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Thursday, May 05, 2016

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One-day event is dedicated to ‘Putting Produce First’ in the foodservice industry
London Produce Show announces brand new Food Service Forum
The London Produce Show and Conference announces the schedule for the brand new Foodservice Forum on June 8, 2016 from 8:45am – 5:25pm in the Ballroom of the Grosvenor House Hotel. The Foodservice Forum is a one-day, interactive seminar programme dedicated to the UK’s diverse and thriving foodservice.....

Oversupply and inferior quality plague domestic production
China: Call for branding to strengthen fruit industry
Demand for premium and safe fresh fruit has been growing significantly in China. The domestic fruit industry is facing a number of challenges, including poor quality and insufficient quality control, that stimulate the import of fruits. Last week, the Pagoda Group, one of China's largest fruit chain-stores,.....

Increased demand for South African mangoes in Europe
The mango season came to an early end in South Africa this season. It was by no means an easy season due to hail at the end of last year and extreme temperatures during the growing season.Erwee Topham from Alliance Fruit said that "The mango harvest finished at the end of February, around a month earlier.....

Cherries with QR code
Cherry campaign Fraga has begun
The cherry campaign in Fraga has just begun, where, according to Manuel Navarro, partner and manager of the company Namifruits, "there has been no frost damage like in other Spanish production areas"."Yesterday we started harvesting and exporting the first cherries of the Early Bigi variety, which are.....

Up to 30% frost damage in Hungary
Frost which hit Hungarian apricot growers last week, is expected to have caused up to 30% losses in production. Fortunately some producers were able to save their crops by using frost candles, while others saw complete losses.Blooming had been doing really well leading up to last week and it had appeared.....

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Grupo Fashion expects 75 million kilos of watermelons this season
Difficult start for watermelon exporters due to bad weather
The warm temperatures recorded throughout the entire winter resulted in an earlier start of the watermelon harvest in the west of Almeria, which kicked off in mid-April. For now, even though the volume available is still limited, initial prices have been relatively low on average because of the lack of.....

Olivier Jauzion: "Pink Lady is number two in Belgium"
Pink Lady wants a younger audience
The European production of Pink Lady has strongly increased in recent years. The volume in season 2014/2015 doubled compared to 2008/2009. Pink Lady has a goal for the coming years to present itself more to the younger consumer. "We want to rejuvenate the target audience. PinKinds was introduced to do this:.....

UK: Weather has made for disastrous cauliflower season
It has not been a good time for vegetable growers in the UK for the last couple of years and last winter was particularly bad for Cauliflowers. The supply was either full on or nothing due to the unseasonal weather. "We have now had a gap for the last 6-8 weeks," explains Julian Pitts, director of Veg UK......

Matthew Jones, Reynolds UK
“Price still king for tomatoes”
Matthew Jones of Reynolds presented a presentation about the company and the trends in tomatoes during the Tomato Conference in April. According to Jones the price is still king for foodservice customers when it comes to tomatoes. “Yet we also notice that flavour, quality and colour are becoming more.....

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US: Boston’s Freight Farms grows greens in shipping containers
Imagine leafy greens growing in Boston’s bitter winter, or fresh herbs thriving in the rocky mountains of Colorado. This is all possible, by way of farming inside shipping containers. The Leafy Green Machine, a creation of Freight Farms of Boston, Massachusetts, provides a way to grow greens in the harshest.....

Loblaw forecasts grocery prices will fall, profit widens in first quarter
Amazon Fresh expected to launch in the UK this month
Supermarkets cut fruit and veg prices by up to 12pc in a month The price of salad is plummeting as supermarkets are cutting the cost of fruit and vegetables by up to 11pc a month, figures show, following a major crackdown on misleading multi-buy offers by watchdogs. Popular supermarket items dropped in price.....

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Fresh produce supplier given award for labor standards
Whole Foods Market awarded Sunripe Certified Brands the Excellence in Standards Award at its annual Supplier Awards Ceremony. Of the thousands of suppliers that work with Whole Foods Market, Sunripe Certified Brands is one of less than seventy to have received a Supplier Award – the company’s highest honor.....

Avocado tree-destroying pathogen now in 61 of 67 Florida counties
A University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences tropical fruit expert is doing his best to help commercial and residential avocado tree owners battle the dangerous laurel wilt pathogen.With 12,000 commercial avocado trees already destroyed by laurel wilt, growers need a solution, but so.....

Junk status for South Africa?
South Africa is in danger of losing its status on the international capital markets, the South African Central Bank warned. Credit rater Moody’s already downgraded South Africa’s rating in March. S&P will probably follow that example in June. This will give South Africa a junk status making it.....

Fruitmore »

AU: An apple for everything
At the beginning of the 20th Century there were more than 2000 apple tree varieties on offer, however, when someone later investigated comparisons they discovered than many were identical varieties, but had just been given different names.Still, there is an enormous range of apple tree varieties available in.....

Honduras ready to export melons to Japan
The Honduran melon sector is getting ready to export its melons to the Japanese market, after the country was certified to do so, which opens the doors to other markets in Asian countries such as Taiwan and Korea, stressed the Ministry of Economic Development (SDE) on Tuesday.The head of this Ministry,.....

They requested the extension of the standard
Spain: Castilla-La Mancha planting melons
The regional government will recognize in a few days the inter-branch Melon and Watermelon organization from Castilla-La Mancha, which represents more than 60% of the producing and marketing sectors of these fruits, which are practically concentrated in the region of Ciudad Real in La Mancha, in a few days;.....

US (CT): Cold snap hits peach crop
A Connecticut fresh produce distributor, Ken Yandow, of FreshPoint Connecticut, says growers are reporting that 75 to 80 percent of the state's peach crop could be lost because of the cold snaps that hit the state in February and March.Though it’s early, Yandow says 25 to 30 percent of Connecticut’s apple.....

Labor supply looks tight
Washington cherry growers hiring for the harvest
On May 2, Stemilt Growers' 12th annual job fair was held in Wenatchee, Washington. A total of 682 people applied for cherry sorting and packing jobs, as Pacific Northwest growers and packers look to hire workers for the 2016 cherry crop. That’s shy of the 750 people Stemilt needs and indicates a tight labor.....

Up to 100% losses
Cold spell decimates W. Ukraine's stonefruits
Fruit-Inform reports that an unexpected cold spell has decimated orchards and berry plantations in the western and some central regions.On the night of April 25th, air temperature fell to 4-6 degrees below zero, causing serious damage to orchards in Chernivtsi, Khmelnytskyi and Zakarpattia Oblasts with some.....

US (FL): Warm weather jeopardizes blueberry crop
Ben Futch, with Futch Family Farms in Florida, believes that the warm winter this year has been detrimental for the blueberry season and local growers. The weather this winter was too warm to force the blueberries into dormancy naturally.“When a blueberry goes dormant, it naturally wants to reproduce, and.....

US: Central Valley growers concerned about changing weather
Crops like strawberries are especially at risk from changing weather patterns; Central Valley growers are worried that their crops will be impacted by the changes.

Herbsmore »

Steven Lauwers, Vegobel
“Edible flowers in pots more accessible to consumers”
Vegobel, known for the cultivation and sale of fresh herbs in pots, now offers something new. “We now also supply edible flowers,” Steven Lauwers of Vegobel says. Edible flowers are no longer an unknown product, but they are not supplied directly to consumers yet. “Because we supply the flowers in pots, they.....

Agendamore »

Val Venosta participates in first edition of Mac Fruit Attraction Egypt
VI.P- Val Venosta is attending the first edition of Mac Fruit Attraction in Cairo as part of a strategy to consolidate its presence in leading markets for this consortium such as Egypt and other regions of the African continent.VI.P is participating along with VOG, Melinda, La Trentina and Melaví, sharing a.....

Citrusmore »

Veracruz produces 48% of Mexico's citrus
The President of the Citrus State Council of the State of Veracruz, Juan Antonio Soberon Ferrer, said that, even though there still are some pests in the citrus trees, Veracruz continues to lead the national production of these fruits.He said the entity produces 48 percent of the citrus fruits produced in.....

June 3 to 5
S. African citrus exporter teams up with Zuurberg race
The Sundays River Citrus Company, one of South Africa's biggest citrus exporters, has announced that it is partnering with the PwC Great Zuurberg Trek mountain bike race.The three-day event takes place from June 3-5 and traverses 200km, part of which runs through the citrus orchards of the Sundays River.....

Exotic fruit and vegetablesmore »

NZ: In pursuit of the perfect kiwifruit
NZ at Te Puke breeds around 100,000 kiwifruit cultivars annually in its bid to find the perfect species. The institute has numerous trials underway, including work for Zespri, which aim to match desirable consumer and market traits, as well as create new varieties.Plant and Research kiwifruit breeding team.....

Organicmore »

Homegrown Organic expects promotional volume for the category
Though as a general rule, production of organic California stonefruit is still in a demand-exceeds-supply situation most of the time, there should be several opportunities during the next few months when the supply situation of certain varieties could warrant some promotional pricing and ad buys.At least.....

Healthmore »

Broad mix of fruit and veg can fight dementia
Dietitian Ngaire Hobbins, a lecturer with the University of Tasmania's Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, is the author of Eat to Cheat Dementia, a new book that explains how to keep your brain in peak condition.Hobbins maintains that eating foods that are as close to nature as possible and.....

ITmore »

Cydiance: "We believe in the potential of the Chinese market"
In-transit temperature control during international transport
Chinese tech company Cydiance has launched two in-transit temperature data logging systems, which the company distributes in the US, Europe and on the upcoming market of Mainland China. “We develop temperature monitoring devices, or temperature data loggers as we call them. These devices are used to.....

Innovationsmore »

Automation to reduce Australia's high ag labor costs
In 1997, the University of Sydney created the Australian Center for Field Robotics, which engages in the study of robotics for outdoor use. Australia has a vast amount of land available for large-scale agriculture, but labor costs in the country are high. The centre is currently tackling the issue of how.....

Processed fruit and vegetablesmore »

Veg infused guacamole launched in US
Sabra Dipping Company, makers of refrigerated dips and spreads, has expanded its line of all natural guacamole with the launch of Veggie Fusions, a new concept in packaged guacamole. Veggie Fusions are made with Hass avocados blended with a variety of fresh cut, crisp and chunky vegetables, adding fresh.....

Coolingmore »

How to significantly improve lime storage?
Fruits, vegetables and flowers, once harvested, irremediably start deteriorating due to the gases they naturally emit, particularly ethylene, which accelerates the ripening process. For this reason, it is common for products to lose volume and colour during storage.KEEPCOOL is a natural and ecological filter.....

Food safetymore »

Spain: Cherry sector rejects dimethoate use
"The sector has joined this ministerial resolution, despite the fact that the cost of authorised treatments with active substances can be 300 percent higher than the current ones," explains the spokesperson of the Cherry Sector Association, Emilio Sánchez Serrano.The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has.....

Nuts and dried fruitsmore »

Bundaberg, May 6
AU: Ag Minister to meet with macadamia industry and AMS CEO
The Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Leanne Donaldson MP, will be in Bundaberg tomorrow (Friday 6 May) where she will meet representatives of the Bundaberg and Queensland macadamia industry, and Australian Macadamia Society CEO Jolyon Burnett.The Minister will tour the Pacific Gold Macadamias.....

US (CA): Almond grower hesitantly hopeful
The nuts in Borba Farms' West Side almond orchards were looking pretty good by the second week of April. The varieties Nonpareil, Aldrich, Monterey , Fritz, Wood Colony, Butte, and Padre grow on one-fourth of the operation’s 9,000 acres of farm land near Huron, Calif.Like many almond growers this year, Mark.....

Packaging and Labellingmore »

Corrugated helps improve fresh produce delivery
Demands for fresh produce and flowers change with the season, which is why the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) believes corrugated offers great quality, sustainable and stand-out packaging at the most cost-effective price which assists in this fast changing environment. Corrugated packaging’s.....

Product informationmore »

Berries now have a great ally against frosts
Although the Spanish low water use system Control Heladas® (Frost Control) already has a good track record in its use with blueberries, it has recently proved to be successful in overcoming frost conditions (between 4 and 6 degrees Celsius) in open ground strawberry and raspberry fields in Poland.Although it.....

Retailmore »

Loblaw forecasts grocery prices will fall, profit widens in first quarter
Amazon Fresh expected to launch in the UK this month
Supermarkets cut fruit and veg prices by up to 12pc in a month The price of salad is plummeting as supermarkets are cutting the cost of fruit and vegetables by up to 11pc a month, figures show, following a major crackdown on misleading multi-buy offers by watchdogs. Popular supermarket items dropped in price.....

Fresh-cut Managementmore »

Andrea Battagliola (La Linea Verde)
"I have always been close to the family business"
Andrea Battagliola, son of Giuseppe Battagliola - president and owner together with his brother Domenico of "La Linea Verde" - enthusiastically accepted to work in the company founded by his father and uncle after his degree in Business Management. He started working for the company in 2008, when the Spanish.....

Global Marketmore »

Increasing demand gives soft fruit market growing pains
Berries are booming. In the search for superfoods and antioxidants, more and more consumers are finding their way to the soft fruit shelf. This has been revealed by research from the University of Palermo, for which 200 Germans were asked about their reasons for buying berries. This showed that their health.....

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