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Monday, June 27, 2016

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Photo report
United Fresh provides one-on-one time with buyers
United Fresh’ tradeshow and conference took place at McCormick Place in Chicago from June 20-22 this week. About 260 companies were showcasing the latest innovations in fresh produce and value-added processing. The show had a good turnout, but because it was not extremely busy, exhibitors had the opportunity.....

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Johan Nicolaï:
"Club varieties are no longer defining, retail will introduce exclusive varieties themselves"
“The Netherlands and Belgium have become unimportant apple producers.” The conclusion made by Belgian tree grower Johan Nicolaï on the state of the apple cultivation wasn’t particularly hopeful. During a meeting at fruit grower Domus de Jonge in Kapelle he laid out the perspective for the new apple.....

Víctor M. Morales, of Caisa:
"Baby bananas are more popular in Europe than in the US"
Baby bananas are considered an exotic product in the European and US markets, and in recent years, the demand for this niche product has increased slightly. "Baby bananas are an excellent product. They have the same nutritional properties as traditional bananas, but they taste much better, so their potential.....

FINKUM opens new office
Turkish company ready to conquer more of Europe
FINKUM Europe has opened its doors in Amsterdam joining other players in the fresh fruit and vegetables export and import business in Netherlands. It has hit the ground running with Central Europe and Scandinavian countries topping the list of its target destinations.According to FINKUM Europe, Commercial.....

First fresh food congress Storecheck
"Fresh food sections drives the growth of supermarkets
Fresh food is a very important part of a supermarket, it drives the growth of supermarkets. For the consumers, fresh food makes a difference. However, to achieve good fresh food sections is a complex process. A lot can be gained by further professionalizing the collaboration between producers and.....

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Froosh-Anna Hagemann Rise:
'Why we need a rethink in the fight against global poverty'
Froosh Public Affairs & Communication Director Anna Hagemann Rise, was recently given the opportunity to speak for TEDx at the Stockholm School of Economics to speak about the fight against global poverty. Anna voiced that although there are a lot of good people with good intentions in the aide.....

Papayas are at their peak
Papaya is in peak production right now, especially the Caribbean Red® from Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.“The Brazilian solo papaya is humming along despite the recent drought that has so adversely affected many others,” said Peter Leifermann of Brooks Tropicals. “Overall, we’re well positioned to.....

"After Japan and South Korea, we now focus on European expansion"
Roasted, ready-to-eat sweet potatoes new healthy hit snack
“To meet growing demand from our customers in South Korea and Japan, we, at the beginning of last year, have seriously boosted our frozen roasted sweet potato production,” explains Jenny Ma of Shandong Jining Green Living International Trade. “Our product is the result of a precise processing procedure. Part.....

Cherry season off to early, uneven start in British Columbia
As with the previous season, this year's cherry harvest in British Columbia got off to an early start. For the regions that have begun picking, production has been light, though steadier volumes are expected in the coming weeks.“The season hasn't hit its stride yet,” said Graem Nelson with Graem Nelson.....

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Alejandro Moreno, de Exportadora e Importadora JJLE SAS:
"We want to turn Colombia into a cherry tomato producer"
If we talk about the production of cherry tomatoes, we tend to think of a number of countries, but Colombia is not on the list of potential exporters of this vegetable. A group of growers from this South American country aims to change this mindset and turn Colombia into a source for the product. "So far,.....

WinCo Foods to build large DC in North Texas
Research: Aldi and Lidl are set to benefit most from Brexit
Cora and Carrefour to renew purchasing agreement -Supermarket chains Cora and Carrefour have begun proceedings to extend their joint purchasing agreement into the future. Whether such a renewal is feasible or not will be decided by L'Autorité de la Concurrence. Commenting on the issue, the body stated.....

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The industry adapts
Consumption of superfood increases in Spain
Most superfood grows, or can be grown in our fields and in our climate and we've been using many of them for hundreds of years because of their role in the Mediterranean diet. However, there had to be an interest for superfood -those that have vitamins, minerals, omega-3, omega-6, folic acid, calcium and.....

China: hurricane ravages cultivation area
The area around Yancheng city, Funing and Sheyang county suffered from a heavy tempest with hail, strong winds and local hurricanes. According to a Jiangsu news conference, 98 people lost their lives and 846 people were wounded.Many inhabitants of the region lost their house in the storm and also a.....

Expansion of Panama Canal decreases price of exports
The expansion of the Panama Canal, which will be inaugurated this Sunday, will bring best rates for exporters, as they will have an increased access to Asia.Panama is building a third set of locks with two new complexes in the Atlantic and Pacific sides of the Panama Canal, as well as a third lane for large.....

Fruitmore »

Longer melon season in Hungary this year
This year, Hungary's watermelon acreage stands at 5,600 hectares, which is 5-6 percent higher than in 2015, as reported by the Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Interprofessional Organisation and Product Board (FruitVeB) on Monday.According to the report, the cold nights in April caused a bit of a delay in the.....

China: blueberry prices down
Recently, we saw the market listing of blueberries. Based on the difference in quality, the price varies between 120-160 Yuan/kilo. It is a known fact that the price of blueberries has gone down the past two years as the plantation area keeps expanding.Speaking of blueberry origins in Nanjing market, they.....

Interest from 135 people
Much enthusiasm for seminar on pear storage
No less than 135 interested parties came to Randwijk, The Netherlands on Friday, 17 June, to be informed about the ins and outs of modern pear storage by both national and international experts. Organiser AgroFresh even flew in several experts from South Africa and South America to share their knowledge with.....

Peru second biggest provider of table grapes to India
The Commercial Office of Peru (OCEX) in New Delhi confirmed that, for the second consecutive year, Peru was the second biggest provider of table grapes to the Indian market.According to a report by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India, the Asian country bought $2.97 million dollars in table grapes.....

UK: New app promotes local fruit varieties
FruitFinder, a new search tool from People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) is helping people to discover more local fruit varieties.Funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, this tool is part of an ongoing effort by PTES to conserve and restore traditional orchards across the United Kingdom in.....

Ukrainian processors start buying blueberries
Last week, beginning June 20th, Ukrainian processors started to purchase wild-grown blueberries. This year the season started with no delay compared to 2015; however, prices are averagely 7% lower year-on-year.According to Fruit-Inform, market participants speak of a rapidly growing supply of berries in the.....

A good report for strawberry producers
A study presented by Kassensturz, a Swiss consumer program, on the pesticide use in strawberries gave the Swiss producers a very good report. In all samples, the concentrations of chemicals were clearly below the legal limits.In the beginning of June Greenpeace tested pesticide residues on Swiss.....

Gerrits Fruit participates in action for T-shirt advertising with football team
"Belgium and the Netherlands need to form one front for the pear"
A lot has already been written about the Russian boycott and the actions being taken against it. The Netherlands and Belgium has the exact same goal, but aren't carrying out the promotion together. "Why are we doing this separately? Let's wake up and form one front for the pear. We both supplied to Russia.....

US (WA): Rains have not affected cherry estimate
Northwest Cherry Growers are still expecting 18.4 million 20-pound boxes of cherries this season, in spite of June rains which have damaged some orchards, according to Friday’s (24th June) crop update.June rains, which can cause ripening cherries to swell and split, in the 600-square-mile Northwest cherry.....

Herbsmore »

Kenyan herb growers relish the sweet smell of profits
A growing market for fresh herbs has given Kenyan growers a new lease of life.Most of the growers who depended heavily on traditional crops such as maize and beans have set their sights on Europe which seems to have an insatiable appetite for herbs such as basil.For Simon Andys, who is the founder Premier.....

Agendamore »

Interpoma International
Opportunities for apple growing in China
China is the world’s largest apple producer and offers excellent business opportunities to those operating in this sector. This is the message that emerged during the "Interpoma International" conference held recently in Bolzano as a preview of Interpoma 2016, the international apple show taking place from.....

National Awards for Excellence
APAL announces national award winners
“Congratulations to everyone who was nominated for an award – it was so exciting to examine the nominations and to be reminded about the innovative work people in our industry are doing to help improve orchard productivity and profitability,” says APAL CEO John Dollisson.“Recognising the role that fruit.....

Citrusmore »

Mexico: Climate change reduces citrus production by half
Climate change has affected the citrus sector in Tamaulipas. Production has been low in the last four crop cycles and it has fallen by more than 50 percent.According to Javier Ibarra Echartea, president of the Emiliano Zapata Regional Union of Citrus Producers, which is part of the National Peasant.....

Exports of Punjabi kinnow to Russia soar
The deterioration of relations between Russia and Turkey have benefited Punjabi kinnow growers and exporters, who exported 5,000 tons of the fruit last year, and are expecting a manifold increase in trade this year. The shooting down of a Russian fighter jet by Turkey has meant that Russia stopped buying.....

Exotic fruit and vegetablesmore »

NZ minister visits Korea to promote Maori business
Last week, beginning June 20th, New Zealand Minister for Maori Development Te Ururoa Flavell visited Korea to raise the profile of Maori businesses and promote their time-honored traditions. On his first visit, Flavell led a trade delegation of nine Maori firms covering food and beverage, seafood,.....

Domus de Jonge, KG Fruit, on being an entrepreneur in a changing world
“Due to our kiwi berry project I discovered which way the wind is blowing”
The theme of the meeting organised by fruit cultivator Domus de Jonge from Kapelle was ‘Being an entrepreneur in a changing world,’ and was organised to bring attention to, among other things, the kiwi berry cultivation. In a ‘conversation with himself’ he explained his vision and ambition. “Instead of.....

Billions of dollars spent worldwide on Vietnamese fruit
It took Vietnam 12 years to obtain licenses to export lychees to Australia, five years to export Cat Chu mango to Japan and eight years to export dragon fruit to Taiwan. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Vietnam’s fresh fruit now can reach 40 countries and territories......

Gino Bernaola, de Sobifruits:
Peru: "We'll export 15% more cherimoyas"
Peru continues to consolidate as one of the world's largest producers of cherimoyas; estimates in fact point to a 15% increase in exports compared to last year. "Peruvian cherimoyas are recording a stable demand and the market is paying the expected prices. A few years ago, we started exporting Peruvian.....

Organicmore »

Eosta starts campaign to make true costs of fruit and vegetables
"Organic isn't too expensive, non organic is too cheap!"
Organic specialist Eosta / Nature & More has entered collaboration with a large number of customers to make the true costs of regular fruit and vegetables visible for European consumers. The groundbreaking campaign has now been launched by retailers and natural food stores in the Netherlands (EKoplaza),.....

Healthmore »

Plant based diets could lower type 2 diabetes risk
Plant-based diets are becoming more and more popular. Now a new study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health published June 14, 2016 in PLOS Medicine reveals that diets high in plants are correlated with a lower risk of adult-onset or type 2 diabetes.Interestingly, "this study highlights that.....

ITmore »

Fresh Terminal: new player online fresh produce tech market
From algorithm to market
“In the fresh produce industry, information is key. Production is regional, whereas the market can be global. The current situation of so many factors is important in this industry: weather conditions, crop conditions, supply, trade routes. With good information, producers, traders and buyers can make the.....

Innovationsmore »

Photos Harrij Schmeitz
Colourful innovations shown at United Fresh 2016
Harrij Schmeitz gave a lecture on behalf ofFrug I Com at the United Fresh in Chicago, which had as its theme ‘Produce Innovation Starts Here.’ The fair attracted thousands of visitors in the end. Schmeitz took in everything. With his camera at the ready he produced colourful images, which he put on his.....

Processed fruit and vegetablesmore »

Spain: Football boosts guacamole consumption
The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the United States. Its impact on avocado sales in the country is tremendous. This year alone, it is estimated that about 100,000 tonnes of this tropical fruit were sold during the 'Great Sunday' in the United States. Its economic impact for a country.....

Coolingmore »

Uzbek food sector invests € 20 million in Celtic Cooling
At the end of May a trade delegation from Uzbekistan and GMV, branch organisation of Dutch machine producers for food processing and packaging, signed two collaboration agreements. These state the intention to give€ 31 million worth of assignments to members of GMV. Co-signer was Joost van Klink, general.....

Food safetymore »

New test can detect plant viruses faster, cheaper
A new test could save time and money diagnosing plant viruses, some of which can destroy millions of dollars in crops each year in Florida, says a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researcher.In a newly published study, Jane Polston, a UF/IFAS plant pathology professor,.....

Nuts and dried fruitsmore »

Peter de Brauwer, de Notekraker:
“Lower nut sales because of rain and terrorist threats”
Several months ago, De Notekraker from Belgium introduced the new concept Pernoix: cups filled with several mixes of nuts, dried fruit and vegetables. Peter de Brauwer, manager of the company, indicates that the market is slowly growing. “We mostly supply them to traditional shops, such as specialist shops,.....

Packaging and Labellingmore »

Exclusive strawberry jam
Hoogstraten now available in jars as well
Coöperatie Hoogstraten launches a new jam with Hoogstraten strawberries. It concerns an exclusive cooperation between RVDP (Ronald Vandeputte NV) and Coöperatie Hoogstraten. “We have a partner in RVDP who is very familiar with the retail of other products. Together we hope to create surplus value. Our goal.....

Product informationmore »

Semiochemicals, an essential tool for a residue-free agriculture
Latest mating disruption technology, the most sustainable in the market
The European grapevine moth, vine mealybug, codling moth or the Mediterranean fruit fly are pests that have been causing trouble to producers for decades. How can growers stay productive while adjusting to the recently implemented Sustainable Use Directive? How can they properly meet the market's.....

Retailmore »

WinCo Foods to build large DC in North Texas
Research: Aldi and Lidl are set to benefit most from Brexit
Cora and Carrefour to renew purchasing agreement -Supermarket chains Cora and Carrefour have begun proceedings to extend their joint purchasing agreement into the future. Whether such a renewal is feasible or not will be decided by L'Autorité de la Concurrence. Commenting on the issue, the body stated.....

Fresh-cut Managementmore »

Course schedule and website ready
8th European short-course on quality & safety of fresh-cut produce
A perfect mix of high level International R&D together with day-by-day industry experience in the Program of the prestigious short-course, now in its eighth edition, which will take place within the exhibition premises at Fiera di Rimini, on September 14-16, during MACFRUT 2016.The location chosen for.....

Global Marketmore »

It is now time for strawberries in Europe. The summer fruits are again widely available, but the market is not doing as well in every country. The Netherlands and Belgium have problems and bad weather in Poland and France is slowing down the production. The British are fond of strawberries and are spending.....

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