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Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Photo report
PMA A-NZ Epping market and retail tour
On the last day of the PMA Fresh Connections A-NZ a series of tours were organised for delegates. I went along on the New Epping Market and Retail tour.First stop on the tour was independent retailer La Manna, who have the largest single independent retail store in Australia. The store is in Essendon Fields,.....

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Total Produce increases 2015 target
Total Produce plc, Europe’s leading fresh produce company, is pleased to confirm that trading for the first four months has been satisfactory, and the Group is increasing its full year adjusted earnings per share target into the upper half of the previously announced range between 9.20 cent to 10.20.....

Saveol brings more color to tomato category
Saveol, a French tomato supplier, recently introduced new additions to their line of multi-colored tomatoes. The new varieties will supplement their existing line of cherry tomatoes. “The new tomatoes we have are yellow and brown in color,” said Laurent le Clincher of Saveol. “The.....

PMA Fresh Connections A-NZ
Key produce trends discussed by PMA President
Technology and food production, population growth, shifting consumer dynamics and demand creation activity. Those were the trends covered by PMA President, Cathy Burns, at the PMA Fresh Connections conference day in Melbourne on Tuesday, May 12. The presentation culminated in the launch of the ‘Pick Right......

Orlando Olmedo:
“Price war bananas also in US”
While there’s a price war being waged between supermarkets in Europe, Orlando Olmedo of Mexican Chanitos sees a price battle being fought in the United States as well. Over there it’s not the supermarkets, but banana companies that are competing with each other. This means that the US and Europe aren’t.....

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Univeg booked net profit 17 million 2014
Greenyard Foods: valued at over 900 million euros (incl. synergy potential)
On June 19, Greenyard Foods holds a special meeting of shareholders. Main point on the agenda is the planned merger with Univeg and Peatinvest. Leading up to the meeting, Greenyard Foods published a number of documents providing insight into the merger and the companies. Together, the merged group is worth.....

France: Top Fruits unveils new branding
As a major fresh produce importer in France, Top Fruits relies on its distribution network to stand out. To highlight their importing prowess, they revealed new branding this year.Gérard Fabre from Topfruits “Top Fruits is a new collection for marketing to customers and retailers,” said Gerard Fabre. “It's.....

Mega irrigation projects set to increase Peruvian ag supplies to UK
Peru to host special seminar at London Produce Show and Conference 2015
With Peru’s fresh fruit and vegetable industry planning to triple its production to 3 million tonnes during the course of the next five years, and as interest rises rapidly in Peruvian cuisine, the Peru Trade and Investment Office in the UK will host an exclusive seminar at next month's London Produce Show.....

Zespri: Industry back on track
Zespri’s final result for 2014/15 shows an industry that is back on track and revitalized for the strong growth outlook ahead.The last season has been extraordinary, Zespri Chairman Peter McBride said, with the total fruit and service payment up 17 percent on the previous year to $939 million. Zespri’s.....

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Rimini Welness 28-31 May, 2015
Macfrut launches “Fruit & Veg Fantasy show”
Bloggers, sports people, communicators, chefs and prize contests. Everyone will get together to send a clear message: eating fruit and vegetables is good for our health. Macfrut has chosen Rimini Wellness for its debut in the Rimini area (28-31 May 2015), not so much as a means of representation but as an.....

Organic blueberry season kicks off in Portugal
Today Special Fruit kicks off the season for organic blueberries, which they grow themselves in Portugal. In 2012, the company invested in a partnership with a grower of organic blueberries, among others. Mirtisul is located in the Alentejo region, which has the perfect climate for growing berries. Special.....

Greece: Weather, remains a challenge for blueberry growers
The Greek company Molia has been producing blueberries for the past five years and this season it will reach a production of between 20 and 25 tonnes. But owner Akis Petropoulos affirms that “The plants are still young, and thus next year I believe we’ll be able to obtain 120 tonnes and more.” The fruit is.....

Walmart: fresh produce must improve | Booker acquires Londis and Budgens
Target Q1 profit beats estimate
US: Kings Food Markets "Just Picked Promise Program" returnsKings Food Markets is excited to bring back its exclusive 24 Hour Just Picked Promise this summer, reports. The program is designed to bring Kings' customers locally grown, farm-fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs within 24 hours.....

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Fructa Union 2015

Fructa Union 2015

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PMA A-NZ Epping Market and Retail Tour

PMA A-NZ Epping Market and Retail Tour

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Rayner's Orchard visit 2015

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PMA Fresh Connections A-NZ 2015

PMA Fresh Connections A-NZ 2015

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PMA Fresh Connection: Rotterdam 2015

PMA Fresh Connection: Rotterdam 2015

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France: Decrease in courgette production
The 2015 courgette season in France has decreased over the year and is lower than the 2010-2014 average. 2014 was a more successful year, allowing production to return to the five year average. Yet this year, acreage has decreased by -5% to 2,640 hectares and production is expected to have decreased by -4%.....

Gerard Sevenhuijsen, Tuindersbelang:
"Good demand white cabbage, red not going so well"
Demand for white cabbage has been good for a number of weeks now. "The demand is highly spread out. Export destinations include France, Germany, England, Spain, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia," says Gerard Sevenhuijsen of Tuindersbelang in Warmenhuizen, an agency specializing in red and white cabbage......

Michel Schrijnemaekers: "Increase in industry fruit price most astonishing"
Unexpected demand from Poland drives apple price up
The pear market has quieted down, but on the apple market high demand from the East has erupted. In particular the Jonagold and Golden Delicious apples are on the rise, but the industry prices have also skyrocketed in the last weeks. "Poland demand for our apples is huge and the imported fruit is very.....

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Waitrose Foundation weather blemished apples return
Following regional hail in the Western Cape area of South Africa, today Waitrose announces it will be supporting those growers affected by selling Waitrose Foundation weather-blemished apple bags from 20th May.Already this year, the retailer has offered customers weather blemished apples from UK growers –.....

Sylvie Brunel ignores the reality behind organic farming
The geographer, Sylvie Brunel, specialist in development, published an article entitled “Farmers are not polluted poisoners” in Le Monde on the 28th April. In it she talks of the “productionists”. Traditional agriculture is “productionist” and industrial, aiming to produce as much as possible. Traditional.....

German potatoes expected in the next few days
Cyprus and Italy rule the German new potato market
Customers on the German wholesale markets were very interested in new potatoes throughout the week of 11-17 May 2015. This is clearly shown in the BLE market newsletter KW 20/2015 of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food (BLE). Annabelle of Cyprus and Italian Sieglinde were the most traded potato.....

UK not running out of avocados
Although there are legitimate concerns about shortfalls of the fruit, the world’s source of guacamole is safe for now.Britain’s leading supermarkets do not depend on America when sourcing their avocados, says a spokesperson for Sainsbury’s, “We don’t source our avocados from California.” Tony Baines, of Aldi.....

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previous experience at Udea and Lidl
The Greenery appoints Alfred de Vreeze as Director of Retail
On May 26, 2015 Alfred de Vreeze (43) will start as Director of Retail at The Greenery bv. In this position Alfred will work the retail strategy in the core markets, which are the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. In addition to further realization of sales in traditional retail channels, Alfred.....

BLE market report KW 20/15
Imported apples increase in popularity and first Gold Kiwi on the market
ApplesEuropean apples are still one step ahead but imported apples from overseas appear to slowly take the lead. New on offer is the Braeburn apple from New Zealand, which were traded quite quickly. New Zealand also had a place on the market with Royal Gala, Cox Orange and Jazz. From Chile came, among.....

Comercial Mecánica Tamegar launches new tray erecting machine
Comercial Mecánica Tamegar (TMG) launches the C6-H tray erecting machine for forming shelf-ready packaging and oversized trays.Model C6-H is the latest machine from Tamegar for forming oversized trays, such as half pallet and shelf-ready (SRP) trays, using Hotmelt glue. The machine offers all the latest.....

Marco de Koster, Tramper Technology:
"Complete tray sealing lines produced under own management"
Nearly two years ago, Tramper Technology opened their new facilities in Goes, the Netherlands, with a total surface area of 10.000m2. In these facilities, a team of more than fifty employees actively develop and manufacture complete tray sealing lines for the food processing industry. The entire process,.....

Norway: Fruit production up 30% in 2014, vegetables up 10%
The production of open ground and greenhouse vegetables in Norway amounted to 190,000 tonnes last year; an increase of 10% compared to 2013. Fruit production grew by almost 30%. Between 2013 and 2014, the production of open ground vegetables increased from 153,000 to 158,400 tonnes, while production in.....

Solar-powered floating farms to provide food for world?
With an increasing global population and a decreasing supply of arable land, providing sufficient food to meet demand is becoming increasingly more difficult. Barcelona-based design practice Forward Thinking Architecture proposes an innovative solution: Smart Floating Farms. Designed to complement.....

Law firm organizes seminar on food safety
Law firm Kneppelhout & Korthals is organizing the Food & Health Seminar 'Van Productie tot Recall' ('From Production to Recall') on May 28, about current legislation regarding food safety. Companies and interested parties from the food industry can use this seminar to be informed of the consequences.....

The first Brandenburg peppers are here
<div><span style="font-size: 13px;">The asparagus harvest in Brandenburg is in the second half of the season and strawberries are getting ripe. Now there is another product in the region.&nbsp;</span></div><div>The first greenhouse peppers “Pepper Made in Brandenburg” are.....

Severe hailstorm causes damage in Murcia and Albacete
On Tuesday, 19 May, Murcia and Albacete registered an intense hailstorm that is estimated to have caused serious damage to some 1,800 hectares of crops.Photo supplied by Asaja Murcia The storm took place on the border between Murcia and Albacete, with the northern Altiplano region.....

Bulgaria: Inspections on fresh produce traders in Blagoevgrad
As reported by Focus News, intensive checks on fruit and vegetable traders have started in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. The country's Minister of Agriculture and Food, Desislava Taneva, announced inspections would be carried out on the country's markets and auctions selling fruits and vegetables.Inspections are.....

FAO seedlings for East Ukraine
Russian incomprehension for tolerance illegal re-export EU
Sergey Dankvert, head of the Russian phytosanitary service in Russia, voiced his incomprehension of Russian media about the forged certificates for re-export he says are tolerated by European customs. The inspections of companies in Hungary, Greece and Cyprus have been completed. The phytosanitary service.....


Not all Batlow coolrooms full yet
Batlow apple farmers are certainly having a ‘good year’ however it is probably the best in the last four or five, rather than the biggest harvest ever, according to grower Ralph Wilson of Wilgro Orchard. “It’s essentially the case that we have had quite a big year, but it’s not the biggest we’ve had......

AU: New rules for importers of frozen berries
Importers of frozen berries will have to prove their fruit comes from farms and factories with strict sanitation standards after the nationwide hepatitis A outbreak this year.With the product at the centre of the scare still off shelves, the Federal Agriculture Department enacted new health regulations, with.....

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Guam: Typhoon destroys banana crops
Guam's farmers are working to recover from damage wrought by Typhoon Dolphin, which hit the island with high winds, especially in the north.Among the most affected are the island's banana farmers, like Bernard Watson, of Yigo. Typhoon Dolphin took out eight acres of his banana crop, a little over 4,000.....

NZ: Border levy for visitors
Horticulture New Zealand is delighted visitors to New Zealand will finally have to pay a share of the costs associated with protecting our nation’s borders.“The border clearance levy introduced in today’s Budget sends a signal to everyone coming here that we don’t take biosecurity lightly,” HortNZ president.....


Could GM lettuce fight cancer?
New research suggests scientists can use plants to deliver a type of genetic material called microRNA, which can help prevent or suppress cancer. In experiments with laboratory mice that were fed the genes, incidences of colon cancer decreased.“It’s a very controversial field,” says Kendal Hirschi, a.....

Food: how much does the world need?
The dominant paradigm of global food security is that humanity “needs” to increase food production by 50 to 100% by 2050. The consensus is that this is partly due to population growth, but mostly because this population is shifting towards more meat- and dairy-intensive diets.But dramatically increasing.....

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Grower working to save disappearing watermelon variety
The most luscious watermelon the Deep South has ever produced was once so coveted, 19th-century growers used poison or electrocuting wires to thwart potential thieves, or simply stood guard with guns in the thick of night. The legendary Bradford was delectable — but the melon didn't ship well, and it all but.....

Canada opens market for Indian grapes
Canada has granted market access for the Indian fresh grapes. This follows the recent Indo-Canadian bilateral discussions held in New Delhi.However, the Indian exporters will be able to take advantage of this development only from the next season as shipments for 2015 have almost ended.Canada will open a new.....


Walmart: fresh produce must improve | Booker acquires Londis and Budgens
Target Q1 profit beats estimate
US: Kings Food Markets "Just Picked Promise Program" returnsKings Food Markets is excited to bring back its exclusive 24 Hour Just Picked Promise this summer, reports. The program is designed to bring Kings' customers locally grown, farm-fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs within 24 hours.....

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