Friday, March 27, 2015

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First Indian mangoes reach Europe after lifting of ban
Kay Bee Exports, India’s leading fresh fruits and vegetable exporter, has successfully shipped a consignment of the delicious Alphonso mangoes to UK using Vapor Heat Treatment. The EU had banned Indian mangoes and four other vegetables with effect from 1st May 2014, which brought the 2014 summer mangoes.....

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South African supply already arriving
High avocado prices on EU market
The European avocado market is under supplied at the moment, with high prices being paid due to the growing demand ahead of the Easter celebrations.Spain is selling its final volumes, which are reaching prices of around 14 Euro per case for the scarce commercial calibres 18, 20 and 22."We barely have any.....

South Africa: First apples to China
History was made this week when the exporting company, Core Fruit, sent the first consignment of apples to ever be exported from South Africa to the Chinese market. The consignment of 1 120 cartons (18,25 kg) of Royal Beaut apples, was loaded for the CMA Puccini on Monday the 23rd of March. The ship will be.....

Bas van Walderveen:
"Good demand Maroc Late"
One fine day Van Walderveen started with a citrus testing field in Morocco, and now the wholesaler is importing a large volume of Moroccan citrus each year, working together with the Copag cooperative, like it does with vegetables. The first Valencia Lates arrived again last week. Van Walderveen expects.....

Greece: Hass avocado production continues to gain ground
According to Menelaos Tzouris, shareholder of “Menelaos Fruits”, Greece, "The avocado production this year will be a little higher than the last season. Yet, we have some issues with the wet weather and strong winds at the moment." Due to the weather, avocados are more prone to have bruises so the.....

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Egyptian melon season to start in two weeks
The melon export season will kick off for the Egyptian company Taher Trade in about two weeks. Export Manager Muhammad Abdul Qader explains that “It will start with the cantaloupe, followed by regular and seedless watermelons, both red and yellow-fleshed, around mid-May. Our exports go mostly to the Gulf.....

Polish tomato season underway
Though volumes are still light, Poland's tomato harvest is already several weeks old. Most sales are currently domestic, though exports should ramp up in the coming weeks.“In two weeks, we should start with the cherry tomatoes and the rest of the varieties,” said Damian Gulewski of Green Group .....

India: Good demand for US Pears
Ample demand from China and India for US pears is expected to keep pear growers in America’s Pacific Northwest happy, despite the small crop of 2014, down from the 2013 season’s record. The 2014 Northwest crop was pegged at 20.8 million boxes. In 2013, the crop was 21.6 million boxes.With the middle class.....

Canada: Will consumers fall for blue potato?
“We have been growing potatoes for more than 50 years and continuously want to innovate”, says Tina Gokstorp with Grand Bend Produce. “After five years of product development, trials and testing we have just launched our blue potato into the market.”Colored veggies contain certain health benefits. In a late.....

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Tougher conditions EU stonefruit market this season
The start of the stonefruit season is just around the corner for the Fairfruit Group, which is devoted to the production of apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums and cherries in a total of 1,100 hectares in Hungary, Spain, Portugal and soon also in Austria. “Our several stonefruit varieties, chosen for.....

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2015 sponsorships Tour de Fresh now available
Organizers of the 2nd annual Tour de Fresh are proud to announce that sponsorship opportunities are now available. This collaborative industry event will unite produce companies for a four-day cycling event that will once again benefit the Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools campaign. This year’s 300+ mile ride.....

April 2
'Love Your Produce Manager Day' returns
Produce managers play an important part in changing the way America shops—and eats. They are the unsung heroes of the healthy eating revolution, quietly playing a key role in increasing fruit and vegetable consumption just by helping us take home the freshest produce. After all, according to a recent survey.....

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Record in AU fruit imports
Australia’s fresh fruit imports reached a record 137,000 tonnes worth A$348m. Australia’s fruit imports grew by more than 30 per cent, but they still accounted for less than 10 per cent of total consumption in value terms. Australian consumers munched through 31 per cent more imported fruit in 2014 compared.....

Argentina invests in infrastructure for export
Volume Chilean blueberries +20%
"The Chilean blueberry season is drawing to a close, with the last volumes being exported this week," Andres Armstrong of the Chilean Blueberry Committee says at the Global Berry Congress. Andres presented an overview of the season so far. Carlos Stabile of the Argentinean Blueberry Committee discusses the.....

Washington cherries set for early start
An early cherry crop in Washington has growers crossing their fingers. But barring a late frost, they should be pumping their fists come May.“People in the field are telling us they’re running two to three weeks ahead, which brings with it a number of challenges and opportunities,” said Steve Lutz, vice.....

Jan van den Adel, Direct Source International:
"Unusual season India grapes"
India is facing an unusual grape year. "They tried to bring the season forward by pruning earlier. A particular reason were the debacles in recent years, particularly in the second half of the seasons. The idea behind this bringing forward was to relieve the pressure later on in the season. Bringing things.....

Opal apple cider now available
The sweet and crispy Opal apple is now available as a cider exclusively from Ryan’s Juice, a 30+ year-old family-owned and operated juice company.“Opal is a fantastic apple to use in a cider because of its wonderful flavor,” says David Ryan, owner of Ryan’s Juice. “The popularity of Opal apples is sure to.....

German apple grower organisations
Important step in the development of new markets
“Today, the German agricultural economy reached an important milestone for the opening of new export markets,” says Dr. Henning Ehlers, Secretary-General of the German Raiffeisen Association (DRV), during the signing of the contract between the Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI) and the apple producer.....

Henk Vlaeminck, VDFB:
30-40% less Spanish strawberries
Weather conditions in Spain are already better than the beginning of last week, but the supply of Spanish strawberries has clearly fallen. It will be harder for importers to serve their customers optimally this week and next week, says Henk Vlaeminck from Van Dijk Foods Belgium. Van Dijk Foods Belgium is.....

AU: Melon virus eradication no longer option
Watermelon growers in the Katherine region have been dealt a further blow after the Northern Territory government announced on Thursday that it was no longer feasible to eradicate cucumber green mottle mosaic virus.After an initial outbreak of the disease in 2014, Primary Industry and Fisheries Minister.....

New Zealand Honeycrisp in early May
“We are very excited to bring something special to our customers and to consumers who love the Honeycrisp apple,” Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers Marketing Director Scott Marboe said March 26, adding that OSRG will fill a five-week window with Honeycrisp New Zealand apples starting in early May. National Sales.....

UK raspberries 2 weeks early, on the shelves
The first UK raspberries hit the shelves today, two weeks earlier than last year. Laurance Olins from British Summer Fruit said this is due to the move to the Berryworld Plus variety Diamond Jubilee, bred by Peter Vinson of Kent – Diamond Jubilee requires less chill so is ahead of Tulameen. The variety.....

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US (MA): Basil growers supply herbs to 68-plus stores
Jeff and Pam Meyer grow five types of basil and 11 other types of herbs using a hydroponics system at their farm east of Basehor. The Meyers supply herbs to more than 68 stores in the Kansas City and Lawrence areas.The Meyers operate Cal-Ann Farms, east of Basehor, where they grow and package five varieties.....

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Decline in consumer prices slows in EU
The decline in consumer prices has slowed in European countries, reports the German website This is mainly due to the fact that the decline in oil prices has slowed. The annual inflation rate was -0.3% in February. That was clearly a much smaller decline in price than in January (-0.6%). This.....

Citrusmore »

AVA-ASAJA plans to convert 10,000 hectares of oversupplied varieties
Spain: "Citrus campaign has so far been an unmitigated disaster"
At a general assembly held this week, the president of the Valencian Growers Association (AVA-ASAJA), Cristóbal Aguado, defended the need for the Consell to create a round table for citrus, which would bring everyone involved in the sector together with the regional administration with the goal of designing.....

More orange exports for Maharashtra
The Maharashtra government will actively promote the branding and marketing of oranges, one of the state’s chief crops, agriculture minister Eknath Khadse announced in the assembly on Thursday.Maharashtra is the country’s largest producer and exporter of oranges, contributing 40% to the country’s total.....

Sweet Treat for Aussie citrus growers
Citrus growers are taking advantage of new mandarin varieties that have been through the rigours of independent citrus evaluation project at Dareton, NSW.The varieties promise sweeter, more seedless types for growers, as well as more choice for consumers.NSW Department of Primary Industries, Dareton-based.....

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Egyptian melon season to start in two weeks
The melon export season will kick off for the Egyptian company Taher Trade in about two weeks. Export Manager Muhammad Abdul Qader explains that “It will start with the cantaloupe, followed by regular and seedless watermelons, both red and yellow-fleshed, around mid-May. Our exports go mostly to the Gulf.....

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Buyers have little understanding for packaged organics
Consumer buys unpackaged organic fruit and vegetables more often
Organic fruits and vegetable are being sold unpackaged more often. Research by Wageningen UR and the GroentenFruit Huis Comité Biohandel, through a virtual supermarket, shows that 20 percent more consumers bought these products when they were unpackaged. In the second instance it was shown that the sales.....

Healthmore »

Mushrooms are ‘anti-cancer’
A apple a day might help keep the doctor away but three mushrooms a day can go a long way to reducing the risk of breast cancer for women.This was the message state co-ordinator for the Australian Mushroom Growers Association Jane Keogh brought with her when she visited Country Farm Fresh Mushrooms earlier.....

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Can an app revolutionise the horticultural sector?
It is called FruitBull and it works with a proprietary mathematical algorithm. The application allows producers, distributors and supermarkets to obtain real-time information on the price of fruits and vegetables for all varieties and formats on the market."We created this app in order to add transparency.....

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Biggest rise in OJ futures in 16 years
Orange juice futures officially entered a bull market yesterday after a three-day rally sent the price for May delivery surging by 21% to $1.2795 per pound (454g). That was the biggest three-day rise in price in more than 16 years, and a sign that investors believe the price of orange juice will increase.....

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Jet-Precoolers proving cost-effective
The Jet-Ready Precooler, from Global Cooling Inc., is a one of a kind, complete, and portable Precooling tunnel. Jet-Ready Precoolers help to quickly remove field heat from fresh fruit, vegetables, and floral. “For some of our customers,” said Jim Still, Global's president and inventor of the Jet-Ready, “our.....

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Med Fruit Fly threatens Dominican producers
After the detection at the airport of Punta Cana of an outbreak of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, the United States, followed by Haiti and Puerto Rico, have banned the import of several agricultural products of Dominican origin, with the aim of preventing the spread of the plague.This situation could.....

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New centre for cashew cultivation
The University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences (UAHS), Shivamogga, will establish a Centre for Development of Cashew Crop in Tumari village in the Sharavathi backwater region in the district, said its Vice-Chancellor C. Vasudevappa.He was speaking after inaugurating a training programme for.....

Packaging and Labellingmore »

Israel: New edible packaging to be presented at Agritech 2015
At the Agritech 2015 exhibition, to be held from 28-30 April 2015 in Tel Aviv, the Volcani Institute will present a custom packaging for any fruit or vegetable which protects it from external contamination and physical injury and will also be edible. This will help prevent environmental pollution caused by.....

Product informationmore »

'King Tomato' launched in Indonesia
Building on the success of its unprecedented, 18 month test-market across leading hotel, restaurant and retail outlets in Bali, Fresh Grow International is now heralding a much anticipated entry into the Jakarta metropolitan market. The overwhelming response recorded nearly 300% sales growth during the trial.....

Retailmore »

Consumers want seamless online-offline shopping
Retailers glad with Target's retreat
Retailers in Canada are not celebrating Target’s retreat, but after four years of cut-throat competition, they are enjoying a little bit of breathing room, reports. “The exit of one of the big players – it’s good news for the industry that square footage is easing a bit,” said the.....

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Agronomia reaches for Austria
Italian producer has ambitious plans
Immediately after the completion of the new production facility near Munich for 4,5 Million Euro, Agronomia Food GmbH is going to plan the next big step. “We plan to conquer the Austrian market completely by the middle of 2016. We want to become the market leader in the fresh-cut sector”, Mario Ebel Sales.....

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