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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

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The fight against illegal growing of protected varieties
Illegal grape shipment destroyed by European customs
In May 2015 a grape shipment arriving from Egypt containing two and a half tons of illegally grown grapes was destroyed at the Belgian customs. The grapes were of a protected variety and were grown without the necessary license. The variety in subject is the well-known white seedless grape variety “Early.....

US(WA): More moderate apple crop expected
Washington State supplies about two-thirds of the US apple crop. Last year, the state dealt with an exceptionally large apple crop. “It was our largest volume ever,” says Keith Mathews with FirstFruits Marketing of Washington. “About 150 million bushels were harvested that we intended to pack, yet 144.....

Israeli growers replace pepper production
Peppers and the Arava region in southeastern Israel were once considered one and the same; Israeli peppers from the Arava were a massive success in international markets and were regarded as one of Israel's best agricultural exports. These peppers brought much pride to the growers in the Arava, along with.....

Sales continue strong into summer
Ambrosia™ and Honeycrisp lead top 10 sales dollars
Demand is high for Ambrosia™ apples this summer. Recently released scan data from Nielsen Perishables Group revealed that for the most recent four week period through June 27, Ambrosia™ and Honeycrisp were the only two apples in the top 10 varieties that generated an increase in sales dollars. All other top.....

Aweta develop new grading system for pears
An in depth study and a long test period, carried out by Aweta customers in Holland and Chile, brought a grading system, with "wet" feed, new infeed singulator, grader and packing stations that can satisfy all the wishes and demands that users of a grading system may have.The core of the system is the new.....

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Now Crunch Time Apple Growers
New York Apple Growers unveils new name
After their recent launch of the SnapDragon® and RubyFrost® apple varieties, New York Apple Growers (NYAG) has changed its name to Crunch Time Apple Growers. The organization is comprised of 145 grower members who are united with the mission of introducing exclusive, flavorful apple varieties to the.....

US(NJ): First season for specialty African eggplants
Global Bloom, a global produce sourcing company that is located in the Bronx, NY, was started in 2014. The company is being managed by Claire Sakho, who worked in the Netherlands for a number of years. “During my time in Europe, and other travels I have seen some really nice produce items and I am making an.....

Greenhouse vegetables: Russian quest self-sufficiency delayed, not stopped
A self-sufficient Russia, that’s what the Russian government wants. The country’s fruit and veg sector is also to become as independent as possible from other countries, by 2020. The sector still has to undergo serious change though. In 2013, 800,000 tonnes of tomatoes and 200,000 tonnes of cucumbers were.....

Avocados from Mexico makes summer Avocatour across Canada
Avocados from Mexico announced the launch of their national tour in Canada, providing consumers with free samples of healthy and delicious avocado-based snacks all summer long. The Avocatour will offer nutritious street food and a variety of recipes as surprising as they are tasty.The Avocatour in.....

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Cameroon: 178.5 billion project to develop fruit tree cultivation
On July 28, 2015 in Yaoundé, the Cameroonian Minister of Agricultural and Rural Development, Essimi Menyé, officially launched the Fruit Tree Cultivation Development Support Programme. The project needs 178.5 billion FCFA in financing, a portion of which has been provided by the FAO in the framework of the.....

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CaroTrans announces Duffy Books in Homes USA golf outing
CaroTrans, a leading global NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier) and ocean freight consolidator, today announces Duffy Books in Homes USA 2nd Annual Golf Outing. As a founding sponsor of Duffy Books in Homes USA, Inc., CaroTrans supports the not-for-profit corporation’s mission to provide children in.....

New population forecasts point to a new world order in 2050
New population forecasts from the United Nations point to a new world order in 2050. The number of people will grow from 7.3 billion to 9.7 billion in 2050, 100m more than was estimated in the UN's last report two years ago. More than half of this growth comes from Africa, where the population is set to.....

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Turkish researchers develop new melon variety for dry climates
Cukurova University Research and development scientists performing studies against the potential harm of climate change, have developed a new melon variety that can be grown in limited to no water conditions. Western Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute (BATEM) in work with partners,.....

Melon season opens in Moscow
Melon season has officially started in Moscow with the opening of more than 200 stands around the city, news website Moskva24 reported Monday.Watermelons and dinya — a yellow-fleshed sweet melon — from the southern regions of Dagestan, Rostov and Astrakhan and countries including Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan,.....

US (ME): Blueberry harvest delayed Down East
The beginning of the blueberry harvest has been delayed in the Cherryfield area, which could mean a lower than average harvest for the year.Harvesting, originally scheduled to start Monday, won’t begin until the end of the week or possibly next week, according to Dr. David Yarborough, wild blueberry.....

Gooseberries lead a berry surge as bakers seek out traditional recipes
Supermarket Waitrose saw demand rise 24 per cent in 2014 and expects that success to be repeated this year.The two types of gooseberry, tart greens for cooking and plumper, mellow dessert ones for eating, thrive best in a climate like Britain’s with its frosty spells and mild springs.Almost all are.....

NZ apples held at Spanish port
Several shipping containers of New Zealand apples are being held-up at a port in Spain because of issues involving pre-export inspections.But Pipfruit New Zealand chief executive Alan Pollard expects the issue to be resolved without putting the apples at risk.He said the matter is being handled by Ministry.....

US (ME): Kennebec County apple orchards damaged to the core
It lasted less than two minutes. But in that time, a combination of hail and strong winds battered much of Lakeside Orchards’ crop, bruising and slicing apples across the Manchester farm’s 50 acres of trees.The orchard wasn’t the only farm in the area hit by Saturday afternoon’s storm, which brought gusts up.....

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Different arugula varieties offered at start of season
The upcoming fall season marks the start of another growing cycle for arugula, also known as wild rocket, and Tozer Seeds America (Tozer) offers an attractive selection of arugula with great benefits to both growers and retailers.Tozer’s arugula varieties offer growers a more vigorous, slower bolting plant.....

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International operators will be the key players at Macfrut
From Italy to Saudi Arabia and from Spain to South Korea, Macfrut, the international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable supply chain, scheduled to be held at the Rimini Expo Centre (Italy) from 23 to 25 September, has already received confirmation of participation from many international importers,.....

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3 Appointments: Florida Citrus Commission Gets a New Member
Gov. Rick Scott appointed one new member to the Florida Citrus Commission and re-appointed two incumbents.The new member is Aedan Dowling, the senior director of global fruit procurement for Tropicana Products Inc., the largest orange juice processor in Florida. He was appointed to a three-year term through.....

US: Huge citrus losses tied to offshore pickets
This spring and early summer’s floating picket lines outside the ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Oakland, Calif. which inflicted severe damage on Central California’s citrus, walnut, and cotton industries underscored the need for better labor relations in America.Hundreds of tons of tasty, ripe, and.....

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China: 50-percent growth in Fruit exports to Japan, South Korea
Exports of Taiwanese lychees, mangoes and dragon fruit to Japan and South Korea more than doubled this year, thanks to relaxations in those countries' qualification requirements, according to the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine.The number grew from last year's 1,817 metric tons to.....

Māori kiwifruit growers set up trade deals in Asia
As TPPA trade talks falter, a group of Māori kiwifruit growers are setting up their own trade deals within the Asian region.There are definitely some similarities between the Japanese and Māori cultures, like the importance of looking after guests and doing business face-to-face.That is why a.....

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Trends of organic farming development in Bulgaria
From data provided by Department of Agroecology of Ministry of Agriculture and Food in Bulgaria, Valentina Agapieva at Agricultural University of Plovdiv has traced trends of organic farming development in the country during the period from 2003 to 2013.The total areas under organic agriculture method.....

Healthmore »

Health risks from a lower fruit and vegetable consuption in Central and Eastern Europe
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality rates are considerably higher in countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Former Soviet Union (FSU) compared to Western Europe (WE). Differences in diet quality between the two regions - fruit and vegetable consumption in particular - has been one of the.....

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WSU develops in-the-field weighing system for picking buckets
US (WA): FairWeigh system for fair pay
A system for weighing buckets of cherries in the field, which was developed by Washington State University scientists, is making its debut in commercial orchards.The FairWeigh system enables growers to pay cherry pickers for the precise amount of fruit they pick. The scientists called it FairWeigh because.....

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Bulgaria: 4.7 million Euro invested in new canning facility
The construction of a new cannery in Plovdiv's Rakovski Industrial Zone is complete. The processing plant, TRAKI, is intended for the production and refrigerated storage of canned agricultural products, has taken four years to build after an investment totalling 4.7 million Euro, reported Stayko Todorov,.....

Coolingmore »

Portugal: Port of Sines to receive new cold store
On Wednesday July 15th a 30 year term concession contract was signed in Sines between the Port Authority of Sines and the Algarve Ports (APS) with Friopuerto. This being the starting point of a project that the subsidiary of Grupo Romeu was studying for months under the name of FP Sines (Friopuerto.....

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Statistics on use pesticides for Latvian fruit and vegetables
For the first time Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB) has carried out survey and surveyed data on the use of pesticides in orchards, vegetable and potato areas, greenhouse cultures, as well as in maize areas. Using data obtained in 2014, as well as results from survey (1) on the use of pesticides for.....

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US (CA): High salinity in groundwater impacting Valley almond crop
Salty earth is the reason for smaller almonds this year in the Valley. And after four years of drought, almond growers say an over-reliance of groundwater pumping is slowly killing their trees.Growers say several factors are compounding the problem: the drought, the high salinity in groundwater used for.....

Packaging and Labellingmore »

Afghanistan Ministry of ag to build fruit packaging processing factory
Kabul, 29 July, The Minister of Agriculture of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Asadullah Zamir, has announced his department’s plans to build a factory for the handling and processing of fresh fruit in Afghanistan. This initiative is necessary in order to bring Afghan fresh and dried.....

Product informationmore »

Greece: Toxin, pesticide filter for fruit and veg launched
On June 9 2015, Panagiotis Petridis launched an Indiegogo campaign for ZeoS by GEP, the world’s first toxins and pesticides filter for fruits and vegetables. “The concept started when we decided to make a product that cleans toxins, pesticides, ammonium nitrate and heavy metals from our fruits and.....

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Tesco Lotus price fresh food cut by 15% | Ingles boosts Q3 sales
Earnings Publix hit $1bn milestone
Thailand: Tesco Lotus cutting price fresh food by 15%The hypermarket chain said it was spending Bt3 billion to lower prices, focusing on mother-and-baby products with cuts of up to 20% on more than 870 product lines, reports. It will also lower fresh-food prices to wholesale levels.....

Fresh-cut Managementmore »

Preserving fresh-cut rocket salad quality with UV-C light and superatmospheric O2 pack
Rocket or arugula (Eruca sativa Mill.) is widely appreciated for its numerous beneficial compounds for human health, such as vitamins A and C, folic acid, carotenoids, flavonoids and glucosinolates. Its short shelf life of approximately 8–12 days when stored under proper conditions (0°C and 100% RH) makes it.....

Global Marketmore »

Australia strong on Asian market
Peru focuses on seedless varieties after Red Globe surplus
The grape market is clearly divided into two seasons. The northern hemisphere runs roughly from May until December, with a peak in September and October. The southern hemisphere runs contrary, from October to May, with a peak in March. Big players on the international market are Italy, Chile, South Africa.....

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