Friday, February 24, 2017

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The supply of melons in the northern hemisphere currently comes from the southern hemisphere. In this market, Latin America has the most dominant position but the supply is erratic. Spanish growers have observed a drop in the Brazilian volume, Belgium has recently been flooded with melons and Dutch importers.....

Shipment by Talsa and Hortifrut
Peruvian blueberries warmly welcomed in China
This morning, a festive ceremony was organised at the Guangzhou import market in Southern China to celebrate the arrival of one of the first containers of Peruvian blueberries. The shipment was initiated by a joint venture between Talsa and Hortifrut, the latter being an owner, partner and grower of.....

Ben van der Most, Driscoll’s:
New tastier varieties boost strawberry consumption
The soft fruit market is enjoying good demand. “We are still seeing strawberry consumption increasing with percentages of five per cent on the European continent and up to ten per cent in the UK. Raspberry sales are even increasing by 15 to 20 per cent. All in all, they are becoming more and more successful.....

Bankruptcy of Hanjin, the "Lehman Brothers" of the maritime sector
The bankruptcy of Hanjin, the announced acquisition of Hamburg Süd, the cooperation between shipping lines; 2016 has been a turbulent year for maritime shipping. "It has been an interesting year with many changes," affirms Shereen Zarkani, head of Reefer Management at Maersk, when looking back on the.....

Growers need to consider end customer for packaging
A Polish company has been nominated for an innovation award for the first time ever at the Fruit Logistica this year. Although they didn't win one of the big awards, Adam Sikorski, Commercial director for the company, said that just being nominated was a sufficient reward for Poland. From left to right,.....

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Indian companies focus on Russia
For Indian onion exporters, the Middle East is still an attractive market. But the European and Russian markets are also opening up. It was said that both demand and onion prices have risen on the Russian market when compared to last year. An Indian company supplies white and red onions to the these.....

"Of the 60,000 kg of clementines produced, 40,000 had to be discarded"
This is a campaign that already started in an atypical way, since prospects had pointed to a 21% increase of the production in Spain, but it all ended "in a chaotic way," states Antonio Sinisterra, owner of Huerto Sinisterra. "We have been able to save a third of the clementines, but we know that other.....

Chicory in top five at REO Veiling for fifth year already
“Consumers of the future have to be attracted now”
2013 and 2014 were very difficult years for the chicory sector. Prices were low and consumption did not increase as a result. In 2015 and 2016, the sector appeared to improve a bit, even if the season was not entirely positive. Is the crisis over by now? That cannot yet be determined according to Dominiek.....

Kees Havenaar, Frutas Luna: "Better to be expensive than not for sale"
"Good winter for Spanish greenhouse vegetables"
"It's been a wild one. Look at the prices," Kees Havenaar of Frutas Luna looks back at the extreme situation with Spanish greenhouse vegetables at the start of the year. "All in all it was a good winter. I always say: better to be expensive than not for sale. 'Normal' prices for this time of year are now.....

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Fruit Logistica 2017: Innovation Award

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Fruit Logistica 2017: Latin America

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The global economy by GDP
Top ten countries ranked by GDP (GDP in brackets)1. United States ($18.03 trillion)2. China ($11 trillion)3. Japan ($4.38 trillion)4. Germany ($3.36 trillion)5. UK ($2.86 trillion)6. France ($2.42 trillion)7. India ($2,09 trillion)8. Italy ($1.82 trillion)9. Brazil ($1.77 trillion)10. Canada ($1.55.....

Support for EU initiative on agricultural patents
The European organization, Copa and Cogeca, have welcomed the initiative of EU ministers against the use of patents on plant varieties essentially obtained through biological processes. Copa has constantly stated that, "patent law is not the appropriate instrument for the EU agricultural sector."This.....

Could there be another El Niño phenomenon in 2017?
Scientists at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) believe there is a possibility of another El Niño phenomenon this year, even though this weather phenomenon usually reappears two to seven years after the previous one. According to experts, the so-called Super El Niño, which took place in 2015 and.....

Mexico: Jalisco to export agricultural products to Kazakhstan
Agricultural producers, agricultural businesses in the state, and foreign trade service providers participated in a business meeting with representatives of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in order to conquer that country's market.The meeting, which seeks to create new foreign trade alternatives and diversify.....

Argentina: CEO of citricola San Miguel arrested for human trafficking
The Federal Chamber of Tucuman indicted four businessmen linked to citricola San Miguel for human trafficking for labor exploitation on the Las Marias farm, which is leased by the company.The defendants are Pedro Benigno Banegas and Felipe Indalecio Racedo, CEO and representative of citricola San Miguel,.....

India man sets Guinness world record for coconut cracking
An Indian man from Delhi, 25 year old Abeesh P. Dominic, recently set a new Guinness world record for opening coconuts with his bare hands. He cracked 145 coconuts with right elbow in less than 50 seconds, and completely broke open 124 coconuts. The previous record was set by the German Muhamed Kahrimanovic,.....

International space station harvests Chinese lettuce
According to a report on the American space agency's website, astronaut Peggy Whitson has spent almost one month tending the first batch of Chinese lettuce on the international space station with the utmost care. On February 17th she was able to harvest the lettuce. This is the fifth time the international.....

Fruitmore »

Italy: No problems for Sicilian melons
"The preventive measures put in place to avoid viruses attacking melons have proved effective. Non-woven fabric covers and anti-insect nets successfully prevented the spreading of whiteflies, responsible for transmitting diseases."This is according to Consorzio Mundial president, Domenico Raneri, when.....

IFTA conference discusses orchard netting, rootstocks and tree architecture
The second day of the International Fruit Tree Association’s 60th annual conference featured a slew of speakers on topics including rootstocks, tree architecture and orchard netting and the announcement of the 2017 award winners.Three awards were given at the banquet on Tuesday evening:• Jim Mattheis of the.....

32 All-Star apple varieties tip off for ‘Apple Madness’ tournament
March is coming. It’s the perfect opportunity for the nation to come together to combine its favorite springtime pastime – filling out a college basketball bracket – with its favorite fruit – apples! To celebrate National Nutrition Month, the U.S. Apple Association is encouraging apple lovers to join the.....

Tom Deckers, PC Fruit:
“Belgian fruit cultivators have avoided fire blight problems up till now”
Belgian pear cultivators were startled by fire blight, also called ‘pear fire,’ this week. There were various cases in Wellen in particular. According to Tom Deckers, researcher with PC Fruit, there are regions that had more cases of fire blight infections than normally in 2016. “Whether that will lead to.....

Herbsmore »

Israeli herbs a solution to Spanish and Italian shortages
“Spanish exporters are having a lot of problems in getting herbs because of the bad weather in Spain,” said Bertho Levy of Gaia Herbs. “This year, the European market customers are beginning to use more Israeli herbs. For the last two years, they increased the buying from European production and Kenya rather.....

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International Kiwi Congress, 27 April 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece
Production and trading of kiwi fruit in the spotlight
For the third consecutive year FROUTONEA magazine has organized an international congress for fresh produce in order to inform Greek and European professionals about the new technological and growing trends. This year the International Kiwi Congress will be on the 27th of April in Thessaloniki, Greece.All.....

Citrusmore »

Minion mandarins hit the shelves nationwide
Dayka & Hackett LLC teams with Universal and Illumination to unleash Minion Mandarins in grocery stores nationwide. These mischievous and playful Minions are on a mission to provide a healthy snack for the whole family. Available year-round, Minion Mandarins are a kid-sized, easy-to-peel, delicious treat.....

University of Florida evaluating cold tolerant citrus varieties
The relatively mild winter temperatures during the last two decades has led to a resurgence of interest in cold hardy citrus in North Florida. Satsumas account for almost all of the new commercial citrus acreage in the Florida Panhandle. If the next two decades have mild winter temperatures like the.....

Italy: Orange tree adoption at Agricola Pappalardo
"Azienda Agricola Pappalardo was established in 1960 by my wife's father, who planted the orchard," recallsGiuseppe Pappalardo explaining how his father-in-law stopped working for third-parties when he bought two hectares of citrus groves. In the photo: Filadelfo Pappalardo."Fifty years later, in 2010, my.....

New rootstock for mandarins to be launched next month in Australia
A new rootstock for mandarins will be launched next month, providing growers with the first opportunity to view the performance of mature trees.Malcolm Smith, citrus breeder at the DAF Bundaberg Research Station, said the new variety would be named after Patricia Barkley, a retired citrus pathologist who was.....

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Portuguese kiwifruit looking for more sales markets
Portugal is not in the top of the largest kiwifruit producers. Yet in the past four years, production doubled, and Portuguese traders are looking for new markets. “We have to anticipate that by tapping new markets,” says Avelino Luis, manager of the Portuguese Association for Kiwifruit Growers (APK).The.....

Organicmore »

India producer organizations to export organic vegetables abroad
With the success of Bengal's organic farming in the past few years, Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) from the Indian city of Bankura are going to export organic vegetables to countries abroad.In a few short weeks the organic produce will be exported to Middle Eastern countries will also be exported to.....

Healthmore »

Eating "10 a day" of fruit & veg could prevent 7.8m deaths a year
According to a new study by Imperial College London the ever popular "5 a day" saying for fruit and vegetables should be updated to "10 a day". The study, which analysed 95 studies involving two million people's eating habits, showed that increased consumption reduced the chance of heart attack, stroke,.....

ITmore »

Royal Brinkman launches Knowledge Centre
Royal Brinkman is now launching a new part of the webshop, the "Knowledge Centre". This will allow growers to find all their needed information on the Royal Brinkman webshop. The company hopes the feature will bring ease and convenience to users with the ultimate goal to make an easy.....

Innovationsmore »

Swiss data logger company launches data-flow system
Started two years ago, as a cooperation between Escort Cold Chain Solutions and Viemme, a manufacturer of electronic devices, Switrace was born. The company has developed temperature monitoring Data Loggers which are produced entirely in Switzerland. Covering the perishable sector, the loggers are a USB.....

Processed fruit and vegetablesmore »

Coco Wilson, the first and only Nam-Hom green coconut imported by Spain
Bright future beckons for fresh coconut water
It is called Coco Wilson and comes directly from Thailand. It is a fresh green coconut of the "Nam-Hom" variety ("aromatic water" in Thai), and is considered the best in the world because of its sweet and floral flavour. It contains pure and raw coconut water, whose packaging is the semi peeled coconut.....

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Going through strict import quarantine procedures
Shanghai welcomes first batch of Peruvian blueberries
The national inspection office in Shanghai yesterday revealed that on February 12th its trade post welcomed the first batch of Peruvian blueberries ever imported into the country. The inspection office has given its green light, immediately after dealing with the quarantine inspection. After going through an.....

Nuts and dried fruitsmore »

Good season for cashews in India, bad for mangoes
While cashews may be seeing a good season, climatic changes have been blamed for the bad season of the mango crop leading to erratic flowering owing to which fruits are not likely to bear abundantly."The mango crop is unlikely to meet the expectations," said director of agriculture, Ulhas Pai Kakode.The.....

Packaging and Labellingmore »

Filter papers extend shelf life by 2-4 days
For several years, It’s Fresh!, a food freshness technology company with offices in the UK and US, has been developing special filter papers that slow down the ripening process of fruit and vegetables when inserted into packaging.Currently, the papers are used by fruit and vegetable growers and suppliers.....

"Less paper and more information, key to success of new packaging"
"At Special Fruit, we try to use the smallest possible amount of packaging," points out Koen Maes, Business Development Manager at Special Fruit. Since mid-January, this Belgian company has launched a new pack for its Calinda strawberries, aiming to use the smallest possible amount of paper and taking.....

Product informationmore »

Spain: Launch of first walnut drink
Borges has launched the first commercial walnut drink under the brand "Borges Natura". It is a 100% vegetable, lactose-free and gluten-free beverage that allows you to enjoy all the nutritional benefits of walnuts at any time and with a great flavour, according to the company. It is designed for all those.....

Retailmore »

Carrefour to expand organic produce; sets produce prices for 5 years
Aldi wants to guarantee origin of fresh produce
Loblaw fourth-quarter profit up 57% to $201M - Loblaw had $11.13bn of revenue and a $201m net profit in the fourth quarter, according to earnings announced Thursday morning. The profit amounted to 50 cents per share. The net profit was up 57% or $73m from a year earlier, while revenue was up $265m or 2.4%......

Fresh-cut Managementmore »

Italy: La Linea Verde focuses on service content
We often read that vegetables and vegetarian or vegan eating habits are becoming increasingly popular. While it can be just a fad, it is also true that, if consumers are pleased, the trend can consolidate.This is the opinion of La Linea Verde, well-known in the fresh-cut and pre-cooked sectors thanks to.....

Global Marketmore »

The supply of melons in the northern hemisphere currently comes from the southern hemisphere. In this market, Latin America has the most dominant position but the supply is erratic. Spanish growers have observed a drop in the Brazilian volume, Belgium has recently been flooded with melons and Dutch importers.....

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