a new foil machine for packaging cucumbers in Wallern, Austrian website reports. A retail chain wants to receive the cucumbers mainly packaged, after all.The new foil machine was built by employees of vegetable.....

Product informationmore »

Bridges Produce announces partnership with Fruit d’Or cranberries
Bridges Produce is excited to announce our partnership with Fruit d’Or, North America’s number one organic cranberry packer. This partnership expands Bridges Produce’s current product line to include both fresh and dried organic cranberries. As Fruit d’Or’s exclusive fresh partner in the United States, we.....

Retailmore »

Norwegian retailers refuse to sell ugly fruit and vegetables
Norwegian retailers refuse to offer their consumers deformed fruits and vegetables.The French supermarket chain Inter Marché currently has a range of deformed fruits and vegetables marketed through the campaign "Inglorious Fruit and Vegetables," but Norwegian stores are not willing to try this out, writes.....

Tesco to retain leading position in Polish e-commerce market
According to Tesco, Poland's FMCG market trade on the Internet will grow very rapidly in Poland; a market which is currently valued at more than 500 million, and will reach a billion by 2018. "Interestingly, the Polish market is larger than the Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian markets combined," says Mariusz.....

FamilyMart plans to cash in on trend for dining out
Taiwan FamilyMart Co said it plans to offer indoor dining spaces in 67 percent of its stores by the end of this year, with a total seating capacity of about 40,000.The expansion is expected to help raise revenue from fresh food items to 20 percent of total sales for the year, compared with the firm’s 17.....

Delhaize continues expansion in Belgium and abroad
As Delhaize begins working with railway station operator NS in its home market of Belgium, it continues to expand in Romania and appoints a new chief executive officer for its operations in US.Delhaize begins working with NSDelhaize has announced that it is going to work with Netherlands-based station.....

Ex-Woolworths executive Greg Foran to head WalMart US
Woolworths' former head of supermarkets, Greg Foran, who quit in 2011 after missing out on the top job, has been appointed president and chief executive of WalMart's US operations.Mr Foran will succeed Bill Simon, who is stepping down in the wake of poor same-store sales results and supply problems at the.....

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Come on tacler tomorrow to learn more about it!
How to use volatiles to assess quality and shelf-life of fresh cut produce
Dear FreshPlaza readers, as anticipated last week (read here), the scientists of EU project Quafety will be waiting for you on the tacler platform ( on Friday from 2.00 to 3.00 (GMT+2 or 2 pm Rome Time), to discuss some topics that are studying within the project.Tomorrow, 25th July, there.....

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