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Monday, October 24, 2016

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Mark Vernooij, Urfruit:
“More interesting distant destinations besides China”
Two-and-a-half years ago, Urfruit, (pronounced ‘your fruit’) started organising the sales of their fruit themselves with a group of cultivators. The goal was shorter lines, good long-term agreements and decent returns for the cultivators. After just six months, Russia implemented their boycott. “This put.....

Interview with James Bosworth, president of the WAO:
"World Avocado Organization to go global"
The VIII World Avocado Congress was held in Lima, Peru, in September 2015. At the event, attended by more than 1,300 international representatives of the avocado industry, Peru proposed a new project: The creation of a global organization to encourage the consumption of avocados in Europe and other.....

Tjerk Nagel, Konaxx Onions:
"Onion prices on the rise due to reasonable demand and scant supply"
According to Tjerk Nagel, of onion sorting and packaging station Konaxx Onions from the Fries St.-Jacobiparochie, the onion market is developing quite positively. "At the moment we have a reasonable demand and we can easily meet it. The onions are mainly going to Africa, complemented by some export to the.....

Peru: "Mango campaign to start earlier with larger volumes"
"Peru will have mangos one month earlier than usual," stated Christian Pereda, from Tropical Farm, in an interview. "We are sure about this because, compared to previous years, this year we've experienced an increase in the flowering of mango plants. Additionally, the weather has been beneficial for this.....

Popular item for school districts as healthy snack for students
Pomegranate aril business gaining traction
After one week of harvesting Wonderful variety pomegranates, fresh packed arils are in such high request that Ruby Fresh is already shipping at capacity with three shifts operating seven days a week. They’ve geared up for the demand that will run from October through February. A plant expansion earlier this.....

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Production growing outside of Murcia
Spain: Excessive broccoli supply ahead of export period
Given the severe water shortage issues this year, many of Murcia's producers have been planting outside the region. They have shifted to higher areas such as Granada or Albacete, where in previous campaigns, at this time, there was relatively little production, because the market still had access to the last.....

Sharp supply decline expected in November
UK: Hot weather cause of high strawberry prices
The UK strawberry season is coming to an earlier end than usual, with volumes dropping rapidly, causing prices to rise. Imported strawberries are also extremely expensive for this time year due a shortage in Holland."Last week we sold around 85 tonnes, from the program we worked out at the beginning of the.....

Gerrie Groot, G. Kramer & Zn:
“After a hot Indian summer, demand for sauerkraut has exploded”
The warm month of September caused the usual worries at sauerkraut factory G. Kramer & Zn. “We pickle the cabbage at around 20 degrees Celsius. Fermentation went very fast because of this, but demand slowed down. Fortunately, we always have the option to produce tins. We have by now already finished the.....

Transition from USA to South America underway
Blueberries as a commodity are going strong
Michigan’s blueberries are finished for the season with the last of Naturipe’s fruit shipped on October 4. “Demand exceeded supply in Michigan for the majority of the season,” said Jim Roberts of Naturipe Farms. When it’s at its absolute peak (the beginning of July) there was a lot of production from other.....

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"It seems as if a large volume can still be harvested"
Belgium: Potato producers are relieved
For a moment, it seemed as if the doomsday scenario was coming true, but this weekend potato producers can finally feel relieved.“At last the weather conditions were in our favour and we could start the harvest. We were beginning to wonder if it would ever rain again. Although, I think it has rained enough.....

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Late payments hit almost 90% of companies in Asia Pacific
Almost 90 per cent of companies in the Asia Pacific region had to deal with a non-payment in the last year. Especially companies in India, Singapore and China were hit by this. To protect their cashflow against payment risks, about four in ten companies in the region are planning to use credit management.....

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France : Melon season ends on a difficult note
Melon prices in France end the 2016 season below the five-year average (6% below 2015 and 8% below the 2011-2015 average). The decrease is due to both cold temperatures over the spring and a lack of sun until the end of June.Agreste reports: “until the end of July, the harvested volume was in a clear.....

Launch of new promotional ideas for the organic apple category
Apple harvest is winding down in Washington State just as apple promotions are ramping up in produce departments. Retailers are in the midst of celebrating October’s National Apple Month and preparing for big holiday promotions around apples. Stemilt Growers is reminding retailers to use the fall and winter.....

More than 10 years in development
JUICI™ apple well received at PMA
Adding to the excitement of this year’s record-setting PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando, Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers received rave reviews as it introduced the new JUICI™ apple variety to thousands of eager samplers.In fact, even other apple growers declared the JUICI™ to be the darling of the event, calling it.....

Twitter parties result in thousands of re-tweets and a wide reach
Social media motivates grape purchase
Social media has become an important tool for the California Table Grape Commission. “Thousands of fans from the US and around the world follow Grapes from California,” says Jeff Cardinale with the CA Table Grape Commission. This includes Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. The social media pages are.....

Plenty of pears on the market
Autumn is the harvest season for pears, and some varieties can already be seen in the markets. However, according to fruit specialists, the customers still need to wait a few more days before fresh pears flood the market.Every year farmers select the early pears according to their ripeness level. The fully.....

Yuncheng apples exported to over 40 countries and regions
Yuncheng apples exported to Peru
Recently, the first batch of 20.58 tons of Yuncheng apples from Shanxi province was exported to Peru. This was the first time that Chinese apples had entered Peru since the signature of the Protocol on the Inspection and Quarantine Requirements for Chinese Apples' Export to Peru. This established the.....

Chile: Asoex to boost the shipment of cherries to China
The Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile AG (Asoex) stated on Thursday that they had signed a Memorandum of Mutual Understanding with China Eastern Airlines to facilitate air exports of Chilean fruit from Chile to China, especially blueberries and cherries, as well as to promote this fresh produce.The.....

Agreement signed for REGAL’IN apple in Italy
After signing a sole agreement in 2015 with the Blue Whale Group for the development of the REGAL’IN apple in France, it is now the turn of the Apofruit group to sign a sole agreement for its development in Italy. Within the scope of these agreements, and according to the results of experimentation in the.....

Italy: Increasing blueberry consumption
Fanano, on the Modena Appennine, is famous for its wild blueberry production however, according to sales and agronomic consultant, Sergio Panini, "volumes have been dropping in the past few years due to late frost andDrosophila suzukii."Together with his wife and son, Sergio establishedAntica Via Romea -.....

Slow table grape demand
"Things are rather calm at the moment. Only Italia grapes are available, as other campaigns have ended or are ending. Fruit comes mostly from Puglia and, even though there are some volumes from Sicily, quality is not as good," explain Luigi Gallerani, owner of Bologna wholesaler Befer Fruit.Prices are around.....

Mexico plans to double berry output
In the coming four years, Mexico plans to double its berry output, as demand from China, the world’s second largest economy rises. Mexican berry exports, which include blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, are worth about US$1.5 billion a year, up 20 percent every year, Mario Alejandro.....

Turkey: Kiwifruit harvest starts in Yalova
The kiwifruit harvest season has started in Yalova’s Subaşı village, north-western Turkey, which contributes to 60% of the country’s total kiwifruit production.Chair of Kiwifruit Growers Association, Mustafa Tunali, says they expect a total yield of 20,00 tons from the village this.....

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Ukraine: 5th Fresh Business Expo to be held in late November
The 5th Fresh Business Expo, an international business exhibition for the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, will be held in Kiev, Ukraine, from 29 November to the 1 DecemberThe fair is a leading trade event for traders, the industry and for fruit and vegetable producers. Some of the areas covered include.....

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Citrus growers sick of grove thefts
In Texas' Rio Grande Valley citrus growers are on the alert for thieves that steal from their crops. Trent Bishop from Lonestar Citrus Growers said it’s frustrating to spend time, money and energy to produce a crop only to have it stolen. “It’s real easy to see when you walk out in the morning and see.....

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More kiwifruit production in southern Turkey
Kiwifruit production is set to grow in the Erdemli district of Mersin, southern Turkey. The local Chamber of Agriculture is backing a project, which will see the annual yield increase from 4,000 tons to 8,000-10,000 within 5 years.Mersin is a leading area in the region for high quality peach, lemon and.....

Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit wins two Innovation Awards
Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit won two awards in the NZ Innovation Awards, held in Auckland on October 20th, for Sustained Innovation Excellence and Export Innovator of the Year.Zespri Operations Manager: Kiwifruit New Cultivar Development, Bryan Parkes, explains that Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit has been the.....

Opera Terrae kiwi products
Thanks to its microclimate, the Piana di Rosarno in Calabria is suitable for kiwi cultivation. Around 3,000 hectares are cultivated in this area, which produce 70 thousand tons of fruit.10% of Italian kiwi orchards are located in Calabria. As can be seen from CSO-Centro Servizi Ortofrutticoli estimates for.....

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New rules for electronic certification of EU organic imports
New EU rules introducing a system of electronic certification for imported organic products have been published by the European Commission and will be applied in 6 months.Following recommendations from the Court of Auditors and a request from Member State Ministers in 2011 to address concerns about.....

Healthmore »

Natural compound isolated from onions contains anti-ovarian-cancer properties
Research from Kumamoto University, Japan, has found that a natural compound isolated from onions, onionin A (ONA), has several anti-ovarian cancer properties. This discovery is a result of research on the effects of ONA on a preclinical model of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC), both in vivo and in vitro......

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"The Netherlands must set the example for Spain's agro-food R&D"
Biovegen, the public-private platform devoted to harmonising science, business and project financing, managed to fill the Fruit Forum Auditorium on the second day of Fruit Attraction, opened by Manuel Láinez, director of INIA (National Institute for Agricultural Research). About 300 researchers and agro-food.....

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The spud cam
Take a photograph with a potato?
When most people look at a potato, they think of mashed spuds or hot chips, but Albany amateur photographer, Colin Lowe, sees a camera.Mr Lowe crafted his spud cam two weeks ago after a relative bet him he could not take a photo with a potato, according to a tomato paste tin, fridge magnet,.....

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Hawke's Bay perfect base for fruit snack business
Hawke's Bay fruit bowl has proved to be the perfect location for the fruit-based snacks business, Kiwigarden. Kiwigarden founders, Joanne Edwards and Taine Randell, produce a range of fruit-based snacks using freeze drying technology.Kiwigarden products have been finalists in the 2015 and 2016 NZ Food.....

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China: Online food stores hit a snag once again
For the past few years, the Chinese online market for fresh food has been growing rapidly and assets have accumulated one after another. All kinds of subsidies and sale promotions have also caused a fast increase in customer usage and customer loyalty. However, during the first half of this year, the.....

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Workshop on fruit fly management held in Lebanon
On 15 October, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in partnership with the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Research Institute, held a workshop on the integrated management of fruit flies in Lebanon, within the framework of the technical project "Control.....

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Turkish and European hazelnut sectors met in Spain
Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España (Agro-food Cooperatives of Spain) and the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Catalonia (FCAC), organised this year's meeting between the European Union and Turkey to address the situation in the hazelnut market. The meeting, promoted by the European.....

Sustainable dates without insects or added sugar
Yogi & Yousef go from 3,000 to 300,000 kg of dates in three years
The meeting between the Dutch Yogi and Saudi Arabian Yousef has led to a flourishing company in 2016. Since it was founded three years ago, demand for Yogi & Yousef dates has grown from 3,000 kilograms to 300,000 kilograms. Customers such as supermarket chain Marqt, the Coffee Company and Bijenkorf, are.....

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Binding machine for flowers used more often for fresh produce
“Flowers are often bound by an elastic band. It is a common and logical way to create a nice bouquet from loose flowers, but we have noticed it being used more and more in the fruit and vegetable sector,” says Hans Peelen of Sarco Packaging. “For products such as herbs, asparagus, carrots, radishes,.....

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Sainsbury's unveils tomato that doesn't make sandwich soggy
A tomato that doesn't turn sandwiches soggy is the secret weapon Sainsbury's has unveiled in its lunchtime meal deal wars.From best selling BLTs (bacon, lettuce and tomato) for £2.20 to traditional cheese and tomato sarnies, its new Food to Go range will not seep liquid and seeds into bread.The supermarket.....

Retailmore »

Mercadona reveals starting point Portugual | Continente ranked 'cheapest'
Kesko in talks to sell food business | Serbian grocer to grow produces in stores
Portugal: Jerónimo Martins posts 12% profit increase - Portuguese retail group Jerónimo Martins has posted a 12% growth in net profit (on a comparable basis) for the first nine months of the year, of €266.5m. Consolidated sales reached €10.73bn (+5.5%), while LFL sales increased by 6.5% (+6.9% in Q3).....

Fresh-cut Managementmore »

Competition from burgers, soups and advanced vegetable products
"In Italy, fresh-cut products were introduced 15 years ago and became very popular. We are the second consumers in Europe and the penetration rate is 80% against, for example, Germany with 30%. The segment generates a turnover of €800 million," explains Gianfranco D'Amico (in the photo), CEO for Bonduelle.....

Global Marketmore »

In several countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland, the cucumber season will be soon coming to an end. The Netherlands is looking back on a good season. Spain will gradually take over the European markets in the coming months. Growers currently are hopeful after several dramatic seasons. In.....

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