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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

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Asia Fruit Logistica kicked off
Steady stream of visitors first day in Hong Kong
As the first day of Asia fruit Logistica comes to a close the general feeling seems to be positive. There was a steady stream of visitors through the hall. There is a noticeable increase in stand holders, estimated at 30% more than last year.However there are less innovations in Asia compared to Berlin as.....

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Growing trend towards organic herbs
“Eventually, all of the standard culinary herbs will be sold organically certified,” says Andy Whelan with Freeman Herbs. “Consumers increasingly pay attention to health benefits and they like having the insurance that no harmful sprays were used on the product they cook with.”Grocery stores versus garden.....

Putin's workout programme
Russian growers concerned about storage facilities
Supposing you're the president of Russia, how would you start your Sunday off? Russian site RT watched as Putin started his day with a workout programme. The Russian growers aren't so relaxed. While the government is going for higher yields, growers are concerned about outdated storage facilities. Large.....

Reassuring start to new apple harvest
After the initial difficulties, the annual cycle concluded better than expected: buyers have been found for all the apples, and even the last Golden Delicious in stock will run out during the first week of September. The VOG group describes itself as satisfied after the successful sale of 2014’s bumper.....

Second nergi harvest in France
Nergis are small, very sweet fruits that look like mini kiwis. They have been growing in the Landes and Béarn for 5 years, but this is only the second year of harvest. Sometimes referred to as the Siberian or Baby Kiwi, it is originally from west Asia. The plant grew mainly in the wild as the fruits are.....

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Split mango harvest draws different opinions
A split mango harvest will mean an unpredictable crop for the Northern Territory’s mango harvest, according to Seven Fields Executive Chairman Greg McMahon. “Darwin has started flowering. The majority of the harvest will be a bit later this year and some fruit is already the size you would normally be.....

Idyl Bio offers full range of organic produce for retail
Idyl Bio represents a stable group of fruit and vegetable growers and arborists in Provence, as well as producers from the Perpignan region, the Landes and the Rhone-Alpes. Brittany is also an important source for their range of winter vegetables. Idyl has a special relationship with Morocco and produce is.....

French mango market to expand next month
The market for imported mangos in France is limited during the summer because of competition from summer fruit. But as that competition recedes in the coming weeks, the market is expected to get better.“For the moment, the market is really small in France for imported mangos,” according to a representative.....

California Giant finalist for Website Design of the Year
After collecting hundreds of submissions, Hubspot announced that DMA Solutions, Inc. is a finalist for Website Design of the Year for their strategy and creative design on the California Giant Berry Farms’ website. California Giant Berry Farms’ new website updates include personalized greetings and relevant.....

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Organics Unlimited
GROW celebrates 10th anniversary
Organics Unlimited is pleased to announce the 10th anniversary of its nonprofit program, GROW. Throughout the month of September, Organics Unlimited will execute a special GROW Month campaign in order to raise awareness of the social responsibility program and inspire more distributors, retailers and.....

Couche-Tard profit increases 13% | H-E-B teams up with Instacart
Haggen sues Albertsons for $1bn over big grocery deal
Poland: Biedronka and Lidl competing with greengrocer formatThe Polish retailer Biedronka is testing a new concept that resembles a deli more than a cheap discounter. It has introduced completely new stands in dozens of stores, as well as new departments for fruits and vegetables and other fresh products......

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PDO Herbón-Padrón pepper campaign continues, despite rains
Just two months before the end of the Herbón-Padrón pepper campaign, production is at its peak, although the Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin Pemento de Herbón is cautious about giving exact production volume figures so far. In 2014, a total of 92,000 kilos were sold under the PDO.....

Grower Bouwe Piek:
"Excellent demand for early sprouts"
Bouwe Piek from Geervliet started the first sprout harvest last Monday, August 24 and the sales of this is going strikingly well. "We can hardly meet the demand," laughs the sprout grower. The sprout prices are at a level around 90 cents for the coarser sizes and 70 cents for the finer sorting. "The autumn.....

Peach season ends in Ukraine
The distribution of peaches from domestic farms has come to a close in Ukraine, as reported by the project "APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits".The last batch of peaches offered this week reached a price of 13-20 UAH/kg (0.56-0.86 $/kg), which is 20% higher than in the previous week and 13% more expensive.....

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Schmidt appreciates the fruit growers' performance
Saxony: Fruit growers count on average harvest 2015
The Saxon fruit growers expect an apple harvest like the average of the last four years (89,000 tons). Hail and sunburn have prevented a better harvest.“The Saxon fruit industry is an important pillar for the rural area of Saxony,” Thomas Schmidt, minister of agriculture said today (August 28, 2015) at the.....

The Peuleschil: every sprout gets special care
"I always check the sprouts at night"
Like many organic companies, the Peuleschil was created through idealism. The decision to start growing bean sprouts in the 80s turned out to be a good one. The Peuleschil has grown over the years into a modern company that supplies organic fresh sprouts to a large number of natural food stores. Businessman.....

Switzerland: Low potato harvest expected
The extreme weather has its effects on the potato harvest in Switzerland. The potatoes are small, which is why the supply will be limited. At 269 kilos of food content per 100m², the surface yields are almost at the historic low point of 2003 (262 kg/100m²), as Swisspatat reports. Compared to the last 5.....

Potato exports from Kurdistan region aided by bumper crops
Good potato harvests for the past seven years has led to a production surplus in the Kurdistan region, as farmers continue to allocate more land to cultivating potatoes. The amount increased from nearly 11,000 tons of produced potatoes in 2008 to nearly 139,000 tons this year, a 13-fold increase, according.....

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Frank Valckenier
Strawberry prices have been high due to very little supply
The holiday period is over in Belgium. It was quiet for weeks in the fresh produce industry, says Frank Valckenier, a wholesaler in Mabru, "The school year has started again, but that costs us a lot of money. We see that consumption is still not up to standard. Usually our customers do not start supplying to.....

Stephan Rötzer, CEO of the SanLucar Gruppe:
"Consumption of oranges stays on expected course"
On time for the end of summer, cooler temperatures are also setting in, in Germany. “Orange consumption is staying on the expected course this time of season,” Stephan Rötzer, CEO of the SanLucar Gruppe, explains. “We can however be certain that consumption of citrus fruit will go up again in Germany when.....

26% drop compared to May
Spain: 35,758 tonnes of bananas available in June
In June 2015, the Canary Islands shipped 24,573 tonnes of bananas, while imports from Africa and Latin America amounted to 17,453 tonnes and re-exports reached 6,268 tonnes; consumers thus had access to about 35,758 tonnes of bananas.This figure is about 12,501 tonnes lower than that of the previous month,.....

Hungary: Significant drop in peach and apple harvest this year
Hungarian growers have no reason to complain about the domestic market conditions this year. Despite the fact that storms and drought have resulted in drops in production volumes for most fruits, the quality is far better than last year's, as stated in an interview to AGROINFORM by Ledó Ferenc, president of.....

Tough competition for wholesale traders
Germany: "The price battle on the market is extreme"
“The competition becomes increasingly tougher, no one can simply sit back and relax,” a wholesale trader in fruit and vegetables from Greece explains to us. “The people want high quality for a low price. Serving this demand poses a difficult task to a wholesale trader.” The main product of the wholesale.....

REWE Group comes to company agreement at Kaiser's Tengelmann
Caparros: "Planned fusion serves reduction of work places"
On the company agreements that were announced today at Kaiser's Tengelmann, the chairman of the REWE group, Alain Caparros, states the following: “The cat is finally out of the bag with this agreement. It is now in black and white that, with ministerial approval, 16,000 work places will not be maintained,.....

Partnership BudelPack and Automated Packaging Systems
Packing machine for stand-up pouches introduced
During a road show in the Netherlands, organized by Budelpack On Site, a new mobile packing line for stand-up pouches will be introduced, developed by Automated Packaging Systems (APS). During the show, the companies will present a distinctive product packaging combination: fresh hand fruit and snack.....

First ACR storage system in Belgium
BelOrta starts top fruit season with renewed storage system
ULO storage is now the standard storage system. Starting this season BelOrta will go one step further. First, by measuring the respiration of fruit stored in a cell with a revolutionary ULO controller. Second, through dynamically controlling the atmosphere in a storage unit filled with top fruit. This means.....

US: Solid board produced from tomato plants
Solidus Solutions (previously Smurfit Kappa Solid Board Packaging) recently developed a process to enrich solid board with tomato plant fibres. Waste paper has been regarded as an essential component in the production of solid board for some time now. The wood fibres in the waste paper can be reused many.....

Fru&tube, the fruit to take away, hits the market
After more than two years of research and development, the company Fru&tube has hit the market with an innovative product, never before seen, and intends to promote the consumption of fresh fruit.It is fruit selected because of its high Brix levels and presented in tube-shaped packaging that resembles a.....

Belgian group studying construction of distribution centre for Peruvian products
The Belgian company Group A. De Witte, one of the main fruit and vegetable wholesale distributors in northern Europe, has expressed interest in setting up a large logistics distribution centre for Peruvian fresh produce in the port of Antwerp and replace the purchases made from South Africa. The firm's.....

De Ruiter launches See The Taste label
De Ruiter renews the launch of their tomato label See The Taste. All tomatoes that are marked with the See The Taste-label distinguish themselves in both colour and taste. They all feature an attractive dark red colour – both externally and internally – and excel in a great taste. In other words: See The.....

Only 5% of Slovaks consume 5 portions of fruit and veg per day
Research by Millward Braun has showed that Slovaks still don't consume enough fruit and vegetables. According to the World Health Organization, the recommended minimum daily dose of fruit and vegetables is 400 grams, best divided into five portions, as fruit and veg play an important role in preventing many.....

Eden gets product approval in Greece
Eden Research's first agrochemical product, 3AEY, a fungicide that primarily targets Botrytis on grapes, has been approved for commercial sales and use in Greece.As part of the regulatory process in the EU, several years' worth of product efficacy trials were conducted in order to generate the data required.....

Asia Fruit Logistica
Spanish horticultural sector shows interest in Asia
Asia Fruit Logistica has started in Hong Kong with the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector having a strong presence and a comprehensive range of both fruits and vegetables. This outstanding participation is testament to the interest in opening new markets which, despite their massive potential, still.....

Romania: 20% lower fruit and veg production due to drought
The lower fruit and vegetable production in Romania is already taking a toll on food prices; this autumn, we could see increases of up to 30%, according to the producers."The fruit and vegetable sector has registered losses in production volumes of between 25 and 30% compared to last year; some of the most.....


NZ: Supermarkets feel banana pinch
Bananas are still being rationed in supermarkets after a cargo boat bringing the fruit from Ecuador broke down a couple of weeks ago.All good Organics said a ship carrying their bananas arrived on Saturday, but it would take a week of ripening before the fruit hit the shelves.Progressive Enterprises, which.....

Queensland strawberry grower to trial polytunnels
Protecting Queensland strawberries from rain and, surprisingly, snow, is behind the move by Pinata Farms' polytunnel trials on the Granite Belt. As one of Queensland's largest strawberry producers, Piñata Farms is trialling polytunnel production at its Stanthorpe farm for the first time this.....

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Olive exports to turn around off of low AUD
Australian olive oil production is up, around 22 million litres this year compared to just 15 million litres in 2014, but exports overall were down by close to 9%, on 30 June 2015, according to Lisa Rowntree, CEO of the Australian Olive Association. “Export prices are better at the moment, so a lot of.....

Zespri: New $15,000 scholarships for top secondary students
Zespri has announced two new $15,000 scholarships to encourage New Zealand’s top secondary students to pursue a career in New Zealand’s fast-growing kiwifruit industry.Zespri General Manager Grower & External Relations Dave Courtney explains that Zespri is looking to support and encourage tomorrow’s.....

Sterile Insect Technique (SIT)
AU: Upgraded bio-security measure to combat fruit fly
Upgraded bio-security measures to combat fruit fly will be introduced in Australia, bringing added confidence to international trade markets.South Australia is the only mainland state in Australia that is free from fruit flies – a critical component of the horticultural industries’ successful and expanding.....


1st Cool Logistics Asia conference
Costing perishable supply chain performance
Coinciding with the threat of another global economic crisis, the 1st Cool Logistics Asia conference taking place this week in Hong Kong will provide fresh produce shippers with a unique opportunity to assess perishable supply chain performance in the world’s two main cold markets: China and India.Will India.....

Using leftover fruit to play the piano
Thanks to a recent addition to the accessory line for Raspberry Pi that Adafruit offers, one man has turned a bowl full of fruit into a MIDI keyboard, complete with multiple sound effects and adjustable tones.With the Capacitive Touch HAT from Adafruit, turning practically anything into a sound machine seems.....

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Holland-Pavilion Asia Fruit Logistica ready again
The Asia Fruit Logistica is starting again today in Hong Kong, from the 2nd to the 4th of September. Hellmann flew all the trade for the Dutch stall holders by KLM on Saturday and everything has been declared and transported to the fair by Agility Ivents. This project is in collaboration with Zuidkoop, HPL.....

New consumers are demanding, informed and aware of health issues
This is the conclusion reached by CEACCU and the consumer associations CECU, FUCI, UNAE and UCA/CAUCE, and Mercadona, after conducting a joint study on "The new profile of the consumer."The study brings together analyses from different areas, such as social, environmental, economic, health and.....


Couche-Tard profit increases 13% | H-E-B teams up with Instacart
Haggen sues Albertsons for $1bn over big grocery deal
Poland: Biedronka and Lidl competing with greengrocer formatThe Polish retailer Biedronka is testing a new concept that resembles a deli more than a cheap discounter. It has introduced completely new stands in dozens of stores, as well as new departments for fruits and vegetables and other fresh products......

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