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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Excellent weather conditions for kale growers in Mexico

Mild weather in the Mexican growing regions has seen kale production thrive. In the Baja California region, growers are able to produce kale year-round, with the current season crops responding well to recent warm and sunny conditions."We grow, harvest and process all our kale year-round in Baja California,".....

Delay in mango campaign means Peru doesn't have to compete with Ecuador and Brazil

The manager of the Peruvian Association of Producers and Exporters of Mangoes (APEM), Juan Carlos Rivera Ortega, stated that Peru exported 5,030 containers of fresh mangoes between the beginning of the 2017/2018 campaign, which started in week 45 (November 6), up until the end of week 5 (February 4). In the.....

Expanding track-and-trace options

Optel Group buys GeoTraceability

The Optel Group has made another acquisition in the track-and-trace category, buying Anglo-Canadian company GeoTraceability.Just a few weeks after buying Verify Brand, Optel has reached a deal to take over GeoTraceability, taking ownership of its information systems, which it says combine “traceability and.....

Mississippi Choctaw Indian tribe among recipients

Grants offered to farmers through Cultivating Change

Farmers across the US vied for $75,000 in grant money through Cultivating Change, a local farm grant program that's empowering the future of farming. Cultivating Change is a local farm grant program offered by Greener Fields Together (GFT), to fund projects and initiatives to help farmers do what they do best:.....

John McKeon appointed to CA Organic Products Advisory Committee

The California Organic Products Advisory Committee (COPAC) has welcomed 17 year organic industry veteran, John McKeon, Senior Manager of Organic Compliance and Sustainability for Tanimura & Antle, as a producer alternate to the committee.Cathy Calfo, Executive Director & CEO of the California Certified.....

Vegalab provides business update on recently acquired M&G Packing

Vegalab, Inc. ("the Company" or "Vegalab"), (OTCQB: VEGL) today provided a business update on M&G Packing, which was purchased on October 18, 2017. The facility consists of approximately 11 acres of real property and 30,000 sq. ft. of buildings. M&G packing had approximately $8.6 million in fruit sales.....

Granny Smith apples for St. Patrick's Day

Go for the Green with Granny Smith apple displays and promotions. Granny Smith apples are the ideal apple for St. Patrick’s Day displays, adding a pop of bright green to retails displays that will convert into “green” at the cash register. Available in both organic and conventional, add Granny Smith bulk.....

Strawberry Picking Challenge raises nearly $100K

The Strawberry Picking Challenge presented by Monte Package Company raised nearly $100,000. The fifth annual charity event’s proceeds will benefit children of the Redlands Christian Migrant Association.The fundraiser featured 21 corporate-sponsored teams competing in an exciting relay-style strawberry-picking.....

Petra Veldman, Stoffels Tomaten, on the story behind the ‘Automato’

Automato focuses on self-service trend

Tomato nursery Stoffels from Rijkevorsel, Belgium, stood out with the launch of the ‘Automato’ during Fruit Logistica Berlin back in 2016. For its latest innovation, the company even received the jury price of the Innovation Award. But where did this idea come from?According to co-owner Petra Stoffels-Veldman,.....

Mushrooms are increasingly popular protein source for 'blenditarianism'

Mushrooms are topping 2018 trends lists as consumers develop a continued appreciation for their nutritional and functional properties, including ‘Blenditarianism’, a new food movement for consumers as a robust food source instead of meat. They may actually be onto something.A study in October 2017 found that.....

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Julian Garcia, from Grupo TR FR Jacarilla:

"There's a lack of citrus for processing and prices are high this year"

The fall in yields in the current Spanish citrus season, which is due to a drought and other factors, has led to an increase in prices in the field, even though there isn't a high demand for these products, as in the case of lemons, which have yielded small sizes this season. The decrease in orange production.....

Eric Dierick of Beltran:

"There is no grape shortage to speak of"

The grape market was and is good, but according to importer Eric Dierick of Beltran, part of Group Achiel de Witte, it isn't going as smoothly as was expected. "Large shortages were announced due to weather conditions etc, but personally I don't think there is a grape shortage to speak of. I see enough of them.....

Jan Marc Schulz, SFI Rotterdam:

“Surprisingly good market for Chilean plums, grape season uncertain”

There’s currently a good supply of Chilean blueberries. “Late in January we had many bad arrivals, which resulted in a downwards market, but the market is now coming out of that slump,” says Jan Marc Schulz of SFI Rotterdam. Blueberries are a product with a large share nowadays. “We still expect at least three.....

Giro' Italia - multi-purpose packaging solutions

"We believe packaging is a powerful tool that can establish a connection between shape and substance. What we see conveys a world of meaning. Years of experience in this sector confirm that making people live experiences through materials, shapes and colours is essential to communicate a product and strengthen.....

UK: Waitrose selling ‘avocado’ Easter eggs

UK supermarket chain Waitrose have announced their new Easter eggs, in avocado-style.The trendy eggs are fashioned from 250g of dark, white and milk chocolate, and are priced at £8.Cambridge-news.co.uk tells us that according to Waitrose, the egg has a dark chocolate shell, white chocolate flesh and an inner.....

Potato DNA markers could keep potatoes fresher for longer

EU-funded scientists have discovered genetic markers that could allow potatoes to be selected for their ability to be stored at low temperatures, keeping them fresh and avoiding the use of anti-sprouting chemicals.Ireland is world-renowned for producing potatoes, but Irish crisp and chip manufacturers face a.....

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are moving closer together

The two-way split between Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd may soon come to an end. First of all, a merger is planned of the purchasing departments and in several other areas as well, so certain goods can be procured in unison, according to the latest issue of Manager Magazin.Manager Magazin cites the minutes from a.....

British government conclusion:

Russia behind cyber attack on Maersk and APM Terminals

The virus that brought a number of large companies in Europe to a halt, including APM Terminals and Maersk Line, last summer, was spread by Russia. This is according to the British government. The malware first showed up in the Ukraine and spread to Europe from there. The British government is now saying that.....

Aldi Süd grocery chain stands up for bees

Aldi Süd has announced it is now the first major European retailer that has banned pesticides, toxic to bees, in their produce.Furthermore, they have expanded their selection of organic meat and products, which, according to the retailer, are totally free of added antibiotics, hormones or additives.

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Phil O'Keefe - Simplot

"Australian grown has given us another card in the game"

One of Australia's largest food processing companies Simplot Australia Pty. Ltd. says being Australian based has given it a significant advantage in the Australian market over the past decade.General Manager of Agricultural Services Phil O'Keeffe says Simplot Australia Pty. Ltd. is the last frozen food.....

Warmer weather helps drive New Zealand cherry export volumes

Summerfruit New Zealand says cherries have been ripening very quickly this season due to the warm temperatures, and while that has been a challenge for growers in getting them to market on time, the volumes of the fruit have been very pleasing.In fact, an export record was recently broken; 959 tonnes was the.....

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Cargo monitoring company and sea freight forwarder announce trials in Berlin

MOST, the Sweden-based creator of real-time data and temperature trackers, is expanding its trials with sea freight forwarder, Kuehne + Nagel. The expanded trials will open opportunities for the MOST solution across international markets, with the focus on serving clients in a range of industries, including.....

NASA satellite image shows the night lights across the globe

Can someone turn that off? We're trying to sleep here!

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Export of fresh fruit from South Africa continues to grow

The export of fresh fruit from South Africa continued to grow last year. In total, 3.33 million tonnes were exported according to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). That is ten per cent more than in 2016.For years, approximately 45 per cent of export was focused on EU countries, the Netherlands being.....

The many health benefits of the passion fruit

It is claimed passion fruit has immense health and medicinal benefits, ranging from enhancing digestion, boosting immune function, improving eyesight, lowering blood pressure, boosting blood circulation and even preventing certain types of cancers.Here are some of the main health benefits of passion fruit, as.....

Worldwide numbers on sweet cherry exports

Global sales from sweet cherry exports amounted to some $2.4 billion in 2016.Overall, the value of sweet cherries exports were up by an average of 44.1% for all exporting countries since 2012. Then, sweet cherries shipments were valued at $1.6 billion. Overall, the Latin American and Caribbean countries.....

Shorter travel time because of diminishing Polar ice

Container ships using the Northern Sea Route across the top of the world can cut the length of voyages by 40% compared with travelling via the Suez Canal. And sometimes, ships can now even cross the Northern Sea Route during winter.

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While the thinning ice does present opportunities for increasing trade, perhaps the drawbacks will outweigh the benefits.


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