Friday, September 23, 2016

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According to the figures available, millions of tonnes of lettuce are grown annually worldwide. The largest part of this production comes from China, which accounts for 6.25 million tonnes. Other countries in the ranking include Belgium, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the US.The greenhouse.....

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T&G Global: additional 200 ha of grapes in Puira, Peru
"It’s a significant move for us with our first harvest in November"
Once a traditional New Zealand-based wholesaler, T&G Global now reaches markets in every corner of the globe through its offices in South Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, Fiji and New Zealand. Next year the company marks its 120th year with plenty to celebrate.T&G has become well.....

...with more passion and pride!"
"Dutch fresh produce industry should start profiling itself again..
There’s Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Fruit Logistica in Berlin and The London Produce Show and Conference in London. Sadly, the Netherlands is missing from the list of iconic cities with a major international trade fair for the fresh produce sector. This year that will change with the first edition of The.....

Ive Lambert, Group ADW:
“Consumers must think our melons have just been picked”
The Brazilian melon season started for Group ADW with the Galia strain two weeks ago. Next Monday, other varieties will arrive: yellow melon, Cantaloupe, Charentais, water melon and Piel de Sapo or green melon. Group ADW focuses on melon strains that have high brix levels. “Consumers eating our melons have.....

Jako van Lill - Fruits Unlimited
South Africa: New plum varieties that can go the distance
At the moment everything is in place for a good stonefruit harvest in South Africa, the trees have a nice even blossom and in the Klein-Karoo the early apricot and plum crop is already on the trees."The orchards are white with flowers and it is all looking promising at the moment," says Jako van Lill, Head.....

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Jesper van Oostende, The Greenery:
"Greenhouse vegetable sales have two faces this year"
The greenhouse vegetable year 2016 is a year with two faces. The start of the tomato season was difficult, but the extreme rain and hail at the end of June caused imbalance and panic in the market. This meant the traditional dip in the industry was lacking and there were the necessary outliers this summer,.....

Kaki exports lead to opening of first Spanish office in Hong Kong
"We have been working on Spanish kakis for export overseas during the last 4 seasons and we are already working on the 2016 season. Our prospects are really promising, the sales are increasing exponentially year after year," stated Asier Uriarte, manager of Uria Export.Kaki is a product that has led the.....

The Fruit Farm Group produces 2 million boxes of pineapple per year
"Costa Rica still best country in which to produce pineapples"
The Fruit Farm Group in Costa Rica, the former Univeg Costa Rica, consists of two production companies and one export company. TFFG Costa Rica is focusing 100% on the cultivation and export of sweet pineapples at the moment. Around 2 million boxes of pineapples are produced on a yearly basis," says Gilles.....

Kenya: Passion fruit exporter eyes Netherlands and Belgium
Kenyan company Roypack exports passion fruit to the United Kingdom, this accounts for 30% of its produce, while the other 70% is sold to other exporters. The exporter is now looking to the Netherlands and Belgium as a new market for passion fruit.The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France and UAE top the list of.....

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Italy: New tech cushions growers against post-harvest losses
Fruits and vegetable growers in Italy have a reason to smile as new preservation technology by Janny MT Italy seeks to cushion them against post-harvest losses.Janny MT, which specialises in fresh fruits and vegetables preservation technology, was recently on a tour to Italy where it representatives met with.....

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Watermelon pizza
Have you ever considered a pizza made out of fruit? Make a base out of a slice of watermelon, and dress it with other fruits, ham, cheese or feta. Bon appetite!

New art project starring vegetables
Colourful prints of seasonal vegetables
Since the Golden Age, the use of fruit and vegetables has been an inspiration for the past masters. In the year 2016, fresh produce also offers plenty of opportunities for creative talent. Stylist Caitlin Levin and photographer Henry Hargreaves, were inspired by seasonal vegetables and created the following.....

Corn for the Cause campaign raises breast cancer awareness
For the fifth consecutive year, GloriAnn Farms is proud to announce the start of the “Corn for the Cause” campaign. Over the past four years, the highly successful campaign has raised just shy of $80,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (NBCF). For the entire month of October, GloriAnn Farms.....

Fruitmore »

Interview with Michael Grasser
VI.P-Val Venosta apples: We have plenty of access to credit
Due to the chilly spring weather, the production of VI.P-Val Venosta apples has dropped by 15-20%. "It doesn't mean that we will not be able to supply our markets for 12 months a year. We only need plan our deliveries better", explainsMichael Grasser, marketing director of VI.P-Val Venosta.The harvest of.....

Strawberries from France arrived in Mexico in 1849
Strawberry plants were first brought to Mexico from France in the year 1849 and to Irapuato in 1852.Back then, Don Nicolas Tejada brought 24 strawberry plants to Irapuato and planted them in a nursery next to the river, in front of Morera and Noria.According to Genaro Acosta's book Traditional Notes of.....

President of Peru
"We'll beat Chile with blueberries in China"
The President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, said in New York that his government was doing everything possible so that Peru becomes part of the select group of countries that form the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). To achieve this, he said, they needed to promote.....

First South American melon grower to bear the seal
Itaueira receives Rainforest Alliance sustainability certificate
This September, Itaueira, Brazilian producer of the REI and CEPI melons, received the Rainforest Alliance certificate after a detailed audit of all ofits properties. Products with this label come from farms with strict environmental and social standards, designed to conserve wildlife, soil and water,.....

Job attraction a big challenge for New Zealand Apple and Pear Industry
A great challenge facing New Zealand’s Apple and Pear industry is job attraction not creation, according to its leaders.Pipfruit New Zealand’s new directors Cameron Taylor, Bruce Beaton and Peter Beaven, who was re-elected for another term, said the industry cannot reach its record breaking potential unless.....

New Aussie president for international blueberry organization
The world’s leading blueberry industry body has made changes to its board, ushering in a new era of development and collaboration for the popular fruit.During the International Blueberry Organization (IBO) Summit in Argentina and Uruguay this week, the group announced Peter McPherson would take the reigns as.....

IBO Summit 2016
The US is the largest importer of Argentinian blueberries
Exhibitors and visitors from around the world gathered to share the latest developments and trends in blueberry production in the framework of the IBO SUMMIT 2016.The welcoming words of the event were given by the President of the International Blueberry Organization (IBO), Andrés Armstrong, who was happy to.....

Red delicious was EU's main apple variety 2013-15
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Cheap Aussie strawberries not good enough for NZ
New Zealand consumers won't be able to buy cheap strawberries, this spring, unlike those across the Tasman who are paying as low as 80c a punnet. But then, if Foodstuffs is to be believed, the cut-price Australian berries may not be such a treat."Strawberries in the Australian market were recently on sale at.....

Brazil to start exporting apples to India
Brazil has signed a deal to export agricultural goods to India, including apples. The agreement was reached after negotiations between the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Blairo Maggi, and his equivalent in the Indian ministry, Radha Mohan Singh.It was agreed that the Ministries of Agriculture.....

More than 600,000 plants of the Italian variety
Pir5 Strawberry continues to rise in Bazil
Pir5 strawberries are really popular in Brazil where they are 20-30% more expensive than others. We talked about them three months ago because of a TV programme in South America. "This year about 600,000 plants have been planted in the several produttiva areas. In mid-November my colleaguePierluigi Lucchi.....

Herbsmore »

Garlic price surges
Recently consumers find out that garlic is becoming more expensive. Impacted by the limited market supply, the garlic price in Anshan city of Liaoning province increased over 30% on last month, and the highest price was 18 Yuan/kilo, and the price of garlic sprout also rose to 12 Yuan/kilo. It is known.....

Agendamore »

Chile: Growers promote food safety at festival
The Pueblo Chile and Frijoles festival takes place Friday 23 September and the Pueblo Health Department is teaming up with the Chile Growers Association to let everyone know about food safety, and how to keep the delicious chiles for months to come. This is the first year local farmers have printed safety.....

At Fruit Attraction
Apple and pear attraction: sales, promotion and marketing top of agenda
Apple and pear sales, promotion and marketing in the European Union, the United States and Spain will be at the top of the agenda during a series of seminars and workshops organised by FEPEX at Fruit Attraction. These will take place in Madrid from 5 to 7 October and will be attended by European Commission.....

Rob Morren, sector economist ABN Amro, on the retail market:
“Focus on the fresh experience, not frozen pizzas”
“How do food producers stay relevant in this changing world?” That is the question sector economist, Rob Morren of ABN Amro, focused on during the MFC-Event in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. “Food continues to rise on the ladder of interest of consumers. The need to eat is mostly central to that interest,.....

Citrusmore »

Valencian company reveals organic citrus programme
Valencian company Daifressh had yet another good performance in the 2015-2016 export campaign, with more than 100 million kg of citrus fruits, vegetables and stone fruits exported. One of the Daifressh success factors is being able to deliver anywhere in Central and Eastern Europe within 72 hours, ensuring.....

South Africa: Water restrictions to hit citrus exports
Citrus and avocado exports are likely to suffer under the latest water restrictions in South Africa. The Department of Water and Sanitation has gazetted further water consumption restrictions in the Western Cape and Limpopo.Willem van Jaarsveld, the chief of Agri Limpopo, said farmers in the area were.....

Exotic fruit and vegetablesmore »

Kenya: Passion fruit exporter eyes Netherlands and Belgium
Kenyan company Roypack exports passion fruit to the United Kingdom, this accounts for 30% of its produce, while the other 70% is sold to other exporters. The exporter is now looking to the Netherlands and Belgium as a new market for passion fruit.The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France and UAE top the list of.....

Organicmore »

Chinese consumers want natural, organic foods
Chinese consumers are willing to pay more for foods without undesirable ingredients and are actively seeking all natural, organic foods, creating room for sales growth for food manufacturers and retailersChinese consumers are increasingly opting for specialized diets that address their desire to eat organic,.....

First organic school district certified in the U.S.
The Encinitas Union School District has made history by becoming the first district in the country to grow for its school lunch program on certified organic farms. EUSD has two educational farms which, in addition to growing food for school lunches, also offer outdoor education opportunities for the.....

Millennial parents buy the most organic
According to Organic Trade Association research, 52% of parents who buy organics are within the 18-34 year-old age range, meaning that Millennials are the biggest group of organic buyers in the U.S. Gen X parents make up 35% of parents choosing organic, and Baby Boomers, 14%."The Millennial consumer and head.....

Healthmore »

NZ needs healthier system for marketing food to children
One in nine children in New Zealand are obese and a further 22 percent are overweight. Writing in the New Zealand Medical Journal, Auckland University nutrition expert Cliona Ni Mhurchu said a World Health Organisation (WHO) system for deciding whether foods and drinks are healthy should underpin a revised.....

ITmore »

Check to see whether your log-in details have been made public
Website shows which accounts have been hacked
Nowadays everyone is aware of the importance of a strong password. By having a strong password, you can prevent hackers from having easy access to your accounts. But there is another way cyber criminals can find out your log-in details: by hacking the database of the online service. In recent years, there.....

Innovationsmore »

Vegetable cutter with water jets processes quickly and hygienically
Cutting with water is a well-known phenomenon, but not in agriculture and horticulture. GEGE machinery is going to change that with their newly developed, moving water blade. The water blade cuts hygienically exactly where it is supposed to cut in GEGE’s cutting and sorting machines, for example, vegetable.....

Processed fruit and vegetablesmore »

Adri den Dekker, HAK: “It is highly questionable whether we will make the connection with the 2017 season”
After the storm comes too much calm
After the rain and hail storms of this summer, Adri den Dekker, purchasing and agrarian manager with HAK, spoke about the largest vegetable shortage in 40 years. The high temperatures of recent weeks are causing a new challenge. “We have done everything to absorb those shortages, and planted certain products.....

Coolingmore »

All Nippon Airways Co.
New coolant keeps veg fresh 'for several days'
All Nippon Airways Co. will begin to use a new coolant on long-haul flights for shipping fresh meat and vegetables, that keeps the food products fresh for several days, according to company officials.The new service will allow clients in Japan to ship produce to Europe and the United States, which was.....

Food safetymore »

UPDATE: FDA seeks Egypt's help on strawberry hepatitis outbreak
FDA and Egyptian officials are working together on an investigation into a Hepatitis A outbreak linked to frozen strawberries from Egypt that were served in smoothies.As of today, 2nd September, 74 people in seven states have been confirmed through laboratory testing to be infected with the outbreak strain......

Nuts and dried fruitsmore »

Georgia: Project to boost hazelnut quality, increase exports
To improve Georgia’s role as a major global hazelnut exporter, the country is launching a new program to increase the quality of exported nuts and sell them worldwide at a premium price, which will subsequently increase the economic livelihoods of more than 50,000 local hazelnut growers. Hazelnuts are.....

Packaging and Labellingmore »

Simon Matthews - AgriCoat NatureSeal
"We are hoping to replicate the positive experience of London show"
As long-standing supporters of the London Produce Shows, AgriCoat NatureSeal Ltd looks forward to participating in the first Amsterdam Produce Show, to be held in November this year, where the company will be showcasing its range of NatureSeal products, developed for maintaining quality in fresh cut fruits.....

Product informationmore »

Japan: McDonald's to start selling choco-pumpkin fries
McDonald’s in Japan will launch their latest novelty menu item: seasonal chocolate pumpkin fries on September 28. Classic McDonald’s French fries — but this time drizzled with pumpkin sauce and chocolate sauce, for that properly Halloween-themed punch.While it’s unclear what the pumpkin topping is made of.....

Retailmore »

Fresh boost sales Eroski | EU grocers secretly do business in Crimea
Costco top in organic sales | Samsung to deliver grocery
US: IGA to launch online shoppingIGA on Thursday announced the launch of an online sales site it described as "on a par with the national chains." The service which will be marketed to shoppers as IGA GO, provides what the company called an e-commerce solution that meets shoppers' need for a.....

Fresh-cut Managementmore »

Brexit forces UK company to look further afield
On the 23rd of June the British went to the polls and voted leave the European Union. According to Anthony Pile, founder of Blue Skies, a UK company which has been exporting fresh cut fruit from Africa to Europe for the last 20 years, this was a big mistake."We have not left yet but we might as well have.....

Global Marketmore »

According to the figures available, millions of tonnes of lettuce are grown annually worldwide. The largest part of this production comes from China, which accounts for 6.25 million tonnes. Other countries in the ranking include Belgium, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the US.The greenhouse.....

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