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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

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Daniel Blanco, of Mogalla:
Spain: "First apricots to reach larger calibres this year"
Extremadura's stonefruit campaign is about to start with the earliest apricots."We'll start harvesting the first apricots on 7 May, which is more or less the same date as last year, even though initially we expected it to be delayed due to the low temperatures registered this winter, which delayed the.....

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UK: 70,000 bananas per week with new Fyffes facility
LB Foster Materials Handling has completed a £520,000 contract to automate Fyffes' banana ripening and distribution centre near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.Fyffes, a £720 million business which sells 44 million cases of fruit in Europe each year, has opened a new 60,000 sq ft facility to replace a smaller.....

Middle East overloaded with Egyptian Valencia
South African lemons doing well
Similar volumes of lemons from South Africa have arrived on the Middle Eastern market as in the same period last year. But according to David Pearce, Director of GF Marketing, there are big concerns for next season with the lemon production expected to double.The Middle East market is doing well with lemons.....

McDonald’s reveals its turnaround plan
Following a series of losses, McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) has announced its turnaround plan. The company plans on reorganizing its international operations and selling some of its corporate sites to franchisees. McDonald’s hopes the plan will help reverse the downward trend in sales.As part of the plan, the company.....

Kostas Mavroskotis, Aroma Fresh Herbs:
"We really had to convince Greece to eat fresh herbs"
Mediterranean cuisine uses a lot of herbs, but mostly dried herbs. “Today fresh herbs are used in Greece, but not so long ago it was quite rare,” says Kostas Mavroskotis of Aroma Fresh Herbs in Greece. “We were the first company that introduced fresh herbs to the Greek market in the nineties." Aromatic.....

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From ambient to 32⁰F in one hour
US: Mobile unit allows berries to cool at harvest site
“To improve sweetness of the berry, protect quality and extend shelf life, the temperature of a berry needs to be reduced as soon as possible after being picked,” says Gregory Smith with ColdPICK. “For each hour in delayed cooling (at 70°F), a day of shelf life is lost,” he added. “Often, berries are waiting.....

25 percent increase compared to last year
US: Record avocado shipment for Cinco de Mayo
“During the last few weeks leading up to Cinco de Mayo, the avocado industry shipped about 45 million pounds of avocados per week,” says Rob Wedin with Calavo Growers. “This is a 25 percent increase compared to last year.” Cinco de Mayo comes at a time when both California and Mexico can ship heavy volumes......

US: Blackberry imports dip, prices rise
Coming off big volumes of imported blackberries during the latter part of April, supplies of berries coming from Mexico have dipped. With fewer berries available, prices have firmed.“Blackberries are one of the more volatile market items you can find,” said Dave Federle of Dave's Specialty Imports. “Two.....

Canada: Greenhouse tomatoes experiencing better demand
Greenhouse tomatoes are experiencing better prices and demands than last year. Current prices of Tomatoes on the Vine (TOV) are $7-$9 for a five kilo box. The Beefsteak variety varies in price by size with larger tomatoes fetching a higher price; however, the general price range is $12-$15. Decrease of TOVs.....

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Regional preferred peppers
Yellow romano peppers with lots of potential
The Austrian Seewinkler Sonnengemüse of Wallern im Burgenland is a farmers’ association. This season they have grown red and yellow pointed peppers, also known as romano peppers, for the first time. CEO Josef Peck says: "On an area of ​​about one hectare, we have started with the cultivation of.....

12 million kilos expected
Spain: Apricot harvest starts in Murcian Río Mula region
The apricot campaign has officially started this week in the Murcian region of Río Mula; a campaign that arrives with great prospects, both in terms of quality and volume, even though the price per kilo at origin has yet to be set.In the region, agricultural cooperatives will market 90% of the apricot.....

Stone and clump divider with unique working principle
The new stone and clump divider by Tolsma-Grisnich has a unique working principle. Stones and clumps of earth are divided from the produce very accurately and with a high capacity. The unique principle of the machine is that it magnetises stones and clumps in the dry product stream (potatoes or onions)......

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The apple diet for your perfect figure
A cheap, hunger-free and healthy diet
The days are getting longer now and the sun shines more often. Spring and summer make some people reluctantly look in the mirror. Hearty dishes, sweets and comfort food during the winter have left their mark.Trousers and skirts are too tight. Now it's time to do something about the flab on buttocks and hips,.....

Hero and Fresón de Palos join forces to create unique jam
Hero and Fresón de Palos have been working together in recent months in a joint project to develop and launch a high quality jam, Temporada®.The result of this project is a limited edition jam made from the best Fresón de Palos strawberries and prepared in the traditional style that characterises Temporada®.....

Avocado Producers Commission of Los Valles
Lamb Hass avocados from Valencia find a place in the market
Avocados of the Lamb Hass variety are gradually gaining popularity among Valencian growers, who see it as an interesting alternative because of the prices they reach and the quality that the climate ensures."We are committed to this variety, which is harvested in mid-April and serves to cover the market gap.....

Increased import of apples to Poland
The Polish wholesale companies who supply the internal market are forced to import apples from other EU countries. This is due to the high demand of exporters for domestic apples, which are delivered to Russia via third parties. Stocks of the Polish growers are almost depleted and the price of domestic.....

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AGRO Merchants Group
Expansion at GFA in the Port of Algeciras
AGRO Merchants Group began the expansion of Gestion Frio Algeciras (GFA) located inside the Port of Algeciras, Spain. The additional 10,000 pallet positions will increase capacity to support existing customers and allow the company to diversify further on temperature-controlled food products and services......

Vacuum coolers fastest available cooling system for many fruits and vegetables
IPHandlers serves the international market as processor and trader of air cargo deliveries of fresh products such as vegetables, fruit, plants, planting material and flowers. To protect these fresh products they are always driven to our conditioned reception rooms with conditioned transport. In this space.....

Reefer containers Reftrade cooling solution for biggest Belgian potato processor
Reftrade supplies cooling and freezing containers for a wide variety of products. The company specializes in (semi) permanent cooling/freezing solutions. Account manager Ferry Breekweg says there's been more and more demand lately from the fresh produce sector. Last month, for instance, four connected reefer.....

Less cereal, fruits and vegetables harvested
Austria: Declining yields mean more imports
Austrian fields grew less grain, fruit, vegetables and potatoes in 2013/14. To compensate for the decline in the harvests and to meet the domestic demand, significantly more fruit and vegetables had to be imported from abroad. This was registered by the Austrian statistical office (Statistik Austria) on the.....

Checking requirements for export
Spain: U.S. inspectors at avocado and apricot production areas
The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the U.S. (APHIS) has started inspecting Spanish production areas, particularly in Murcia and Malaga, as a prerequisite for the export of apricots and avocados.The APHIS' inspection includes a visit to the production areas to check compliance with the.....

FPC - Fresh Awards
Announcing the 2015 Fresh finalists!
The Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) announces an impressive line-up of finalists for this year’s Fresh Awards.“The standard of entries is extremely high this year. The judging panel was impressed with the commitment of companies and individuals who are raising the bar ever higher for the industry’s.....

Romania: Stricter checks on fruit and veg traders
From 1 May, Romanian fruit and vegetable traders are subject to the newLaw 145/2014, forcing them to hold certificates from the producer they receive the goods from, keeping a record on a special card, and to provide receipts to customers, even if they are making very small purchases, such as two apples, 100.....

€15m in cocaine found at Aldi
More than €15m (£11m) worth of cocaine turned up Monday in boxes of bananas delivered to supermarkets in and around Berlin, police said.Staff working at 14 Aldi stores reported the stashes of narcotics tucked in the produce deliveries from Colombia, which police believe ended up at the shops by.....

Potato sales stable
Austria: record apple sales in March
In Austria, a record amount of apples were sold in March. This was mentioned in the 3rd edition of the fruits and vegetables market report of the AgrarMarkt Austria (AMA). The sales volume reached the remarkable volume of 22,531 metric tonnes by the 1 of April 2015. This corresponds with increased sales of.....

Romanian Government discusses food prices with producers and processors
The Romanian Minister of Agriculture, Daniel Constantin, has scheduled a meeting with producers, processors and representatives of major retail chains to discuss developments in food prices after 1 June, when the VAT on food will be reduced to 9% with the goal of boosting consumption. Recently,.....

Romanian hypermarkets could be forced to sell domestic produce
A legislative initiative in Romania pursues to make it compulsory for at least 50% of the meat, fruit and vegetables sold by hypermarkets to be of domestic origin, with those failing to meet this regulation receiving fines of up to 5,000 Lei (over 1,000 Euro).The regulation would apply to stores with areas.....

Swiss’ unprocessed produce
Conflict over Swiss vegetables
Is that a Swiss or a German vegetable? This question troubles the Association of Swiss vegetable producers, and the farmers eagerly await their decision.At the assembly of the delegates of the Association of Swiss Vegetable Producers (VSGP) on 21 April there was quite some commotion: Approximately 30.....


Citrus Australia secures top corporate partnership
Citrus growers and packers are set to benefit from a new Corporate partnership between Top End Training (a Nationally Recognised Training Organisation: RTO # 70037) and the nation’s peak citrus industry body, Citrus Australia.As a Citrus Australia corporate partner, Top End Training will offer the citrus.....

AU: Pop-up café featuring food waste menu
Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, OzHarvest, will transform food destined-for-landfill into gourmet, high quality restaurant meals for its latest innovative pop-up café project, harvested, set to open its doors to the public on Tuesday, 12 May from 11.30am in Pyrmont.The organisation collects.....

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Voice of Horticulture (VOH)
AU: Call for ‘Green Card’ to employ workers
The Voice of Horticulture (VOH) condemns the illegal exploitation of workers and genuinely believes in a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. “The vast majority of more than 30,000 Australian horticulture farmers and growers provide excellent working conditions for their employees, with many itinerant.....


20 most weight loss friendly foods
Not all calories are created equal. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in the body.They can have vastly different effects on hunger, hormones and how many calories we burn.Click here to see the 20 most weight loss friendly foods on earth, that are supported by science.

Canned food 'misunderstood'
Canned foods — fruits, vegetables and beans — are the ultimate convenience foods; they’re nutritious, available year-round and economical. Yet, surveys show they are misunderstood and not considered healthful choices.Historically, canning was developed to preserve summer’s bounty and extend food availability.....

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Andrés Góngora: "Let those responsible pay the consequences"
COAG Almeria denounces "in-season" melon and watermelon imports
COAG warns: "let those responsible for marketing melons and watermelons from third countries at the peak of the season pay the consequences."COAG Almería showed its indignation after finding out that marketers in the province are importing fruit from third countries for its sale on supermarkets at a time.....

Shifting Trade Winds
Global economic growth relatively good, not uniform
The economic outlook for large economies show positive signs of growth, according to a presentation at PMA Fresh Connections in Rotterdam last week, given by Julian Marcilly, chief economist for Coface, on international trade. While countries in the European Union and the United States benefit from low oil.....


METRO get new CEO | Woolworths to slash 800 jobs after Q3 decline
Sainsbury's posts first loss in decade
Giant retailer Woolworths has reported a disappointing 2% decline in sales for the third quarter, dragged down by tumbling petrol sales and its poorly performing Big W stores, reports. Woolworths will shed an extra 400 jobs as it looks to save $500m in costs, reports. Woolworths’.....

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