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Monday, July 28, 2014

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US: Mango imports behind pace set last year
Imports of mangos from Mexico this year trail behind the pace set by U.S. importers last season. Prices for the fruit have also been up from last season.For the week ending on July 19, shipments of mangos from Mexico to the U.S. totalled 3.1 million boxes, which brought the total for the season to 46.6.....

By Joel Pitarch
Spain: Visit to Mercavalencia wholesale market
Tuesday morning, after getting up really early, I visited Valencia's wholesale market, Mercavalencia, where I had the chance to see that Tuesdays are perhaps not the busiest of days.Click here to see the photo reportWith 84 stalls and a surface of 20,000 m2it is the largest market in the Region of.....

Eyes set on the Asian market
Peruvian Hass avocados in desperate search for new markets
We interviewed Arturo Medina Castro, head of ProHass (the Association of Hass Avocado Producers of Peru) to find out more about the current situation of the Peruvian avocado market.What is the productive potential of Peruvian avocados?Of the 15,000 hectares planted, only 11,000 hectares are currently.....

Earnings expected to increase for C.H. Robinson worldwide
Wall Street is high on C.H. Robinson Worldwide, expecting it to report earnings that are up 10% from a year ago when it reports its second-quarter earnings tomorrow, Tuesday, July 29, 2014. The consensus estimate is 77 cents per share, up from earnings of 70 cents per share a year ago.The consensus estimate.....

Staay Food Group expands with divisions in Spain and Poland
The Staay Food Group is opening two new divisions. The first new sales operation will be launched in Barcelona on 1 August 2014, under the name Savasun Fresh Group Ibérica S.L. This company will focus on selling imported and locally cultivated products to Spanish retailers and wholesalers. The company is.....

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7th fruit import distribution facility in China for Lantao
Lantao, headquartered in Shanghai, China, has opened its 7th Fresh Fruit Import Distribution facility in Qingdao, Shandong Province.Jim Provost of USA based I Love Produce, LLC, and John Wang, CEO of Lantao, were on-hand to help kick-off the celebration. Shandong is the #1 top farm export province in China,.....

AU: Plum job for first prune exports to California
A southern New South Wales prune grower is relieved his fruit can be exported to California after completing a successful trial shipment.Bruce Gowrie-Smith recently sent six container loads of prunes from Darlington-Point in the Riverina to US dried food giant Sunsweet in northern California.Two weeks ago,.....

José Bruñó: "Black seedless watermelon consumption has considerably increased in recent years"
Spain: Melon campaign with higher volumes and quality, but lower prices
Born as a family business in the 1970's, Bruñó initially focused on the production and marketing of vegetables and grapes, subsequently consolidating with citrus for the winter season and melon and watermelon for the summer."After several years working in the traditional melon market, we saw there was a.....

Chinese investor proposes tunnel for Crimea's Kerch Strait
Russian news website FederalPress reported on July 22 that a Chinese investor has proposed to build a tunnel for rail and road traffic under the Kerch Strait, according to the Crimean deputy prime minister, Yevgenia Bavykina.The strait separates the Kerch peninsula of Crimea from the Taman peninsula of.....

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PMA’s 33rd annual Foodservice Conference sets five new records
Attendees discussed how to innovate the plate to increase fresh produce consumption at foodserviceIt was a record-breaking year at Produce Marketing Association’s 33rd annual Foodservice Conference – including the unseasonably warm temperatures in Monterey that soared into the high 80’s. The event kicked off.....

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Researchers present strategy to fight famine
Researchers from Bonn University, along with colleagues from America, have published a world map with a strategy to fight famine, reports the German website This map describes the regional measures that are particularly useful for ensuring a sustainable food supply. At the moment, worldly food.....

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market message BLE week 29
Germany: domestic supply of apples increase
In week 29 the German wholesale market was mostly full of apples from oversees, reports BLE. The most prominent countries supplying these apples were New Zealand, Chile, South Africa and Argentina. Prices varied. In Frankfurt a 18 kilo box of Cripps Pink cost 17 Euro. The supply of the oldest European.....

Italy: "Apricots are the flagship product of our company,"
"Apricots are the flagship product of our company," explains Angelo Truglio, administrator of Albafrutta."We start selling the fruit from Basilicata and greenhouse varieties (Ninga Thyrintos and Mogador) at the end of April, then we go on with the Antonio Errani, Aurora, Orange Rubis, Bella Imola, Reale.....

Good asparagus and strawberry harvest in Schleswig-Holstein
In the German state of Schleswig-Holstein 441 hectares of asparagus were grown this year, reports the German website From this area 353 hectares of asparagus were harvested. The area where asparagus is grown has increased by one quarter since 2007, according to the Bureau of Statistics for the.....

Italy: Ribera Coscia pears become increasingly popular
The harvesting of Coscia di Ribera early pears started in line with the varietal calendar atParlapiano Fruit.Paolo Parlapiano, sales and marketing manager of the company, said that "quantities are slightly lower so prices are somewhat higher than 2013."The produce will be sold until September. "The fruit is.....

Morocco produces 230,000 tons of grapes over 49,000 ha
35% of acreage for table grapes is in the Doukkala region. The sector offers 20,000 employment opportunities and over 10,000 in parallel activities. Grape production covers 49,000 ha with a production reaching 230,000 tons per year, of which 172,000 (75%) is table grapes and 58,000 (25%) is wine grapes......

Cherry and artichoke prices increase in France whilst melons decrease
According to the Relaxnews price barometer, price per kilo of bigarreau cherries has started to increase again, up 15%, reaching a higher price than in 2013 at €5.48 compared to €4.94. Artichoke prices have also risen, up by 10% to €1.69 a piece.Charentais melons that are between 550-800g have a very low.....

Canada: Heavy rainfall damages cherry crop
It’s only the third day of the cherry harvest for orchardist Erin Beulah, but instead of picking the fruit, she’s keeping a watchful eye on the weather.“Rain is pretty disastrous for cherries. They’re quite a fragile fruit,” says Beulah.Rain fell hard and fast in the south Okanagan Wednesday and.....

Wisconsin farmers produce record 6M barrels of cranberries last year
Wisconsin cranberry farmers increased production by 25 percent last year to harvest a record 6 million barrels.That's according to U.S. Department of Agriculture figures released Thursday by Gov. Scott Walker's office.Each barrel of cranberries weighs 100 pounds.Walker says Wisconsin harvested two-thirds of.....

Japan: Okinawan farmer taking on the challenge to grow apples
Tobaru who has been challenging apple cultivation in Okinawa, holds a ripe shinanosuit, a type of apple, in the Nodake district of Ginowan City.Morinobu Tobaru has been trying to cultivate apples in the Nodake district of Ginowan City. He succeeded in cultivating shinanosuit.The fruit is blue-green, not like.....

Northwest cherries shipping, selling at near record volumes
As the saying goes in the cherry industry, the only thing that’s the same every year is that it will be different. As an industry, finding ourselves on the back part of our crop as we near August is nothing unheard of…even crops as recent as 2007 historically wound down as August approached.(Data from NW.....

BJP attacks HP government for 'being indifferent' to apple growers
BJP in Himachal Pradesh last week accused the state government of being "indifferent" to the plight of apple growers, claiming that the marketing season of the fruit has started but the condition of a vital highway used for its transportation is in shambles."Yet another year has passed but the condition of.....

New Jersey peaches season is underway
The state Department of Agriculture today reported that it is now New Jersey peach season and the tasty fruit can be found in supermarkets, roadside stands, farmers markets and pick-your–own farms.New Jersey is one of the nation’s top growers of peaches. In 2013, farmers grew 36.2 million pounds of peaches.....

Italy: Start of the table grape campaign
"We mainly produce table grapes, which we cultivate on 45 hectares. This year, the fruit ripened 10-15 days late and the yields of red grapes were 15-20% lower. We have just started harvesting the Cardinal variety, which is mainly destined to the Adriatic area. As regards the Victoria variety, quantities.....

Government says:
UK: Don't waste your money on organic food
Cash-strapped families should not waste their money on organic food because they think it is healthier, according to the UK government.Shoppers should instead spend their money on whatever they can afford, even if it means eating tinned or frozen vegetables which are in no way ‘nutritionally inferior’.The.....

Herbsmore »

Germany: herb market continues to grow
Even though there is hardly any statistics on herb cultivation, the AMI (Duitse Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft) says that in Germany the revenue from herbs increased in 2013. According to information from market statistics from AMI, profit from fresh herbs in Germany reached 68.1 million Euro (this is.....

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PMA’s 33rd annual Foodservice Conference sets five new records
Attendees discussed how to innovate the plate to increase fresh produce consumption at foodserviceIt was a record-breaking year at Produce Marketing Association’s 33rd annual Foodservice Conference – including the unseasonably warm temperatures in Monterey that soared into the high 80’s. The event kicked off.....

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José Antonio García, director of AILIMPO:
Spain: "This first detection proves that the Black Spot threat is real"
Last week, some alarms were raised after the alleged detection of a batch of South African citrus bound to Europe infected with Citrus Black Spot (CBS); a warning that was confirmed last Sunday, but was not reported until Monday morning, when Dutch authorities intercepted a shipment of lemons with clear.....

US: South Georgia farmers hope Satsuma oranges produce sweet results
A popular citrus crop commonly grown by homeowners has become a highly sought after commodity for some south Georgia farmers. And one University of Georgia Extension agent believes Satsuma oranges will soon be a valuable crop.“Everybody who eats them wants more. They say, ‘Man, what is that? I want one of.....

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Canada's first u-pick garlic farm
When Colin Reid wants to get hold of some fantastic garlic, he knows just where to go. The Kelowna man heads to a long-established garlic farm on Granville Road, north of Dilworth Mountain, owned by Bill Campbell.“I grow some of my own garlic, but Bill here grows the best, no question,” Reid, who dug up 25.....

Organicmore »

Rapid growth In Europe's organic farming sector
In the last decade, both the number of organic farms and the area dedicated to organic farming have grown by 50 percent or more in the European Union. Organic area in the EU increased by about 500 000 hectares per year. As a result there are more than 186 000 organic farms across Europe, cultivating an area.....

Healthmore »

Great benefits of dried figs boost demand in Ramadan
Dried figs are a favourite in all seasons, but demand for this tasty fruit increases during the month of Ramadan. Dried figs offer significant health benefits, making them an excellent option to obtain natural sugar and many healthy nutrients.Figs also naturally prevent constipation, as they are very rich in.....

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How to charge your phone with apples and potatoes
Intrigued Londoners looked on last week as a smartphone's battery was charged by a strange contraption made of 800 apples and potatoes connected with hundreds of nails and lengths of copper wire.The art installation was created outside the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush, essentially just a.....

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Westville resident shares story behind wasabi ginger Lay's potato chip idea
Westville's Meneko Spigner McBeth grew up watching her Japanese grandmother make homemade sushi. As a young girl, McBeth enjoyed her grandmother's creation, but wasn't allowed to add the secret ingredient until she was older.McBeth's love of sushi stayed with her into her adult life, and during a visit to a.....

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Absence of temperature control facilities
India wastes Rs.440 billion fruit and vegetables
Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has estimated that India is loosing Rs.440 billion worth of money on wastage of fruit and vegetables annually since it has failed to create temperature control facilities and adequate storage houses to store these two perishable.....

Food safetymore »

The EU authorises Laminarin for use in Organic Protection
With the publication of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 354/2013 on 9 April, the European Commission approved the use of the active substance Laminarin as a biocide. It is a polysaccharide extracted from the seaweed Laminaria digitata whose manipulation meets the rules set by the Organic.....

Nuts and dried fruitsmore »

US: More peanuts may mean lower prices
According to the Georgia Peanut Commission, the state average last year was about 4,500 pounds. That's a thousand pounds more than the average 3,500 put out yearly in each of the past ten years.However, more peanuts doesn't equal more profit. As supply goes up, the price goes down."Considerably lower than.....

US (CA): Almond growers deal with less water
While this year's California almond crop is expected to be one of the largest on record, the state's growers have had to contend with limited supplies of water. Though it's not clear if drought conditions will affect this year's crop or future crops, growers are already finding ways to cope with less.....

UAE: New additions to Local Harvest brand of dates
For the next three weeks, the Abu Dhabi Farmers Services Centre (ADFSC) will add fresh dates to its Local Harvest brand.The month-long season of ratab (half ripe dates) is coming to an end in August and ADFSC is giving the opportunity to date palm farmers in the emirate to sell the best crops to.....

Saudi Arabia produces 17 percent of world's dates
Deputy Agriculture Minister for Agricultural Affairs Dr. Khalid Al-Fehaid said that Saudi Arabia’s production of dates reached around 1.1 million tons, while producing palm trees cover an area of 157,000 hectares.He said the number of palm trees reached more than 25 million and the Kingdom is considered the.....

Packaging and Labellingmore »

GEO invests 700,000 Euros in foil machine for cucumbers
GEO, the Austrian vegetable growers organization, has invested around 700,000 Euro in a new foil machine for packaging cucumbers in Wallern, Austrian website reports. A retail chain wants to receive the cucumbers mainly packaged, after all.The new foil machine was built by employees of vegetable.....

Product informationmore »

Bridges Produce announces partnership with Fruit d’Or cranberries
Bridges Produce is excited to announce our partnership with Fruit d’Or, North America’s number one organic cranberry packer. This partnership expands Bridges Produce’s current product line to include both fresh and dried organic cranberries. As Fruit d’Or’s exclusive fresh partner in the United States, we.....

Retailmore »

Wal-Mart de Mexico's net profit doubles on sale of restaurants
Mexico's biggest retailer Wal-Mart de Mexico (WMMVY, WALMEX.MX) said Wednesday that its net profit doubled in the second quarter on a one-time gain from the sale of its restaurant business, while sales and operating profits rose.Walmex, as the unit of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is known, reported net profit of.....

Running on rubbish:
Supermarket comes off national grid to be powered by food waste alone
Industry partners Biffa and Sainsbury’s are today celebrating an innovative facility that will allow Sainsbury’s Cannock store to run on power generated solely from the supermarket’s own food waste.Using Biffa’s advanced anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities and a unique power link up, Sainsbury’s Cannock.....

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Next online chat September 19th
Report on the third meeting on Tacler Platform with Quafety Scientists
As anticipated in the last days (read here), the scientists of EU project Quafety have been available on the platform of Tacler July, on Friday from 2 to 3 pm (GMT +2), to discuss some topics that are being studied within the project.A brief report from the third meeting which occurred on 25 July.....

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