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Monday, March 27, 2017

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Photo Report Agritrade Guatemala 2017
Last week, Guatemala hosted the 18th edition of Agritrade; a fair that features many sectors. Representing the fruit and vegetable sector, there was a wide range of Guatemalan exhibitors, as well as international companies, including producers of beans, peas, mangoes, papayas and avocados. The event was also.....

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Carlos Llambrich, of Llamfruit:
"Every factor points to a perfect cherry campaign"
The cherry bloom has started earlier in the early production area of Fraga, where it is already clear that the trees will yield a high volume of fruit."For now, every factor points to a perfect cherry campaign," states Carlos Llambrich, manager of Llamfruit, Fraga. "There will be significant volumes of the.....

Pears from Southern Hemisphere complement the domestic category
“Domestic supplies of pears are still plentiful,” says Dan Wohlford with Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers. “We still have green and red D’Anjou as well as Bosc varieties available and I expect supplies to finish up around June.” According to Wohlford, supply levels are pretty normal for this time of the year. The.....

Dimitris Lagios, of Q AgroCulture SA
Greece: "This year, we'll be able to supply 10% more strawberries"
This year, Greek strawberries have benefitted from the weather conditions. "We've had a good weather and especially good temperatures, which has helped increase the quantity of fruit and also its quality," explains Lagios. Most of the production, 90%, will be exported to countries such as the United Kingdom,.....

Befresh Europe: “Potato season lasts until late-June”
Befresh Europe has recently announced that they are expecting a slight delay to their potato season this year. Oron Ziv from Befresh Europe stated that the season would start a week later than usual but expects a good harvest.“Our potato season starts this week,” says Oron Ziv “Crop is looking good, we had.....

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Mike de Koster, WDK Onions:
"It's concerning that there are few sales at this low onion price"
It has been calm on the onion market for weeks. The last published export figures on week 9 indicate an export of less than 12,000 tonnes per week. "It isn't going. We are running on around 40% of our capacity," indicates Mike de Kosters of onion sorting and packaging station WDK Onions from Kwadendamme. And.....

Apanatche Bark and Frederico Stuhr with Pommer Fresh Foods
“Each box of ginger is fully traceable, which is unique”
In 2001, Pommer Commercio International started growing and shipping ginger in Brazil. The family-owned company opened a US branch in 2013 and has been bringing Brazilian ginger to the US since then. “We are the only company in Brazil that focuses 100 percent on growing ginger,” says Apanatche Bark with Fort.....

China: Volpusi's cherry tomatoes meet high-end demand
"The production of tomatoes in China is mainly situated in the provinces Shandong, Henan, Hebei and a few others. They totally occupy an area of approximately 1 million hectares, ranging from regular to high end production. Furthermore, the industry's size grows steadily year by year. The increase in surface.....

High demand expected for Easter & Mother’s Day
California artichoke supply low
Customers wanting to cook with those attractive artichokes better buy up the vegetable while they can and when they spot them in stores. Even European growers, such as Italy, are having issues with volume. “Supplies are on the low side right now and expected to stay low in the month of April,” said John.....

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Peru: Adex expects the country to overcome rain problems
The president of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), Juan Varilias Velasquez, said he was confident that the governments work, with support from the private sector and the population, would help normalize the situation in the country. He said he expected they would overcome the damage caused by the rains.....

Mexico inaugurates the National Phytosanitary Reference Center
The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), inaugurated the National Phytosanitary Reference Center, an important tool for protecting the country's agricultural heritage. The Center, which cost nearly 400 million pesos, is the only one of its kind in Latin.....

China: Mahjong tournaments in China's fruit markets
Winners of the big mahjong tournamentOn March 21st 2017, the first USA's Washington tournament in mahjong successfully took place in the Jiangnan wholesale market in Guangzhou (Guangdong province). Aproximately 110 people participated in the event, among them were fruit importers, distributors, retail.....

Fruitmore »

Mohamed Ahmed, Agrogad Co. For Agricultural Development & Trade
Egypt: "The current peach volume cannot meet demand"
The peach harvest in Egypt has started a little earlier this year. "Although it is an early harvest, there is only a two-week difference compared to last year," stated Mohamed Gad, manager at Agrogad Co. For Agricultural Development & Trade. To be precise, the harvest of the Florida Prince variety is.....

Italy: Pear stocks in mid-March 2017
Pear stocks in mid-March 2017 differ greatly depending on the varieties.While Abate pear stocks are more or less in line with 2016 (-5%), those of other cultivars are definitely lower.Such is the case with the Kaiser, in which European consumers are becoming less interested year after year. Stocks in.....

Australian councils debating regulations for blueberry farms
A number of New South Wales Mid North Coast councils are debating whether horticulture farmers should have to apply for development applications, as concerns around the regulation of the blueberry industry grow.A motion at Coffs Harbour City Council failed to pass, with council voting 3-6 against it. Coffs.....

Sweden detects dangerous pesticide in Goji berries from the Netherlands
According to Hortoinfo, the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF), has stated that the Swedish authorities have returned a batch of Goji berries from the Netherlands to the exporter.The Goji berries contained 0.033 milligrams of Carbofuran residues per kilo. The Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) is 0.01 mg.....

Bolivia wants to stop importing apples from Chile
The Minister of Rural Development and Land, Cesar Cocarico, stated on Thursday that he would develop a strategy to increase the country's apple production and halt imports from Chile."We must have an apple production strategy so that we can stop importing from Chile," he told reporters.He said that, 10 years.....

Qingyang exports apples to Nepal for the first time
The sixth Nepal International Trade Fair came to a close in Kathmandu on 20th, March. In this exhibition, the delegation from Gansu Province of China won some major deals and a number of exhibitors signed their first export contracts of the year. Among them, Gansu Lvyiyuan Foods signed with Nepal a contract.....

Chinese pear sales grow slowly in U.S.
Besides apples, Pacific Northwest growers also export pears and sweet cherries to China.China produced 250,000 metric tons of sweet cherries in 2015, ranking third in the world behind the U.S., at 307,000 metric tons, and Turkey, at 535,600 metric tons.“They grow a lot of cherries but their quality isn’t.....

Herbsmore »

New herbal tea-mixes give tea category a fresh approach
Earlier this month at Southern Exposure, Rock Garden South introduced its brand-new tea mixes. “At the show, we introduced the new product to the public,” said Jonathan Roussel with Rock Garden, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coosemans Worldwide. “The idea for this product originated just a few months ago when.....

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Photo Report Agritrade Guatemala 2017
Last week, Guatemala hosted the 18th edition of Agritrade; a fair that features many sectors. Representing the fruit and vegetable sector, there was a wide range of Guatemalan exhibitors, as well as international companies, including producers of beans, peas, mangoes, papayas and avocados. The event was also.....

Citrusmore »

Peru: W. Murcott mandarins and Satsuma oranges have potential in Asia
According to the head of the Association of Citrus Producers from Peru (ProCitrus), Sergio del Castillo Valderrama, mandarins and blueberries are two of the products that Peru has stated will be among its priorities when negotiating an FTA with India.He said India was very willing to negotiate.....

Mexican researchers use citrus peels for water treatment
Researchers from the University of Granada (UGR), and from the Center for Electrochemical Research and Technological Development and the Center of Engineering and Industrial Development (CIDESI), both in Mexico, have developed a process which cleans water with heavy metals and organic compounds.....

Exotic fruit and vegetablesmore »

New Zealand gets new 40m capacity kiwi grading line
Prime Minister Bill English started New Zealand's largest automated kiwifruit grading and sorting line at EastPack's Washer Rd site in Te Puke yesterday.The new 14-lane Compac grader is the first fruit sorter in the industry that is larger than 10 lanes. It packs 100,000 trays per shift and provides EastPack.....

Qionghai Yuyue fruit and vegetable production and marketing
China: "Lamplight fruit" sales hot-wired
"In the past two years, our dragon fruit trees have entered their most productive phase and output this year is double that of 2016. Supply is up nationwide but prices have fallen by 10-15%, year on year," said Feiyan Su, from the Qionghai Yuyue fruit and vegetable production and marketing cooperative......

Pipfruit New Zealand welcomes Government Trade Agenda 2030
New Zealand’s apple and pear industry has welcomed the Government’s new trade strategy, Trade Agenda 2030, released by the Prime Minister on Friday.Pipfruit NZ Chief Executive, Alan Pollard, said a strategy focusing on the key drivers for trade in a changing world is essential for New Zealand exporters.“This.....

Organicmore »

Peru: Producers can't ship organic bananas because of the rains
Producers from the Viejo de Olmos Valley, in the region of Lambayeque, said some areas were losing their organic banana production because the rains had affected the roads.Segundo Gregorio Morales Sanchez, the president of the Association of Organic Bananas and Miguel Grau, from Olmos, said they were losing.....

Growing demand for year round organics in Qatar
Qatar is growing organic vegetables and fruits year round to meet the growing demand for organic products in Qatar and the region, a local farm owner has said.“We are very proud that this is the only system developed by the Qatari people, until now, to produce all types of vegetables all year long,” Agrico.....

Healthmore »

Should five-a-day become ten-a-day?
German report on food in 2017: “Above all, quick and easy”
The Germans appreciate regionally produced food that is healthy and wholesome and if possible fast and uncomplicated. These are the conclusions of the Food Report 2017, commissioned by the German Minister of Food and Agriculture, about the dietary habits in Germany.The taste and origin of the product are two.....

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A "Face to face" innovative transaction model
China: Internet technology used to build instant marketing platform
"With the rapid development of the market economy, traditional hard cash methods of trading agricultural products are becoming outdated. In order to fully meet the needs of buyers and suppliers, we use an exclusive video technology and internet technology to build the visualization and traceability of.....

Innovationsmore »

Sinclair’s Print on Demand™ wins AE50 Outstanding Innovations Award
The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has named Sinclair® Print on Demand™ as a winner of the 2017 AE50 Outstanding Innovations Award. The AE50 awards program celebrates product innovation and engineering in the food and agriculture industries. Dr. Scott Howarth, Director.....

German company offers alternative to plastic
DEG invests in packaging made of plants
Plastic packaging waste is one of the largest problems worldwide. The Indian government reacted to this problem by banning certain types of plastic packaging. However, a suitable alternative is not yet available on the Indian market. This offers an opportunity for Bio-Lutions, a company in Hamburg, who just.....

Processed fruit and vegetablesmore »

New feeze-drying factory opens in Georgia
Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili and Minister of Agriculture Levan Davitashvili opened the new factory and familiarised themselves with its production processes today.The new factory opened by Gemuani Ltd. is located in Zeda Etseri village in Samegrelo’s Zugdidi Municipality and will provide over.....

Coolingmore »

Effective storage technologies benefit transportation
During transportation, just as in storage, fruits and vegetables are influenced not only by temperature and relative humidity, but are also exposed to ethylene and airborne pathogens, which cause mold development, wilting and rotting. These changes in product appearance are unacceptable for most produce.....

Food safetymore »

New food safety tool for produce wholesalers now available
Produce wholesalers and distributors now have a new tool to develop food safety plans that comply with FDA regulations under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).“Wholesalers face many of the same food safety regulatory challenges that other members of the produce supply chain do under FSMA, but the.....

Nuts and dried fruitsmore »

Global hazelnut market to be worth $12bn by 2026
A new report, titled “Hazelnut Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2016-2026,” covers the global hazelnut consumption and breaks it down into two parts of the hazelnut; the kernel and the shell. In 2016, more than 90,000 metric tons of hazelnut shells were consumed globally, accounting for less.....

Packaging and Labellingmore »

How growers can use packaging to their advantage
Packaging can be a valuable tool for new and old farmers alike looking to compete for limited shelf space in supermarkets. Quality may matter, but unless you can get your products in shoppers baskets and in their mouths, it won't matter. Packaging can be the feather that tilts to scale into your favor and.....

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E-2001 Fertiliser
China: New organic fertiliser means higher production & less waste
Tomato greenhouse"The American organic fertiliser E-2001 is a new type of fertiliser for the 21st century. It is an organic micro-organic agent that is not poisonous or harmful. It contains several useful living organisms. The fertiliser is imported from the US, where it was first sold in 2003. Since then.....

Retailmore »

Amazon legally avoids $1.5bn tax bill | X5 Retail net profits up 50%
Tesco nearing deal on accounting scandal
US: Marsh to close Indiana storesTwo more Marsh stores will be closing in Indianapolis by the beginning of April. Marsh has already closed stores in Indianapolis since the beginning of the year. ( Russia: X5 Retail net profits up 57.3%Russian food retailer X5 Retail Group's.....

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In the northern hemisphere, there are currently pears from storage available. Last month, the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) published the updated stock figures. In Europe, stocks are lower than last year, but in the US there are more pears available for sale. In these countries, producers are.....

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