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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Increase in EU acreage
Spain: Strawberry prices drop by up to 40%
A warm winter and an increase in Europe's cultivated strawberry acreage have led strawberries from various origins to overlap for the first time, causing prices for Spanish strawberries to plunge way before the end of the campaign.Average prices for Spanish strawberries have already dropped by around 40%.....

Good prospects for Egyptian red onion season
Pharaonic Bioherb is an Egyptian-based company founded in 2002 and devoted to the production and export of bulk dried organic herbs and spices produced, processed and packaged according to EEC Regulation 2092/91 & EN-45011 and is specialised in the production, selection, packing and export of fresh.....

Banabay breaks into tough New Zealand market
Ecuadorian banana brand BanaBay has broken into the tough New Zealand market by offering premium quality produce supported by a direct sourcing package to one of the country’s biggest retail chains, Countdown. BanaBay, which supplies the Woolworth owned chain’s 161 stores, started out on a trial basis.....

Mexico: "Global avocado demand surpasses supply"
Seventeen years have passed since the U.S. opened its borders to Mexican avocados and during this time it has achieved remarkable progress. The Mexican avocado production and industry have shown a level of maturity that has allowed it to overcome all of the quality, safety and residual challenges imposed by.....

UNIVEG and Ebrex Cruise Services (ECS) sign partnership agreement
UNIVEG and Ebrex Cruise Services signed an exclusive global partnership agreement to supply Fruit & Vegetables and Flowers & Plants to the cruise industry.Francis Kint, CEO UNIVEG Group, commented: “Both parties have recognized the increasing demand for high quality, safe fruit and vegetables in the.....

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Working together with Pakistani distributors to adapt new export methods
Since the Netherlands began investing in Pakistan back in 2011, Mr. Azizur Rahman Shaik, Country Head of NED PAK operations in Pakistan, has been frustrated with the slow pace of Pakistani exporters in adapting new export methods, despite all of the new technologies made available to them from all corners of.....

Italy: "Testa di Chicco" is the symbol of the 2014 grape campaign
Racemus, a company growing and selling table grapes, is ready for spring. Plants are blossoming and the first bunches of both seeded (Vittoria, Italia, Red Globe and Black Pearl) and seedless (Regal and Crimson) varieties are already visible."Testa di Chicco" (Grape Head), the company mascot is a simple.....

Port awaits word on whether Chiquita will stay
Chiquita Brands International must decide by May 15 whether to extend its lease for two years at the state Port at Gulfport.Port executive director Jonathan Daniels said that Chiquita is analyzing all aspects of its logistics from shipment points in Central America through distribution.Chiquita is one of.....

Organics Unlimited adds 370 acres for organic banana farming
Organics Unlimited has added 370 acres of certified organic banana production in Michoacan, Mexico to increase their supply of bananas. This new acreage will provide an additional six to seven loads of product per week in the summer and about four loads per week in the winter. This translates to a low in.....

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China: Xinjiang hit hard by blizzard causing 81 millions of yuan in damages
The Province of Xinjiang was hit by bad weather conditions affecting more than ten thousand residents at the beginning of April, damaging several hundreds of acres of crops and resulting in damages amounting to more than 78 million yuan. ($ 12.5 million USD)The Bureau of Civil Affairs in Hami City reported.....

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German investors show interest in Bulgarian fruit and vegetable production
German investors plan to make large scale agrarian investments in the south Bulgarian city Petritsj (on the Greek border), reports the German website They plan to grow mainly potatoes, peppers and aubergines for the German market. The first talks with the Bulgarian side have been promising.....

Fruitmore »

40 pests were detected in the Chilean apples
Bolivia returns 23,000 kilos of contaminated apples to Chile
After running 40 samples from different fruit boxes being transported in a truck, over 23,000 kilos of apples have been returned to Chile because they contained at least 40 pests.The district head of the National Agricultural and Food Safety Service (SENASAG), Lizeth Garcia, reported that, even though there.....

Consumer program supports California strawberry & Florida blueberry deal
Wish Farms is now offering a year-round supply of conventional and organic strawberries and blueberries. With the Florida strawberry season completed, focus has turned to the California strawberry season and Florida blueberry season. Wish Farms grows strawberries in Salinas and Santa Maria. This will be the.....

Watermelon bin bids for nationwide adoption
The National Watermelon Association is urging retailers, shippers and paper companies to replace existing watermelon bins with a new preprint bin aimed at a consistent look nationwide and fewer stock-keeping units.The industry is over saturated with different bins; according to the association more than 200.....

US (CA): MonsterCots™ season begins at Grower Direct Marketing
The Monstercot™, a large sized clingstone fruit, is generally sweeter than traditional apricots and produces fruit earlier than most other varieties. This timing allows for retailers to promote Monstercots™ at the earliest point of the season to their customers. “Grower‐shippers across the State have.....

Peruvian peach exports have increased by almost 50%
Peruvian peach exports have increased during the month of April 2014.Peru's Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) said that the country had exported 141.6 tons valued at $70,420 dollars (51,000 euro) and that Ecuador was their main target market.Shipments of this fruit in April have increased.....

Cherry growers still want greater access to Thai market
Thailand has reopened the door to Australian summer fruit, after a three-year ban, but there's only muted applause from cherry growers.They say there are still too many restrictions on how the fruit is handled, because it has to be in cold storage for 21 days to ensure Thailand is protected from Queensland.....

Herbsmore »

packaged range for consumers and trade
Van Vugt Kruiden introduces BloomBites
Edible flowers are hip. Consumer magazines are full of it, television shows and hobby cooks are using edible flowers in their recipes, but finding edible flowers in the shops is not so easy. Van Vugt Kruiden wishes to change all that. "We noticed the demand for edible flowers was growing on the market and we.....

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Two days left for FPC Fresh Award entries
There are still two days left to get your entries in for the FPC Fresh Awards – there are a host of categories and the deadline has been extended to 25 April. Enter online here to be part of the industry’s biggest night of the year on 5 June in London.FPC has worked with Google to conduct three separate.....

Citrusmore »

Sichuan Wusheng citrus plantation reached 165,000 acres
In recent years, Wucheng County in the Sichuan Province has built the Jialing River Ecological Economic Zone as an opportunity to develop the citrus industry, rural tourism, and a new source of income for the local farmers.Currently, the county’s citrus plantation has reached 165,000 acres, with an annual.....

Orange juice prices increase due to disease
Price of orange juice continues to soar due to Florida oranges suffering disease since the start of the season. Florida is the world's second orange juice producer and harvest is expected to drop 18% this year. This means that prices will be similar to 1985 (disastrous frost) which caused a surge in orange.....

Exotic fruit and vegetablesmore »

Australian Ginger Industry shocked about ginger import research
The Australian ginger industry has been taken back by information taxpayer money was used to assist with a Fijian ginger import proposal. The information came to light within the recently released Senate committee report on the potential importation of ginger from Fiji.The Australian Ginger Industry.....

Organicmore »

Switzerland: Clearly more organic apples produced than in previous years
After supplies of Swiss organic apples sold out by May last year, supplies this year are clearly larger, reports German website Supplies of organic pears, by contrast however, see only residual amounts left.According to figures from Bio Suisse and Suisscofel, at the end of March 2014, there was.....

Healthmore »

Blueberries may delay symptoms of Parkinson's disease
A team of researchers from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, suggested that blueberries may help in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.To reach this conclusion, the scientists studied the alpha-synuclein, a nuclear and synaptic protein located in the.....

ITmore »

Colombia: New technology to analyse soils and make them more fertile
The Agustin Codazzi Geographical Institute (IGAC) has replaced the three machines they were using to analyse soil samples for the Elemental Analyzer CNS. This machine can analyse up to fifty different soil samples and vegetable tissues in three hours, a task that would take up to three days with the old.....

Innovationsmore »

Pomě in quota
Italy: Sustainable agriculture and advanced technology
Attention towards environmental sustainability is increasing in all sectors and this tendency is all the more evident in the agricultural sector. The "Pomě in quota" project was created precisely with this in mind.The official presentation to the press.The project consists of the collection of data from land.....

Processed fruit and vegetablesmore »

In specially patented paper pouch packaging
Poland: New sauerkraut concept 'Brassica' gaining popularity
The new sauerkraut concept 'Brassica' was introduced in 2013. Its creator, Grzegorz Raczkiewicz, explains that five years ago he came up with the idea of marketing additive-free, fresh sauerkraut. "Many others supply sauerkraut, but add various chemicals to it. We were looking for an alternative, and.....

Supreme Court skeptical about Coca Cola pomegranate juice claims
Coca-Cola didn't get much love from the Supreme Court on Monday in claiming that its Minute Maid pomegranate-blueberry juice is the real thing."Misleading," "deceptive" and "labels that cheat the consumers" were some of the descriptions used by the court to describe Coke's name for a product that contains.....

Haagen-Dazs vegetable ice cream flavors to debut in Japan
In a new experiment that is sure to get kids to eat their veggies, global ice cream maker Haagen-Dazs announced plans to sell two vegetable-flavored ice creams in Japan next month.The "Spoon Vege" flavors, Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange, listed as containing 8.5% milk fat, according to a press release.....

Coolingmore »

Varekamp Coldstores Holland achieves AEO certification
On the 8th April 2014, Varekamp Coldstores B.V., based in Poeldijk, was awarded the AEO certificate (Authorised Economic Operator) by Customs. With this AEO certification, Customs classifies Varekamp as a reliable and dependable company. The AEO status offers a variety of benefits in international.....

Food safetymore »

In Easter
Turkish peppers with residues destroyed at Bulgarian border
Turkish producers once again exported peppers to the European Union that did not meet the EU's phytosanitary requirements. Last Thursday, Bulgaria blocked and destroyed a shipment of Turkish peppers for this reason.The pepper batch in question contained, according to analyses conducted on 17 April, 2.55.....

Nuts and dried fruitsmore »

US Pecan Council votes to change name
The U.S. Pecan Council Board of Directors voted to change the organization's official name. Going forward, the council will be renamed the American Pecan Board.President Mike Adams says the change was made after careful consideration and counsel from marketing specialists.Adams adds that producers, buyers.....

Packaging and Labellingmore »

Reducing global food waste from farm to fork
Amcor will demonstrate how packaging is a partner in reducing global food waste – from the farm to the fork at Interpack 2014. The company will participate this year as a member of the Save Food organization, a non-profit initiative focused on addressing the issue of global food waste.According to a study.....

Product informationmore »

Crunch Pak® strikes licensing deal with NY Yankees
Crunch Pak is swinging for the fences this spring, as the company joins Yankee Global Enterprises as a Yankee licensee. As part of the new relationship, Crunch Pak products featuring the iconic Yankee logo will be sold in select grocery stores in the Northeast. The apple packs will be available in select.....

Retailmore »

Can Wal-Mart really make organic food cheap for everyone?
It could be another milestone in organic food's evolution from crunchy to commercial: Wal-Mart, the king of mass retailing, is promising to "drive down organic food prices" with a new line of organic food products. The new products will be at least 25 percent cheaper than organic food that's on Wal-Mart's.....

During first quarter of 2014
Carrefour's sales up by 15% in Latin America
The French chain Carrefour announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2014, during which sales increased by just 3.7%, reaching a total of 19,786 million Euro in revenue. This was mainly driven by the Latin American market, where sales increased by 15.2%.Excluding petrol sales, calendar effects.....

DIA roll out share incentive plan to employees
Spanish supermarket chain DIA has announced that it is to offer hundreds of staff the chance to buy into a longterm share incentive plan over the next two years. The board of directors at DIA hope to make 6.98 million shares, valued at €43.16 million, available to up to 250 managers.This plan, which was.....

Food Retail Sales Dip At Sligro
Dutch retailer and wholesaler Sligro Food Group has reported a fall in sales growth during the first quarter of the fiscal year as growing price competition looks to have taken its toll. Despite maintaining sales volumes, Sligro said that the value of food retail sales fell by a worrying 4.4% during the.....

Fresh-cut Managementmore »

Lettuce for fresh cut chain should be processed immediately after harvest
Despite the importance of the lettuce for fresh-cut chain, the impact of storage conditions of the intact heads before processing on quality of minimally processed lettuce has never been quantified.The scientists, Witkowska and Woltering, at Wageningen University (The Netherlands) have investigated the.....

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