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Friday, August 28, 2015

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Gabrie van Eeden, Goede Hoop Citrus
South Africa: Importers should place orders soon, limited stock
At present Valencias are in the process of being harvested in South Africa. In the Western Cape harvesting has just started, but in the Northern areas it is coming to the end of the season. The Western Cape will be busy for at least the next six weeks.According to Gabrie van Eeden from Goede Hoop Citrus, the.....

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Colombian avocado to US within six months
The Colombian Agricultural Institute, ICA, confirmed that, after having worked with producers in various regions of the country for over eight years, Colombia would be sending their first shipment of avocados to the US market in six months.To date, all that's missing is for the US government to publish the.....

Steady import market for kiwifruit expected to firm up
Chilean kiwifruit imports are commanding prices in line with what was expected for this time of year. But the steady market could strengthen in the coming weeks.“I think the market is pretty average right now,” said Ari Kamberian of Tazza Produce. “Right now we're getting kiwifruit from Chile, and I would.....

Spain expects 25% less volume
South Africa alone on the market
The USDA calculated that there will be 7.3 percent less volume of oranges on the market this season. The decrease is visible in all production areas with the exception of South Africa, according to the American organisation. The South Africans started their season a few months ago on an almost empty world.....

Houwelings launches waste heat & CO2 recovery system
Houweling’s Group has announced the launch of its patent pending waste heat and CO2 recovery system implementation at its Mona, Utah, greenhouse farm. While designed to complement Houweling’s patented Ultra Clima greenhouse, the unique recovery system will have applications in any controlled agriculture.....

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US(NC): Sweet potato harvest looks promising
Harvest of sweet potatoes in North Carolina starts around Labor Day. “This year’s crop looks promising with higher supplies and better quality than last year,” says Ronnie Mercer with Wayne Bailey, Inc. “This year we have about 5,000 acres in the field and hope to get a lot of acres through the curing.....

High water prices and the anti-sugar lobby pose biggest issues to growers
Navel Oranges out of Mildura 'exceptional' this season
The Australian orange season has been solid, according to reports, and in particular Navels from the Murray Valley area have been of ‘exceptional quality’ according to grower Vince DeMaria with a high percentage of Class 1 fruit coming out of the region. “The fruit has had a combination of perfect eating.....

US(SC): Hot summer extends peach season with two weeks
“Due to a hot, dry summer, our peach harvest will be extended by an additional two weeks,” says Chalmers Carr with Titan Farms. “We will harvest and ship peaches into the latter part of September.” This type of weather makes for the sweetest peach and is welcomed after a challenging start to the growing.....

"We have to invest in hail nets"
Belgium: 600 hectares of top fruit damaged in Haspengouw
Haspengouw fruit growers were heavily affected by the hail and rain on the 13th of August. According to Luc Vanoirbeek, who has been active as an advisor with Boerenbond for almost thirty year, the situation is very serious for some growers. "This is around 600 hectares in total. That is considerable. Apples.....

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US(MI): Storm leads to strong sweet corn prices
Heavy rain this season in and around the state of Michigan has caused sweet corn supplies to be light. While not all growers were hit evenly, overall lower volumes have made for high prices.“We were pretty fortunate in Michigan, but there was a lot of rain to the north and to the south of us,” said Dave.....

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Jan Timmermans: new top fruit crop quality above average
Dutch pear crop as good as last season
"Top fruit crop quality has been better over the last few years. We are getting a full, top quality crop," says the top fruit dealer Jan Timmermans from Veen, the Netherlands. He expects that yields will be as good as last year, especially with the pears, "The size is somewhat smaller, but they have been.....

Green is around two euros
Bell pepper doing well this year
The bell pepper is doing remarkably well this season. There have been some price drops, but they weren't so serious as to alarm growers. "The holiday period has gone well too," says Benny Cuypers of LAVA. "Even at times when production was rather high, prices were still decent."Green highestAt the moment,.....

Mercadona buys 30% more Spanish oranges
During the 2015 campaign, Mercadona has purchased 130,000 tonnes of several varieties of oranges from Spanish suppliers, which represents an increase of 30% compared to the previous season.As reported by the retailer in a statement, its stores offer Spanish oranges of the Navelina, Navel, Navel Lane Late and.....

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Chris Loncke: "more and more customers choosing based on price"
Raspberry prices rising
The raspberry market is currently doing well. According to Belgian grower Chris Loncke from Frambofruit, raspberries are going for 1.30 to 1.40 per 125 gram for pre-sale at the Auction of BelOrta. This is because production is a bit lower right now. Last week the pre-sale price was still 1 Euro. In the free.....

French plums from Lot-Et-Garonne low in volume
This is the first year in his 50 year career that producer, Benoit Lefèvre, has harvested so few plums. He would normally harvest 180 tons, but figures suggest that the volume will be half of that harvested last year. This is due to a very hot and dry summer, and he explains that “in March we already had a.....

Spain: Girona to increase apple production
Apple production in Girona (leading apple producer in Catalonia and Spain) will increase by 20% by 2018. Peach, nectarine and pear production will be partially replaced with apple production for 3 years. Whilst Royal Gala harvest only began mid-August, the Girona apple has announced up to 70,000 tons of.....

AMA market report 07/2015 for fruit and vegetables
Above average apple production expected - cherries remain stable
Despite a light reduction compared to last year (-4%), according to Agrarmarkt Austria, first yield estimates for winter stonefruit from orchards lead us to expect an above average production of winter apples (+7% compared to the ten-year average), with 217,000 t. A majority (82%) of domestic winter apples.....

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VOG Consortium
Italy: Africa, South-East Asia future markets for Alto Adige apples
The press tour organised by theVOGConsortium on 24th and 25th August to celebrate its 70th anniversary was the perfect occasion to talk about the campaign and consider future trade opportunities.Georg Kössler and Gerhard Dichgans, president and director of VOG respectively. "We are halfway through the.....

Is the Tomatina a waste of tomatoes?
Starting at 10.45 am on Wednesday, 22,000 people had a tomato war with 150,000 kilos of the vegetable in Buñol, a Valencian town, to celebrate La Tomatina. The popular festival is 70 years old, and to mark the event the volume of tomatoes was increased by 29,000 kilos compared to 2014. The ammunition is.....

Could damage the whole citrus industry
Turkey: Early citrus harvest may affect exports
Adana Citrus Producers’ Association (ADATUB) chairman Rifat Karabucak, said that last month’s 40.5% inflation on lemon prices has opened the road to early harvesting. Karabucak states that this situation is damaging for both producers and consumers; lemons which have not sufficiently ripened.....

A new alternative use for tomatoes
Turkey: Famous tomato region offers tomato ice cream
In Bursa’s famous tomato growing region Karacabey, a patisserie is offering tomato ice cream for sale. Karacabey’s Konak patisserie has been serving the local population for 45 years and has now broken ground with its new flavour for the hot summer days. Chef, Selcuk Eris recently created the.....

The “TomTato" hits Turkey
Sakir Sirinsoz from Odemis, Izmir, has successfully cultivated tomatoes on the branches and potatoes on the roots of the same plant. Over 10 years, grower Sakir Sirinsoz has cultivated 600 varieties of plants in his orchard, but his “TomTato” or “DomPat” is amazing people. In April, Sirinsoz.....

British onions running 7-10 days late
The UK onion harvest got under way in June, this was for overwinter crops. In July the sets were harvested and in August the drilled crops, which are still being harvested.Jayne Dyas from British Growers said it is still early days to be sure of volumes, crops have still to reach stores and be cured but the.....

YouGov poll
Consumers prefer cardboard packaging
British shoppers* prefer to see their purchases packed in cardboard because it offers better protection than polystyrene for goods in transit, as well as being the easiest material to recycle, according to latest research commissioned by the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI).This boost for the.....

New deep-water harbor Bronka receives container bridges from Liebherr
On August 16, the delivery of the first two container bridges STS P167 L (WS) from Liebherr manufacturers took place in the new Baltic Sea harbor Bronka. With their booms with a reach of 51 meters, the high-performance container bridges are able to load and unload the furthest 18 containers parallel on.....

COIAL warns about catastrophic consequences of Hydrological Plan
The Association of Agricultural Engineers of Levante (COIAL) has objected to the "Hydrological Plan Proposal," the "Flood Risk Management Draft Plan" and the "Strategic Environmental Study" of the hydrological planning process for the Segura River Basin.According to the statement, "we found that, in all.....

10% below initial prospects
Spain: Kaki harvest to reach 200,000 tonnes in Valencia
Despite the adverse weather conditions registered in Valencia, such as heat waves and hail storms, which have caused plenty of fruit to drop and consequently a 10% reduction of the original estimate, the kaki production in the upcoming campaign is still expected to exceed 200,000 tonnes for the second.....

Joop Litjens:
"Fennel season had bad start, now there's good demand"
The Dutch fennel season has been very varied, says Joop Litjens. The growers have developed into the largest fennel grower in the Netherlands, with an area of 50 hectares and a volume of over 1,000 tonnes. "We had a bad start, with reasonable yields but bad prices and bulkhead problems. When there was a.....

Monsanto, rivals eye next step after Syngenta deal collapse
Monsanto Co, having ditched an audacious $46 billion offer for Syngenta AG, may downshift to a humbler strategy of beefing up its crop protection portfolio through other acquisitions, partnerships and licensing agreements.The deal's collapse leaves Monsanto, Syngenta and other agrochemical sector companies.....

Greens and vegetables to be grown on 5 hectares
Russia: Yet another greenhouse complex in Yugra
In the village of Yarky in Khanty-Mansiysk, Yugra, JSC Agrofirma are to build another large greenhouse complex with an area of ​​more than 5 hectares. This will be the second phase of the implementation of a large investment project. Agrofirma consider the region’s food security to.....

Welsh woman fined £75 for lettuce litter
A young mum was fined £75 for dropping what she says was a small piece of lettuce out of her car window. She has been given until September 2 to pay the fine or face going to court.Emma Lawrence, 22 said she felt intimidated and was shaking as a Newport council worker approached her in a supermarket car park.....

Non-European destinations for Spain's fruit and veg are Brazil, Algeria and the UAE
Between January and June 2015, Brazil, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates were the main non-European destinations of Spanish fresh fruit and vegetable exports. These countries had already registered significant growth in previous yearsSpanish exports to Brazil in the first half of 2015 increased by 79% in.....

EU ministers of agriculture need to address price predicament
German, French farmer associations communicating
Chairman of the Deutsche Bauernverband (DBV), Joachim Rukwied and his French colleague Xavier Beulin (FNSEA) took the tense situation of the agricultural markets as a reason to narrowly adjust their agricultural-political market positions. At a meeting in Strasbourg on August 24, 2015, the agricultural.....

V-Markt Munich Balansstrasse
"When local products are available we gladly take them into our assortment"
“Simply better shopping” is the promise the family-run company Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH gives its customers. Regardless of whether it is local vegetables or exotic fruit, the customers can find whatever their hearts desire is at the fruit and vegetable counter at the V-Markt in the Munich Balansstraße.Click here.....

UK ‘could benefit’ from Chinese slowdown
The UK’s economy could benefit from the Chinese slowdown due to sustained low interest rates and cheaper prices but wider growth could be squeezed, according to new research.The report from Oxford Economics found that a "hard landing" for the world's second largest economy would "offer both drawbacks and.....

A look at Turkey's fig industry
Increase in Turkish fig production expected this year
Turkey’s Chamber of Agriculture chairman Semsi Bayraktar, explains that an increase in fig production is expected this year, "Last year more than 300,000 tons of figs were produced, this year a 9.5% increase to 328,000 tons is expected." Bayraktar, in a statement, draws attention to the fact.....

Google Street View car pureed at tomato-throwing festival
When Google sent a Street View car into the Tomatina festival the plan was to capture “the magic and colour” of the messy event from all angles, but instead it ended up with footage of tomato-drenched revellers trashing the car.The local authority said the plan was for the car to travel the route of the.....


AU: Banana crate trials a win for the industry
Recent trials by CHEP Australia in the use of reusable plastic crates as an alternative to cardboard cartons for the banana industry have returned positive results for growers and other members of the supply chain.Early estimates show a 10 to 15 per cent cost saving, while also reducing damage to the fruit.....

Northern Territory
AU: Mango growers out in force for pre-season workshops
The Australian Mango industry kicked off the pre-season regional grower workshops this week in the Northern Territory. Robert Gray, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Mango Industry Association said that he was delighted with the attendance. “Mango growers representing 90% of Territory production.....

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NZ: AgriChain Centre authorised as IVA
The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has authorised The AgriChain Centre to be an IVA for the produce industry.As an IVA, The AgriChain Centre will act under delegated authority of MPI within the export certification system. Independent Verification Agencies undertake services on MPI’s behalf to.....

2001 to 2011:
Fiji's agriculture trade exceeded $26billion
From 2001 to 2011, the total value of Fiji's agriculture trade exceeded $26billion. A total of $12billion accounted for exports.Speaking to participants at an exporters symposium in Lautoka yesterday, Agriculture Ministry acting permanent secretary Uraia Waibuta said this showed the trade sector's.....


"Actively looking for new markets for our customers"
Fresh Express now at Brussels Airport
Fresh Express, the recently established logistics provider for freight perishables in Liege, will also have a branch at Brucargo next to Brussels Airport by mid-September. Tom Gemels and Jonathan Bouchat started their agency in May in Liege, Belgium and they see the benefits of the Brucargo location, "The.....

Quiz: Test your tomato knowledge
How well do you know your tomatoes? The Washington Post recently published a quiz to put your knowledge to the test.

Click here to take to quiz and see how well you score. Good luck!

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possibility to pit mangoes
Universal cutting machine for fruit and veg
A lot of SS8 Universal cutting machines for cutting fruit and vegetables have already been sold and installed in the Netherlands and Belgium. This cutting machine has several benefits to cutting kitchens. The cutting machine is a compact machine, with a capacity of up to 70 pieces of fruit/vegetables per.....

Asia Fruit Logistica grows by a third
Asia Fruit Logistica, which takes place on 2-4 September at AsiaWorld-Expo Center in Hong Kong, has grown by a third this year.More than 550 companies from 40 different countries will exhibit their products and services, and visitors can look forward to seeing the industry’s ‘latest and greatest’ at the.....


Sobeys launches a new format | Ex-CEO Tesco to be questioned by prosecutors
AmazonFresh eyes France and Germany | Woolworths' profit slides
Aeon 2Q earnings down 67% - Aeon Co, which operates the Aeon and MaxValue retail stores and Aeon Big hypermarkets and supermarkets in Malaysia, saw its net profit for the second quarter ended June 30, 2015 (2QFY15) fall almost 67% to RM15.7mn or 1.12 sen per share from RM47mn or 3.34 sen per share.....

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