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Friday, February 27, 2015

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Michel Jansen, Total Produce
"Difficult to compete with international markets for EU"
New markets don't just pay better prices than the European Union, they're also less strict when it comes to food safety. Importers like Total Produce notice that, Michel Jansen said yesterday at the opening of Brightbox in Venlo. Growing trade barriers play a part.Annually, Total Produce, an Irish company.....

Are supermarket specs contributing to food waste?
The issue of food waste is never far away especially in these times of austerity and it is hardly surprising when 15 million tonnes is wasted each year in the UK, (as quoted on Love Food Hate Waste), coming from household, manufacturing, retail/wholesale and hospitality. This food waste goes to landfill,.....

Next superfood?
Israeli fresh seaweeds available
In recent years market forces had begun an endless pursuit over the next 'so called' Superfood, a vegetable or a fruit that could potentially provide exceptional health remedies that cannot nor will not be disputed. Kale, for instance, had penetrated our culinary conscious by a storm. Some years back a mere.....

Cristóbal Aguado, of AVA-ASAJA, and José Antonio García, of AILIMPO:
"South Africa cancelling citrus shipments to S. Europe is nonsense"
Last week, we published the article "South Africa may consider stopping citrus exports to southern Europe", in which Jourbert Deon,on behalf of the South African Citrus Growers Association, reported the African country's proposal to stop citrus exports to southern Europe because of the "incongruity" in the.....

Tengelmann starts with discount stores in Russia
Russia opens borders for Moldovan apple
Moldova exported more grapes to Europe last year than in 2013. For the upcoming season, Moldova wants to increase this volume even further. Russia is opening its borders for Moldovan apples, ending the boycott of Moldovan apples that lasted for over half a year. This is initially a trial period. The prices.....

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Argentina: Apple and pear exports down by 90% and 50%
As reported by ADN Río Negro: "In the first 45 days of 2015 exports of apples and pears have dropped by 91.80% and 52.41%, respectively, compared to the same period of 2014.""The extent of the drop in exports has been such due to weather issues (severe hail storms), trade problems (wage claims and protests).....

NZ: Kiwifruit prices return to pre-PSA levels
Horticulture property sales are receiving a summer boost as kiwifruit prices return to near pre-PSA levels.Real Estate Institute of New Zealand figures show the average price per hectare of horticultural properties sold in the three months to January was $205,634, compared with $202,308 in the three months.....

Van Ooijen Citrus with Californian Minneolas in Markthal
"Minneolas have become more popular"
Since 2008, Van Ooijen citrus BV has been importing Minneolas from California. The growing season has gone well, and the quality of the first arrivals is very good, according to Marcel van der Welle. "The flavour is magnificent, with a high brix. Minneolas from California have something special. They taste.....

Belco to export iceberg lettuce
Years after abandoning the product after a small trial, Belco, an Egyptian exporter of fresh produce, has started up their iceberg lettuce program once again. Though Russia is currently their largest market for that product, the plan is to expand into Europe in the coming years.“We invested in a vacuum.....

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Fyffes reports higher profits for 2014
Total revenues at the company were up by 0.8pc to €1.091bn. Group revenue, excluding Fyffes' share of its joint ventures, increased by 2pc to €853m in the year.The company is proposing to pay a final dividend for 2014 of €1.673 cent per share, up 12.3pc on the previous year.Earnings per share in 2014.....

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PROEXPORT regret resignation of Antonio Cerdá
"He has strongly supported the producers of fruit and vegetable in the Region of Murcia all these years," said Juan Marin.The horticultural producers and companies linked to PROEXPORT regret the resignation of Antonio Cerdá as Minister of Agriculture and Water, something that caught everyone by surprise......

Potato addict loses weight
A woman so addicted to potatoes she scoffed half-a-tonne in a year, fought off her fluffy white vice to shed a huge 13 stone.Whether it was chips, roasties, mash or a jacket potato oozing with butter, Trisha Corbett just couldn't get enough.But after the 26-year-old's weight soared to a massive 26st 11lbs,.....

US: Brisbane IGA store has a 80kg watermelon for sale
A Brisbane IGA store has a champagne watermelon up for sale, and it’s heavier than most teenagers.Anyone in the market for an 80kg melon?Weighing in at 80kg, the massive melon is reportedly being sold for a bargain price of $100, much cheaper than it’s $1.99/kg suggests.A local resident snapped this photo.....

Fruitmore »

André Nieuwenhuis, Olympic Fruit:
"White seedless grapes scarce at the moment"
The situation on the grape market is different for both seedless and seeded grapes at the moment. According to André Nieuwenhuis of Olympic Fruit there are less white seedless grapes on the market. "It's all a bit scarce but the demand is good. This means they have good prices." He believes this has various.....

Georgian blueberries to appear on European market
A multi-million dollar blueberry plantation and processing plant will soon be established in Georgia in a bid to counter Europe’s high demand of blueberries. And the increase in exports will offer a much-needed boost to the country’s economy, said Agriculture Minister Otar Danelia.The new blueberry.....

Korean apple cultivation to almost disappear by end of century
Due to climate change, apple cultivation is expected to be limited to certain areas in Gangwon province by the end of the 21st Century.According to the Rural Development Administration (RDA) on February 26, growing areas for other fruits such as pears, peaches and grapes will also decrease after 2050, while.....

Hail makes a dent in apple exports
Nelson's export apple harvest is expected to be down 10 per cent because of hail damage.Picking has started, and orchards and packhouses are gearing up for a difficult season as final decisions are made on what fruit gets processed or packed for export.Pipfruit NZ business development manager Gary Jones said.....

Washington’s apple growers fear stigma by association after GM apple approval
Washington’s apple growers fear stigma by association after GM apple approvalBob Crider & Frank Purdy & Karen Troianello & Sharon J. Prill | February 26, 2015 | Yakima HeraldThe debate over genetically modified organisms didn’t end in 2013, when this state’s voters narrowly rejected an initiative.....

B.C. blueberry farmers worried early blooms spoil harvest
Blueberry farmers are worried the warm weather in the Lower Mainland could put their crops at risk."A lot can change from now until harvest time," Jason Smith, the chair of the BC Blueberry Council told The Early Edition's Rick Cluff.Smith some of the plants are at a blooming stage they wouldn't usually.....

Herbsmore »

Hydroponic methods ‘fill in gaps’ for basil production
Thanks to a shift in consumer perception driving increased demand, Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs founder Jan Vydra has been able to grow his entire basil crop hydroponically for the first time. The move has meant that supply starts earlier in the year (September as compared to October or November for field.....

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UK Grower of the Year Awards: The Winners
Last night the top of the UK's horticulture industry gathered in London at the Grand Connaught Rooms for the UK Grower Awards Ceremony. Organized annually to recognize excellence in the very best of UK production horticulture, and to run in association with Horticulture Week, the Awards are attended by.....

Citrusmore »

Honduras: Orange exports on the rise
Honduras is becoming Central America's largest citrus producer and exporter. Its oranges, grapefruit and lemons are consumed in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.About 600 truckloads of oranges from the Lower Aguán and Sonaguera, in the department of Colón, and several communities in the department of.....

Gross loss first half year Asian Citrus
Asian Citrus Holdings Ltd Thursday swung to a gross loss in the first half of the year, hit by a significant drop in revenue, largely due to lower orange production following damage to its plantations from two typhoons during the period and the infection of its orange trees with the citrus canker disease.The.....

Stagnation in the lime market
Lime importers with already scheduled appointments are doing pretty well at the moment, but it is more difficult for those who have surrendered to the daily market. According to a trader, the market started slowing down over a week ago, "Until December it was quite good. The moral in January was the same as.....

US: Different lemon growing areas complement each other
“North American lemon supplies are coming out of California this time of the year”, says John Carter with Limoneira. “Some California growing regions offer year-round supply, but the peak is really from October through June.” Limoneira also grows lemons in Arizona and recently expanded into Chile......

Exotic fruit and vegetablesmore »

NZ: Kiwifruit prices return to pre-PSA levels
Horticulture property sales are receiving a summer boost as kiwifruit prices return to near pre-PSA levels.Real Estate Institute of New Zealand figures show the average price per hectare of horticultural properties sold in the three months to January was $205,634, compared with $202,308 in the three months.....

Organicmore »

"Making people aware by using as little packaging as possible"
Organic fruit and vegetables at packaging free shop in Antwerp
In August 2014 the first packaging free shop opened in Belgium. The Zero Waste Shop is located in Antwerp. The idea came from owner Savina Istas, who wanted to tackle the waste problem at the source. "We do this by minimising the use of packaging in our shop. I studied sustainable sciences and was always.....

Healthmore »

Unripe mango: amazing health benefits
Considered the 'king of the fruits', mangoes are loved by people of all age groups. Apart from being tasty, mangoes also offer a number of health benefits. The sweet and aromatic taste of mangoes can refresh the mind and make you feel happy. But have you tried to eat unripe mangoes? Well, a recent study.....

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Japan : robot feeds you tomatoes during marathon
An engineer from the Japanese company, Kogame, realised that it was difficult to eat tomatoes during a marathon…so they invented this robot.Japan is an avant-garde country in robotic inventions. Kogame specialises in making tomato-based food. To create a global buzz, they decided to promote healthy eating by.....

Processed fruit and vegetablesmore »

Spain: García Carrión to produce pineapples in Murcia
The president of the beverage company J. García Carrión, José García Carrión, aims for the industrial production of tropical pineapple juice to start in 2018, after successfully managing to cultivate the crop in Murcian greenhouses.According to García Carrión, the first test stage has already been completed.....

Coolingmore »

“Jet-Ripe™ Portable Unit Turns Cold Rooms into Ripening Rooms”
Global Cooling Inc. has announced availability of their Jet-Ripe™ portable ripening system. According to Global's president Jim Still, “our Jet-Ripe arrives fully assembled and ready to use. The ripener simply puts it into an existing refrigerated room with the fruit to be ripened, and uses a catalytic.....

Food safetymore »

33 more recalls in fruit and vegetables
Europe: 16% Jump in food recalls last quarter
Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS, the global leader in product recalls, retrievals, returns and audits, has revealed that there was a significant rise in food recall and notification occurrences across Europe during the final three months of 2014.Compared to the previous quarter, there was a 16 per cent jump in.....

Nuts and dried fruitsmore »

"Our own community is far ahead of Fairtrade"
Organic makes the difference with Roux Pecans in South Africa
'Roux Pecans' grows organic pecan nuts. The company is located at the banks of the Orange River in South Africa. Through exclusive distributor Rhumveld Winter & Konijn, Roux Pecans supplies its organic pecan nuts to customers all over Europe. Bob Roux, son of founder Chris, works full time with Roux.....

Packaging and Labellingmore »

UK: Special micro-perforated lidding films for soft fruits
The research and development team at TCL Packaging has developed new micro-perforated printed lidding films to create optimum conditions for soft fruit.The films permit precise gas and moisture transmission rates, effective tray sealing and maximum protection from contaminants for the contents, frequently an.....

Product informationmore »

Did you ever imagine strawberry, Nutella or chocolate-flavoured bananas?
New flavours for bananas
"In just three simple steps, the Destapabanana transforms a banana into a dessert accompanied by any flavour available in the market. Using this device, the consumer can fill fruit with cream, jams, and basically anything with the right consistence," explains the Argentinian Sebastián Berger, inventor of.....

Retailmore »

Mexico: Oxxo sets new stores benchmark
FEMSA Comercio's total revenues were up 12% in the last quarter of 2014, driven by new store openings and same store sales growth. Full year revenues were up 12.4% and same store sales increased on average 2.7%, mirroring top line trends that gradually improved throughout the year.New benchmark for store.....

How Lidl is changing in Germany
We've been in-store in Düsseldorf to assess the retailer's latest initiatives. Here's our perspective on what we learned. Lidl is communicating a new value-quality equation In-store communication now differs from that traditionally associated with Lidl, focusing on quality led values much more than pure.....

Mexican Soriana: positive end to year
Mexican retailer Soriana has reported net sales growth of 0.1% in the fourth quarter of 2014, and a net earnings increase of 129.4%.Positive trends in quarter fourSoriana said it had noticed a positive change in income trends as of October 2014, as well as a recovery in customer traffic which has continued.....

'We will cut prices across the board'
UK: Tesco boss declares war on rival discounters:
In what amounts to a declaration of war against the value and discount retailers Tesco is seeking to offer competitive prices right across the retail market.‘We aim to be competitive at all ends of the market and that includes the opening price point in every category.’Lewis began the process of widespread.....

NZ: Countdown boosts first-half earnings
Countdown, the New Zealand supermarket chain owned by Australian retailer Woolworths, increased first-half earnings 2.9 percent as it cut costs and boosted volumes to compensate for lower prices.Earnings before interest and tax increased to $169.1 million in the half year ended Jan. 4, from $164.4 million in.....

UK: Costcutter supermarket group embarks on new marketing campaign
Costcutter Supermarkets Group, based in Dunnington, has taken on Leeds-based integrated media agency, Boutique, to handle its media strategy and implementation following a four-way pitch.The decision to recruit a new media agency comes as Costcutter embarks on a new operations and marketing model.Working on.....

AU: Woolworths profits slide
Woolworths has downgraded its full year guidance and announced plans to step up investment in its core supermarkets business after falling further behind arch rival Coles.The supermarket giant had previously forecast full year profit growth of between four and seven per cent but now says growth is likely to.....

UK: Organic food goes budget as sales surge thanks to Lidl and Aldi
The food industry has seen a surge in the sales of organic foods according to an annual report by the Soil Association.The research found that UK shoppers are now spending an extra £1.4 million a week on organic food.The growth in sales is largely being helped by the discount organic ranges found at budget.....

Fresh-cut Managementmore »

QUAFETY Scientists determine the prevalence and the levels of bacterial pathogens in rocket and cucumber
Quafety Scientists from the University of Athens (Greece) and University of Milano (Italy) have determined the prevalence and levels of Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli O157:H7 in rocket and cucumber samples by deterministic (estimation of a single value) and stochastic (estimation of a range of.....

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