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Monday, April 27, 2015

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US (CA): Lighter lettuce volumes
Volumes of lettuce out of the California's Central Coast have been less than expected, and prices have perked up.“Volumes are currently slightly below forecast,” said Don Klusendorf of Bonipak Produce. “The reason is that the season here started earlier, about two and a half weeks early, so if you start.....

Lantao of China imports first air shipment of Canadian hothouse cucumbers
Lantao, headquartered in Shanghai, China, just received its first air shipment of hothouse cucumbers known by the brand name “Cutecumbers” produced by Mucci Farms of Ontario, Canada.This is the first shipment of cucumbers into China from Canada, and the Chinese consumers reacted with great enthusiasm to the.....

The Watercress Company launches soilless organic watercress
The Watercress Company, specialised in the cultivation and marketing of baby leaf and watercress, has launched a new rooted organic watercress and seeing a demand for a longer lasting watercress. James Harper explains, “In the days before refrigeration, watercress was packed with its roots left on, so.....

"product not coming off, difficult to fill in weekly programmes"
Netherlands: "Extremely high prices on bell pepper market"
Extremely high prices are being made on the bell pepper market this week. " A lot was pre-sold, and it's very difficult to meet demand for the weekly programmes. So it's getting a bit quieter in day trade at the moment," one bell pepper seller says. "More produce was expected to enter the market this week,.....

Trade, production and consumption
Freshfel launches online database
Freshfel Europe has launched a new online database that gives access to the production, import, export and consumption statistics of fresh fruit and vegetables in the EU and around the world. The program allows Freshfel members direct visualization of data through graphs and tables as well as the extraction.....

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New Zealand farmers unaffected by magnitude 6.3 earthquake
Farmers located on New Zealand’s South Island, especially near Kaikoura, where a magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck on Friday are counting their lucky stars. Horticulture New Zealand Communcations Manager Leigh Catley has confirmed that there have been no reports of growers suffering any damage or loss of crops.....

Fraud with documents import Russia
Russian ministry proposes removal products embargo list
A new Minister of Agriculture is to give the Russian sector a boost. The assignment for Alexander Tkachev, who took up this position on Wednesday: fill up the market as quickly as possible with domestic produce. The Russian Ministry of Economic Affairs proposes to remove products from the embargo list......

Coriander remains top
Cocktails drive mint sales
Major herb producer Vitacress has 8 hectares dedicated to pot herb production. The company also sources from selected and approved UK and international suppliers along with production from their own farms in Spain and Portugal."Fresh herbs are typically bought by people interested in food and wellbeing,".....

James Meers, Barfoots Ltd.
Demand for British asparagus continues to outstrip supply
Barfoots did their first pick of asparagus on the traditional start date of the 23rd (St Georges day) but due to the cold nights don't expect to be into the main crop until early May when the weather begins to deliver great growing conditions for the main season crop."Early covered crops have seen perfect.....

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US (CA): Robust market for cauliflower
Light supplies of cauliflower from California has made for strong prices. With recent cooler weather, production has dipped, and current prices could remain until production picks up again.“Volumes have been on the below-average side,” said Denny Donovan of Fresh Kist Produce. “Planting have been down due to.....

Big US grocers selling more local produce | Tesco hires new brand director
Sobeys boosts East Coast footprint
CA: Sobeys boosts East Coast footprint with Co-op deal Sobeys Inc., the country’s second largest grocer, is poised to gain more clout in its key Atlantic Canada market thanks to a proposed supermarket deal announced over the weekend, reports. Sobeys, owned by Empire Co. Ltd. of.....

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Facts and figures from 1985 until 2013
Austria: tomatoes harvest +150%
Over the past 28 years, the tomato harvest in Austria has increased by more than 150%. © Source: AMALooking at the history of the tomato and pepper harvests since 1985 it immediately shows the continuous rise of the curve until 2013. In 1985, the total harvest of Austrian tomatoes was 20.205 metric ton and.....

German Conference pear consumption on the rise
Belgians eat more pears than Dutch
Belgians eat significantly more Conference pears than Dutch people. This striking conclusion can be drawn from the GfK survey that was conducted within the framework of the Conference campaign. While Dutch consumption has fluctuated around 3 kg per household per year over the past five years, average.....

Turkey: Tainted tomatoes sold in domestic market?
As tons of tomatoes exported from Turkey to Russia are returned to the country each month due to pesticide residue and harmful insects, questions have been raised over whether tomatoes rejected by Russian custom controls are being sold in the domestic market risking consumers' health at home.Turkey is the.....

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Lindert Moerdijk, MSP Uienhandel:
"Buyers have to get used to new price level onions"
"Our export has been good this year. All of the sorters had been anxious beforehand, because Russia wouldn't come, and they caused a low mood among growers at the start of the season. The Russians didn't come, but we didn't miss them either. I think it's been a fantastic season. Now you're seeing how the.....

Sjraar Hoeijmakers new president
ZON: 20 million turnover decrease, but still in the black
ZON was able to keep figure in the black in 2014, like in the year before. The total turnover was 342 million Euro (2013: 362 million Euro). With the realisation of a positive result of 0.5 million ZON is consolidating the balance position it strengthened last year, in which the members profit from a lower.....

8% turnover decrease, net company result 38,000 Euro
Russian embargo puts pressure on Fruitmasters' result
The Cooperation Royal Fruitmasters Group U.A. presented its figures on 2014 during the General Members' meeting on Thursday April 23. 2014 was a year of extremes. Fruitmasters looks back at a good and satisfying season for the product groups soft fruit and wood fruit. For stonefruit it was a difficult season.....

N. Ireland: Ag Minister backs potato promotion
The Northern Ireland potato industry has been working together to take forward a very measured and comprehensive industry funded potato promotion campaign, similar to the one underway in the Republic of Ireland.Potato industry representatives, with support from the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) and Department.....

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France is world's second biggest fruit juice consumer
The French are the world’s second largest fruit juice consumer, after Germany, despite sales decreasing slightly over the last few years. This decrease, of 2.5% last year, is due to computers, televisions and smartphones. People go to sleep later, therefore have less time in the morning for breakfast......

Nufri to open new logistics centre in August
Nufri's new logistics centre, based in the Spanish municipality of La Rasa, will be operational in August and will consequently make it possible for the distribution of apples to be carried out from the province of Soria without them having to go first through Lleida. This was announced a few days ago by.....

DAA CEO Kevin Toland appointed to Total Produce board
Total Produce plc has appointed DAA CEO Kevin Toland to its board as a non-executive director with effect from 1 July 2015.Before taking on his current role in 2013, Toland held senior executive positions with a number of multinational companies, including most recently chief executive and president of.....

Supermarkets to combat food waste
In the entire food chain, 2 billion Euro worth of food is wasted every week. In Dutch supermarkets alone, 1 million Euro is wasted every day, mainly vegetables, fruit, bread and dairy. How can supermarkets ensure that food waste is limited? Meals from residual waste at Ekoplaza Organic.....

Rutger Keurhorst and Wim de Rijder of Qreenno:
“Optical sorting will change onion chain”
Last autumn, Wim de Rijder and Rutger Keurhorst started with Qreenno, with which they’re focusing on engineering and project management of industrial installations and buildings in the fruit and veg processing industry, for clients at home and abroad. Now they’ve entered into a partnership with Italian.....

Italy: Shopping is more pleasant in the Future Food District
"Work is fast-paced in the Future Food District," tweeted Coop Italia while Expo Net published an interview to Coop chairman Marco Pedroni in which he unveiled a few details about the project.The Future Food District that Coop Italia is developing for Expo 2015 (in the photos above and below) was.....

kitchen gardens are hot
"Home grown fruit and vegetables preferred over store bought"
Kitchen gardens are hot! More and more people are growing their own vegetables, fruit and herbs. Over 60 percent of Dutch people are opting to eat fruit and vegetables from their own garden rather than those from the shop. They prefer to grow strawberries (60%), followed by herbs (50%) and tomatoes (43%)......

Spain: Hashish hidden in oranges
The Spanish Guardia Civil reported the arrest this week of three people suspected of drug trafficking as a result of three actions carried out in the port of Melilla in recent weeks, which resulted in the seize of a total of 30 kilos of hashish, 2 of which were hidden inside large oranges. A passenger, who.....

Van Gelder introduces Kleintje Vers and BijtRijp
Van Gelder groente & fruit in Ridderkerk will introduce two new brands on April 29, responding to consumers' healthy snack moments. With Kleintje Vers, they're introducing portion packs of cut fruit and vegetables. BijtRijp is a range of fruit that is guaranteed to be ready to eat. This fruit is.....

Potential environmental danger of booming global demand for cold
The environmental challenge caused by booming global demand for cooling could be far greater than previously thought. That is the finding of a new report, by Dearman, the clean cold and power technology company.The report indicates that due to changing demographics, particularly in Asia, the number of.....

APM Terminals
The Netherlands: Maasvlakte II terminal officially opens
APM Terminals hosted a celebration attended by The Netherlands’ Monarch King Willem-Alexander, and 500 senior representatives from the global shipping industry and world governments in honor of the official opening of the new APM Terminals Maasvlakte II Rotterdam facility, the world’s most technologically.....

Bulgaria: 50% ag production scrapped
50% of Bulgarian agricultural production is scrapped, according to Svetozar Vasilev, representative of the Agro Bazar AD company.Speaking in Plovdiv at a discussion organized by Trakia Economic Zone, Vasilev, former Chair of the Plovdiv-based unit of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, explained that the.....

for fear of reputational damage
French retailers boycott milk from mega cattle farm
French dairy cooperatives Agrial and Lactalis will not purchase milk from the first large cattle farm in France in the town of Ducrat, north of Paris. This way, the dairy companies respond to pressure from supermarkets. The supermarkets fear reputation damage and demonstrations from militant environmental.....

One third of Dutch export to Germany
Germany: worldwide 2nd market fresh fruit and vegetables
Germany is an important market for fresh fruit and vegetables. Quantity-wise, Germany was the second-largest in 2014 at 8.1 million tonnes, after the United States. Germany took the second place from Russia, whose import was less than 8 million tonnes in 2014 due to the boycott. After Spain, the Netherlands.....

Removing barriers for EU-US agri trade
Copa-Cogeca said there are both challenges and opportunities to be had from a free trade agreement between the EU and US (TTIP) - if the talks are to be a success, red tape and technical barriers to trade must be overcome.Speaking at the stakeholders forum during the 9th round of talks, Copa-Cogeca.....


AU: Nutting out a plan for export growth
Asia's hunger for Australian nuts is setting new records, but the industry needs stricter quality control to really crack the export market .That was the message at the Australian Nut Conference in Sydney where packagers, producers and processors gathered to discuss ways forward for industry in the wake of.....

AU: Bridging global ag trade gaps
Exporting Australia's abundant agricultural output to take advantage of exciting markets emerging in Asia, the Middle East and Africa sounds like a great idea, but it's a process likely to chew up lots of cash before all those hungry buyers start paying up.Considering about 75 per cent of the Australian.....

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How AU squandered commodities boom
Over the decade to 2013, Australia racked up $US1 trillion ($1.29 trillion) in extra exports from the previous 10 years, thanks largely to China's once-insatiable demand.Despite the opportunity of funding infrastructure to meet the needs of millions of new citizens, the nation largely blew the extra cash on.....

AU: Orchard operator pleads guilty over picker death
A central Victorian employer has pleaded guilty to a workplace safety offence, after the death of a fruit picker in 2013.WorkSafe Victoria said the fruit picker was killed two years ago when a forklift connected to a tractor flipped on wet ground.The tractor pinned the man underneath and he died at the.....

NZ: Fighting nature with nature
New research into sustainable pest management controls might soon offer avocado growers an effective non-chemical control against leafrollers.The research, being conducted by scientists at Plant & Food Research aims to use the pests' own sex pheromones to disrupt the mating process in an effort to reduce.....


Chilli peppers can prevent liver damage
Results revealed today at the International Liver Congress™ 2015 show that the daily consumption of capsaicin, the active compound of chilli peppers, was found to have beneficial effects on liver damage.In the study, capsaicin was found to reduce the activation of hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) in mice.....

Modified Atmosphere Packaging
Shelf life considerably improved by packaging
Packagings are not just pretty or handy, they can also considerably increase a product’s shelf life. “It used to be that packaging was mainly intended to bundle and protect a product. Now we’re seeing more attention to choosing the right packaging for the right product,” says Marcus Gillioen of.....

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NZ: Orchardists win Supreme in Ballance Awards
Matamata horticulturists Frans and Tineke de Jong, their son Talbert de Jong and his partner Emily Meese are Supreme winners of the 2015 Waikato Ballance Farm Environment Awards (BFEA).At a special BFEA ceremony on April 23, the de Jong’s family-run business, Southern Belle Orchard, also collected the Hill.....

Africa and EU researchers to collaborate on sustainable farming
23 African and European research partners will collaborate on a new long term research and innovation partnership, focusing on sustainable intensification of the agro-food system in Africa.Although current African food production systems have enabled a substantial increase in food production, farming.....


Big US grocers selling more local produce | Tesco hires new brand director
Sobeys boosts East Coast footprint
CA: Sobeys boosts East Coast footprint with Co-op deal Sobeys Inc., the country’s second largest grocer, is poised to gain more clout in its key Atlantic Canada market thanks to a proposed supermarket deal announced over the weekend, reports. Sobeys, owned by Empire Co. Ltd. of.....

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