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Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Worldwide kiwi market expected to grow for the next few years
SunGold variety promises to reach great success
New Zealand’s kiwifruit producer Zespri® Kiwifruit has two goals this season for the U.S. market: launching the SunGold and increasing its Organic Green volumes in response to their great market demand. In global terms, the season’s prospects are looking good for New Zealand, as both Chile and Italy will.....

US (FL): Diseased plants, weather blamed in 30% drop strawberry production
Florida Strawberry Growers Association Executive Director Ted Campbell estimates that production was down 30 percent in the season that just wrapped up. He didn’t have specific figures, but in 2012-13 Plant City area growers produced about 25 million flats.Gary Wishnatzki, president of Wish Farms, the area’s.....

Africa potentially the biggest market for South African topfruit
The European market is proving tough for South African top fruit this season. This is due to a high carry-over stock and warm spring weather which is moving consumers away from top fruit to traditional summer fruits such as berries."The overall export estimates for apples and pears are down by 13% and 8%.....

Cristóbal Aguado, president of AVA ASAJA
Spain: "Citrus sector needs to coordinate its activities to become more competitive"
The Spanish citrus sector will remember this season as one of its worst nightmares, recording the lowest prices in recent memory in the case of oranges. It has hardly rained in the Spanish Levant since September, especially in Valencia, and although the conditions are certainly not the most ideal, "nobody.....

No export to Europe
Shortage of South African onions
It is not only South African fruit which has suffered at the hands of the weather this year, onion growers have also suffered losses. Rain during planting, rain during harvesting and a bit of hail thrown in for good measure has reduced volumes by around 20-25%.John Davey from Dutoit, who grow around 14% of.....

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UK importers ask government to reverse ban on Indian mangoes
Importers and distributors in the United Kingdom are signing an e-petition, stating that the ban on import from India was imposed in haste and should be liftedMango exporters who were upset about the ban on alphonsos from India imposed by the UK government this year, have now found support from UK importers.....

Lagnasco Group PO
High hopes for early summer fruit across Italy
The 2014 summer fruit campaign will be remembered as one of the earliest ever. Peaches and nectarines are 3-4 weeks early even in Piedmont.Giuseppe Termanini, director of the Lagnasco Group PO, says that "the first detachments will occur during the first week of July, and blueberries are expected as soon as.....

Sophia la Rosa
Baloian Farms introduces premium red onion heirloom variety
Baloian Farms has now expanded their line of high-quality produce with the launch of their premium heirloom onion, Sophia la Rosa. Grown exclusively in California’s Central Valley near Fresno, Sophia la Rosa is an Italian sweet flat red onion with a mild, sweet flavour. Taste, is proof, but independent lab.....

Rise in mango prices as Middle-East demand up; production drops by 20%
Mango lovers may have to spend more money this year due to the short supply of the fruit in the domestic market, due to the significant crop damage and the rise in export orders from the United Kingdom, Bangladesh and such Middle-Eastern nations as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Qatar and.....

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AU: Retail promotion reflects lift in imported fruits
New season US stonefruit will become available to Australian importers in just over one month. Based on the success of the product in its first year, all indications from key importers suggest higher volumes will be brought into Australia over 2014.Increased imports of Northern Hemisphere fruit into.....

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Spanish fruit looked down on by French producers
Complaints from French producers had not been registered with such intensity for many years, blaming the imports coming from the south (ie from Spain) as primarily responsible for their woes.French producers complain about the low prices they get for their produce and blame Spanish growers, who they accuse.....

Primo Anselmi (Apo Scaligera)
Harvesting of Garda strawberries has started in Verona
"We started harvesting Garda strawberries a few days ago - almost two weeks earlier than last year," says Primo Anselmi, sales manager for Apo Scaligera."Strawberry fields are in excellent condition - blossoming is abundant and setting is perfect, thanks to the good weather. In addition, the mild.....

Cooperativa Agricola Bibione
Italy: 20% increase in asparagus expected this year
Increase in production but lower prices for Venetian asparagus. "Consumption was rather depressing at the beginning, with prices 20% lower than last year. Now we are in full production, so we will have to wait to make an assessment," explained Giuseppe Basei, manager of Cooperativa Agricola Bibione (Veneto)......

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Gerwin de Vries, LOF Nursery:
"Easter demand creates slightly better chicory market"
The chicory market has been under pressure all year. "At the moment the demand is increasing slightly, which is usual coming up to Easter, but a price level around 60 cents still isn't enough. The current weather is slightly better for chicory consumption, but these prices are still far below the costing.....

as far as we know there was little to no damage
Fruit growers protect against night frost in different ways
Last night, the 16th April, many parts of The Netherlands and Belgium encountered a night frost which resulted in a lot of hard work for the fruit growers who needed to protect their crops. Happily, this appears to have generally been a success. As far as we know the cold caused no damage to the fruit trees.....

Toon van Noort, Tovano
"Trade in dried fruits and nuts has become a year round business"
Trade in dried fruits and nuts is a year round business. According to director Toon van Noort from Tovano, Maasdijk. "Before when I was a young man we had a lot of work from September until December and then in January and February could begin our hibernation. Those days are gone. We have plenty of work the.....

Pomì in quota
Italy: Sustainable agriculture and advanced technology
Attention towards environmental sustainability is increasing in all sectors and this tendency is all the more evident in the agricultural sector. The "Pomì in quota" project was created precisely with this in mind.The official presentation to the press.The project consists of the collection of data from land.....

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Bart Verhagen: "Functionality of plastic with wood effect"
Increase in turnover due to new crates at farm shop Verhagen AGF
Verhagen AGF from Reusel started out as a mixed farming company with the sales of potatoes to individuals as an extra activity. This went so well that soon green beans were added to the assortment. After few years the horticultural branch was added to make the assortment complete and now asparagus, celery,.....

Maciej Milewski: "We aim to reach all of Europe with Merry Berry"
Poland: Milbor launches new blueberry juices
The Polish company Milbor recently launched new fruit juices for its range marketed under the brand Merry Berry. Maciej Milewski points out that they have been active in the cultivation of blueberries for a very long time. The story began over 50 years ago, when the family started growing apples.....

Frutetto committed to convenience products
Poland: Eurosad looking for new customers besides Russia
Eurosad is an association of producers and exporter based near Warsaw. The company has been growing and selling fruit for more than 20 years and its speciality are apples, although pears and soft fruit are also important products for it. According to Paulina Kołacz, who is responsible for the.....

Melon farming begins in France after 3 week delay
Since the end of March/ beginning of April, melon farming (under plastic tunnels) has started in Lomagne- despite a 3 week delay mainly due to muddy soil. However, it is noticeable that there is less planted surface due to rotation of plots (80 ha less). At the moment the plastic is on the ground- time and.....

French Asparagus season preparing for a successful Easter
Asparagus is a symbol of Spring! In the Landes and the surrounding areas protected by the PGI 'Asperge des Sables des Landes', white asparagus has been popping up since mid-February. Around 40 producers are working in cooperation with Maïsadour in 2014. Total production acreage for white asparagus is 200 ha.....

Perpignan, 13th-15th May 2014
MedFEL 2014 to welcome melon congress in France
Medfel, the international fruit and vegetable business trade fair will take place on 13 - 15 May 2014 in Perpignan (France). Over the past years it has been an important show focused on the Mediterranean countries.The latest edition will also welcome the Euro-Mediterranean Melon Congress for the first.....

Europatat welcomes EP plenary vote on plant health
Plant health is a key prerequisite within the potato sector, because of the crop’s vulnerability it is the most heavily regulated category with several long term control measures in place which intend to prevent or eradicate the presence of several organisms. Together with a number of trade associations in.....

Freshfel welcomes new framework for EU promotion programmes
Freshfel Europe, the European fresh fruit and vegetable association, welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament of the new framework for the promotion of agricultural products. The strengthening of tools available to stimulate the promotion is a step in the right direction for the fresh produce.....

British spears will be on time for Easter
Asparagus farmers are predicting that British spears will be on the supermarket shelves for Easter. This is a week ahead of the usual season start - owing to recent milder temperatures. Traditionally, commercial cutting for the outdoor grown crop begins on St George’s Day (23 April) although this varies.....

Israel introduces the heart-shaped cucumber
If you think heart-shaped cucumbers are for sissies, don’t worry, these Israeli crop growers kept you in mind by growing star-shaped cucumber as well.Grown at the Israeli agricultural town of Ein-Yahav, the cucumbers’ growing technique is kept under wraps by the farmers (but we’re pretty sure it’s some sort.....


Dodgy saucing:
Anti-Dumping Commission takes stand against dumped Italian tomatoes
An investigation, completed by the Anti-Dumping Commission, has recommended that a dumping notice be published regarding a number of Italian tomato products which were found to have been dumped into the Australian market. Additionally to this, exporters of these types of products sent to Australia since 1.....


Moroccan minister of agriculture, Aziz Akhannouch:
'EU decision to modify prices 'astonishing and incomprehensible'
Moroccan minister of agriculture and fisheries, Aziz Akhannouch, said the European Union’s decision to modify mechanisms of the access price for Moroccan fruits and vegetables is both “astonishing and incomprehensible.”“Moving to modify the access price system for Moroccan fruits and vegetables is a step.....

Good supplies for export melon market
The melon season is now in full swing in the French West Indies, Senegal and between Dakhla and Morocco. Volume should stay at this level for another 10 days or so before dropping, but the season will continue into beginning of May. Export potential is stable in Guadeloupe/Martinique reaching 3,500 tons......

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MAF Oceania and Citrus Australia join forces
Citrus growers and packers are set to benefit from a new partnership between packing equipment giant, MAF Oceania and the nation’s peak citrus body, Citrus Australia.As Citrus Australia’s inaugural major corporate partner, MAF Oceania will offer growers and packers the benefit of its global expertise, while.....

UN warns that banana yellow leaf disease is spreading beyond Asia
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) issued a warning on the 14th of April stating that the disease Fusarium Wilt (also known as the Panama disease) has now spread from Asia to Africa and the Middle East. FAO confirms that Southeast Asia has tens of thousands of hectares already.....

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Syngenta plans margin growth as pricing offsets currency
Syngenta AG, the world’s largest maker of crop chemicals, said profitability may increase this year as the company raises prices to offset emerging-market currencies’ drop against the dollar.Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization as a proportion of revenue “will be slightly higher.....


Photoreport of Carrefour, Lidl Auchan and Piotr i Pawel
Review of fruit and vegetable sections at Polish supermarkets
On Thursday and Friday last week, we visited several supermarkets in Warsaw, including Carrefour, Lidl, Auchan and Piotr i Pawel. Carrefour, Auchan and Lidl are of course well-known names in the world of retail and also major competitors. Piotr i Pawel focuses more on quality than price and stands out for.....

CEO, Georges Plassat:
Carrefour to revive Brazil e-commerce business
Carrefour, the world's second-largest retailer, plans to revive its e-commerce operations in Brazil this year after shutting the business down in 2012 as part of a broader group restructuring.Chief Executive Georges Plassat revealed the plan at the annual shareholders meeting on Tuesday. He also told.....

India: Joint operation rumoured between Carrefour and Bharti
Rumours of a joint operation between Bharti and Carrefour in India have resurfaced. It is believed that the 2 companies could create a common large retail structure for professionals- 'Cash & Carry'. According to the Economic Times in India, Bharti would keep a major share of the co-company (probably.....

North West acquires Winnipeg Price Chopper from Sobeys
North West Co. has acquired a Winnipeg Price Chopper store from Sobeys, the retailers said. The sale is part of Sobeys' consent agreement reached in October with Canada’s Competition Bureau related to its purchase of Canada Safeway. The deal is subject to approval by the Competition Bureau and other.....

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