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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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2015 may be record high
US: Looking forward to a strong blueberry season
“US blueberry supply has a very good forecast for this year,” says Kyla Oberman with Naturipe Farms. Currently, Florida production is at its peak and Georgia production has just begun and will continue to increase in the next two to four weeks. As far as the US West Coast, Californiasupply is looking to be.....

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Two largest ports in the nation affected
US (CA): Port truckers on strike
Several hundred truck drivers at the US’ largest port complex of Los Angeles and Long Beach were striking Monday against four ground-shipment companies. The drivers are unhappy as they are classified as independent contractors and not employees, leaving them with fewer workplace protections and lower pay.....

Domestic demand strong for California cherries
Demand for cherries is very strong for domestic and export markets as the California cherry season gets underway. The volume of crop has increased significantly in California since last year when the state experienced a crop failure. “Currently we’re at half our crop potential with 5.5 – 5.75 million boxes.....

New fears of Grexit after stalled negotiations
The threat of a Grexit is again in the air. Negotiations for a new aid package worth 7.2 billion Euro last Friday yielded no results, thus feeding the speculation machine. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, chairman of the Eurogroup, is not giving up and reiterated that a detailed list of reforms is needed before the.....

First edition of Freskon a success!
The first 'Freskon' International Exhibition of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, held from 23 to 25 April at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre, exceeded all expectations. The goal of TIF-Helexpo to promote 'Freskon' as a point of reference for the sector in the broader region of South-East Europe and.....

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Cabbage prices triple
Russia tightens boycott
Russia has taken the first step to tighten the sanctions against Europe. Re-exports from Bulgaria have been prohibited since last weekend and the Kremlin does not discard adding more countries to the list. The reason is alleged document fraud. Cabbage prices in Russia have tripled over the past six months;.....

Photo Report
Cherries for $47 at Shanghai retailer
Cherries for 47 USD and a bouquet of roses for 75 USD? It is possible in China. Last week during the Hortiflorexpo, I had a chance to visit several luxury retailers in Shanghai to see what kind of fresh produce they have to offer, and most important; for what kind of price!I visited Ole', a luxury retailer.....

Fruits and vegetables continue to be the largest organic category
US: Close to 20,000 certified organic operations
Across the country, more and more people are looking for organic options at their local markets. Thanks to the remarkable growth in the number of domestic and international certified organic operations, Americans now have more choices than ever.According to the USDA, there were 19,474 certified organic.....

Nostalgia, health and environment: packaging trends
Packagings are constantly undergoing renewal. Market demands and requirements are ever changing, as are applications. What are the packaging trends and developments, and how do producers respond to that?Self-service in storesBunzl sees an increase of self-service in stores. Mariska Zweden of Bunzl mentions.....

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US(IN): Locally grown produce from indoor vertical farm
“We grow produce in a controlled environment, which allows us to deliver a safe and high quality product year -round,” says Robert Colangelo with Green Sense Farms. The company grows leafy greens, micro greens, culinary herbs and lettuce in a pesticide-free, herbicide-free and non-GMO environment. The.....

Tesco Lotus to expand in Thailand | X5 Retail announces 5000th store
Kroger and Tesco breaks exclusive relationship
Customer science and data company Dunnhumby has announced that it will end its exclusive partnership with supermarket chain Kroger in order to work with other US retailers and fast-moving consumer goods clients, reports. The move comes as Tesco tries to make Dunnhumby more appealing as it.....

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Can eating the world's hottest pepper kill you?
The strong and sometimes overwhelming effects that come with eating spicy food are caused by one small chemical found in chili peppers: capsaicin. The discomfort of eating high amounts of capsaicin is meant to deter overconsumption, but for those able to overcome both the physical and mental pain, the.....

Vegetable horrors without an Anliker vegetable cutter
In four images the advertising agency Werbeanstalt show the kitchen equipment made by manufacturer Anliker. The theme is: Wrong cutters are horrific for vegetables. Anliker food processors are among the absolute best in the world and it is almost impossible to run a catering company without them. For the.....

10 million Britons have food allergies
An estimated 10 million people in the UK are allergic or intolerant to at least one foodstuff yet many think sufferers make an unnecessary fuss about the problem, research has found.While a third (35%) of people think those with them make a fuss, a quarter (24%) admit they feel no empathy.More than half.....

Peru strengthens relationships with the US for trade of agricultural products
The Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru, Juan Manuel Benites Ramos, travelled to the US to meet with the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture of the United States, Edward Avalos, on April 23 and 24 in order to strengthen bilateral relations for the benefit of trade in agricultural products between both.....

Nepal earthquake could slow local food production
The earthquake in Nepal will have a huge impact on the country's ability to grow and transport fresh food and could slow an Australian Government-funded aid program.The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) spends millions of dollars on programs in Nepal and neighbouring countries.....

Ghana: Man breaks female fruit seller mould
In the Southern states of Nigeria, housewives, single parents and girls are the promoters of roadside grocery trade, but 35 years old Emmanuel Chinonso Maduga, from Ezinochi, in Okigwe Local Government Area of Imo State didn’t fit into these categories. Between peeling and selling at his duty post at the.....

Aldi worker becomes internet sensation
A young man from Horwich in Greater Manchester has become an unexpected internet sensation after he was photographed walking a frail old man home from the supermarket.Aldi worker Christian Trouesdale, 18, said he had received a “crazy reaction” with messages of support flooding in from as far afield as.....

Chipotle first to stop serving GM food
The Mexican-style fast food chain Chipotle will no longer serve food that has been genetically modified starting on Monday.The move makes Chipotle the first major fast food chain in the United States to end the practice, according to the New York Times."This is another step toward the visions we have of.....

Fruitmore »

Beijing to examine contaminated strawberry
Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture launched a special investigation on Monday over reports of pesticide-contaminated strawberries.The bureau sent a team to Changping District, the major strawberry cultivation base in Beijing, to check for restricted or banned pesticides, said a bureau.....

Record-breaking apple exports to Ukraine
Polish apple exports to Ukraine have grown sixfold over the last year, as Russia still upholds a trade embargo with Poland.The export market for Polish apples in Ukraine increased by 4,000 metric tonnes to 25,000 metric tonnes between July 2014 and March of this year, according to, a website.....

US (AL): Peaches should be ready by end May
Peaches in Chilton County should be available toward the end of May.“We are looking pretty good right now,” Chilton Research and Extension Center Director Jim Pitts said.Pitts said the peach crops logged roughly 1,200 chill hours for the season, which bodes well for the upcoming crop.Chill hours are counted.....

Alisio 15 ®: new early peach cultivar for fresh fruit market
Scientists at Murcia Institute of Agri-Food Research and Development (IMIDA) in La Alberca (Murcia, Spain) have developed Alisio 15®, a new cultivar peach for fresh fruit market. The info on this new cultivar was published last February on HortScience journal.The scientists explain that Alisio 15® resulted.....

NJ peach blooms abundant
Peach blossoms are now at their peak throughout New Jersey. Blossoms are quite heavy this year, as weather has been cool but not cold. “We had a little thinning of some buds on our very tender varieties,” said Santo John Maccherone, chair of the New Jersey Peach Promotion Council and owner of Circle M Farms.....

Irish apple growers turn to heaters
The heavy frosts forecast for this week could wreak havoc in Ireland’s orchards, according to Co. Tipperary apple grower Cornelius Traas.“I have already heard of a pear grower losing his entire crop for the year, as a result of the heavy frost which affected the North Dublin area at the weekend,” he said......

Peru set to become grape supplier for China
Peru is close to becoming the first grape supplier to the Chinese markets, the Peruvian Chinese Chamber of Commerce announced. The projection was based on information regarding shipments made throughout 2014.According to the Capechi Business Research Unit, Miguel Galvez, last year exports totaled US$175.4.....

AU: High hopes for quashing cucumber virus
Scientists are hopeful of confining a deadly cucumber virus to a single farm near Charters Towers after tests on surrounding properties came up negative.Scientists tested another small crops property nearby and a third farm further away at Black River, northwest of Townsville.Cucumber green mottle mosaic.....

Herbsmore »

Coriander remains top
Cocktails drive mint sales
Major herb producer Vitacress has 8 hectares dedicated to pot herb production. The company also sources from selected and approved UK and international suppliers along with production from their own farms in Spain and Portugal."Fresh herbs are typically bought by people interested in food and wellbeing,".....

Agendamore »

Forum “Exotic Ecuador” held in Dubai
Seeking to expand the country’s high quality products to the food and beverage sector, PRO Ecuador, a trade and Investment promotion organisation, in association with SCAFA participated in a forum themed “Exotic Ecuador” in Dubai on Monday.As part of the event, the Ecuadorian chefs showcased their talent by.....

Making food and eating it
Versatile pavilion at World Expo Milan
An open stand in the form of a festival, a restaurant on a carousel, food trucks with names like the Flying Dutchmen and the 'Filostoof'...The Dutch contribution to the 2015 World Expo in Milan promises to be a spectacular affair. In the Holland pavilion Dutch company life will be presented under the theme.....

Citrusmore »

Grating lemon: you've been doing it wrong
The kitchen cutting tips that have been popping up on the internet over the last few years are part of some of the small things that make life better. Now there is one for grating citrus. Turn the grater around! Do not use all your might to grate the lemon on the grater, but instead run the grater over the.....

San Miguel invests 4.5 Million dollars
San Miguel, the multinational company which leads in the citrus industry has incorporated on its plant in Famaillá (Tucumán province) a new electronic system of extraction of essential oil. This strong investment of around 4.5 million dollars, will allow San Miguel to increase its production capacity and.....

Exotic fruit and vegetablesmore »

Chilean kiwi import begins in China
During the second half of last week (16) the first Chilean kiwifruit prices were reported in the Jiangnan market in Guangzhou. While the first shipment of the season arrived in southern China during week 15, this shipment represented a limited quantity of less than 30 tons. During the past week the total.....

Organicmore »

Matt McLean:
Organic is challenging but OJ is 'sweet and smooth'
Matt McLean, 43, is an agriculture activist and entrepreneur in organic farming. At 28, he founded Uncle Matt's Organic Inc., the nation's oldest brand for organic orange juice and has fresh produce and juice in more than 5,000 stores nationwide. The Clermont business has 20 employees and sold nearly 4.....

Healthmore »

Chilli peppers can prevent liver damage
Results revealed today at the International Liver Congress™ 2015 show that the daily consumption of capsaicin, the active compound of chilli peppers, was found to have beneficial effects on liver damage.In the study, capsaicin was found to reduce the activation of hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) in mice.....

ITmore »

Verdi Import implements Tradle FQM inspection system
Registering inspection on tablets
Verdi Import registers Tradle product inspection platform with Fresh Quality Management (FQM). The selectors register the inspection on a tablet and the inspection reports are then sent in the desired language. The digital recording of the data is an optimal starting point for further data analysis. "The.....

Innovationsmore »

US: RedLine Solutions hosts “Traceability For Dummies” webinar
RedLine Solutions, the leader in produce traceability and inventory solutions, will host the fourth in its Traceability For Dummies webinar series titled “Produce Traceability For Dummies Part 4: How Traceability Can Be Profitable” on April 22, 11am PST/ 2pm EST. This webinar will focus on how automated.....

Processed fruit and vegetablesmore »

France is world's second biggest fruit juice consumer
The French are the world’s second largest fruit juice consumer, after Germany, despite sales decreasing slightly over the last few years. This decrease, of 2.5% last year, is due to computers, televisions and smartphones. People go to sleep later, therefore have less time in the morning for breakfast......

Coolingmore »

Report: Environmental danger of global demand for cold
The environmental challenge caused by booming global demand for cooling could be far greater than previously thought. That is the finding of a new report, by Dearman, the clean cold and power technology company.The report indicates that due to changing demographics, particularly in Asia, the number of.....

Food safetymore »

US (GA): Frozen veggies, smoothie kits recalled
Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black is alerting Georgians to the recall of certain products produced in Jefferson, Ga., for potential health risk consumers. Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) inspectors will be checking retail stores and warehouses to make sure the recalled products have been.....

Nuts and dried fruitsmore »

Pistachio plant owner takes plea in federal case
The owner of a Wasco pistachio processing plant recently reached an agreement with federal prosecutors to settle charges he illegally moved money between Iran and the United States, sometimes using a Swiss bank account he failed to tell the IRS about.Ali Amin, owner and operator of Los Angeles-based Primex.....

Packaging and Labellingmore »

Chile Nanotechnology for preserving food
A new nanotechnology presented yesterday in Chile extends the shelf life of food for export up to 30 percent through the development of packages with components from leaves and native fruits."What we do is we incorporate active nano-composites of traditional products into the packaging, such as maqui,.....

Bandall North America introduces alternative to pressure sensitive labeling
Banding Systems Inc. is excited to introduce a new way to label and bundle products. It is a patent technology that eliminates the need for pressure-sensitive labeling by securing a 360 degree band around the package of the product. The banding material is available in plain or printer paper or plastic film.....

Pakistan: Fruit exporters move against wooden packing ban
The Sindh High Court on Monday issued notice to the federal authorities, including Ministry of National Food Security and Research, on a petition challenging the ban on use of wooden packing for exporting mangoes.A division bench, headed by Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, directed the federal law officer to file.....

Product informationmore »

Chile: Hortifrut launches new range of healthy snacks
Fresh fruit consumption in Chile is growing significantly, with a good number of institutions currently supporting and encouraging the tackling of obesity with the adoption of healthier eating habits.In this context, Hortifrut has launched a new range of ready-to-eat fresh fruit called NaturalQuick. There.....

Retailmore »

Tesco Lotus to expand in Thailand | X5 Retail announces 5000th store
Kroger and Tesco breaks exclusive relationship
Customer science and data company Dunnhumby has announced that it will end its exclusive partnership with supermarket chain Kroger in order to work with other US retailers and fast-moving consumer goods clients, reports. The move comes as Tesco tries to make Dunnhumby more appealing as it.....

Fresh-cut Managementmore »

Fresh-cut Broccoli florets
Better processing primary inflorescence
The shelf-life of fresh-cut vegetables may be significantly affected by the type and quality of raw material. Argentinian scientists have evaluated the effects of the type of inflorescence (primary and lateral) used for minimal processing on the shelf-life of fresh-cut broccoli florets. The study was.....

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