Photo reports

We frequently publish photo reports about special occasions and fairs.

Presentation by Shawn Harris
Nature's Pride celebrates opening of new premises
On Saturday June 9th, Nature’s Pride celebrated the official opening of it’s new buildings at the Honderdland business park in Maasdijk. The new offices for were used for the first time a while ago, but last weekend it was time for a real party. The occasion also heralds the end of a difficult period, after a fire destroyed the company’s premises in De Lier end of last year. Visitors from around the world witnessed all the details of the new complex. In this video you can watch the presentation by Shawn Harris...

Photo report 39
India: grape export quality improved
Indian grape exporters realized some serious improvements in the quantities of residues of plant protection agents on fresh grape exports. Under the guidance of Apeda, a software package controls the readying of export shipments. In a short presentation, APEDA director S. Dave and 4 delegation members explained how this was achieved...

Photo report 38
CPMA Convention and Trade Show in Montréal, Canada
The CPMA Convention and Trade Show in Montréal, Canada took place from May 9 to May 11. The prominent presence of a great number of fruits and vegetables, which tap into the convenience trend was striking. Today, consumers have increasingly less time, but they do want to eat healthier. created this large photo report (over 200 pictures)...

Photo report 37
Florida Grapefruit balloon flight
During this balloon flight, hot air was used to prepare delicacies above the clouds, using yellow, white and red grapefruit...
Photo report 36
Photoreport Breeding Institute
This photoreport gives an impression of the breeding department of the Italian Fruit Tree Research Institute.
Photo report 35
Cherry production from rootstock to market
This photoreport gives an impression of the production of Alara cherries in Turkey, showing details like grafting, plantations, harvesting and packaging for Tesco...
Photo report 34
Cuban fruit and vegetable plantations
During a visit to Cuba FreshPlaza made a few pictures of the fruit and vegetable production present there, including citrus, bananas and pineapple...
Video interview with Ron Lemaire on upcoming CPMA convention
The upcoming international convention of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) will take place from 9 to 11 May in Montreal, Canada. In this video interview, made on the occassion of the Fruit Logistica 2007 in Berlin, Canadian Produce Marketing Association's Executive Vice President & Director of Marketing Ron Lemaire tells what to expect of the upcoming trade show and why foreign companies should participate.

Photo report 33
Production of Sweet Kiss melons in Costa Rica
During a recent visit to Costa Rican melon plantations, Frank Levarht of Dutch produce importer and exporter Levarht made a series of photo’s covering part of the production process...

Photo report 32
Chilean Reception - Fruit Logistica 2007

The Chilean Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) held a reception for the fresh produce industry in the orangery of the Charlottenburg Palace on Friday 9 February. This photo report shows some of the +500 visitors that were present at the reception. The food and drinks served showed the quality of Chilean products, like excellent wines and delicious salmon. All the guests were able to taste for themselves...
Video interview with Dr. Roger Hellens of HortResearch NZ
At the occasion of Fruit Logistica 2007 in Berlin, FreshPlaza did an interview with Dr. Roger Hellens of HortResearch from New Zealand, discussing fruit genomics. This emerging area of science helps to understand how plants and fruit develop at a molecular level, which creates new opportunities to breed natural new fruit cultivars with novel tastes, colours and health properties, as well as trees that produce more and better fruit with fewer inputs...

Photo report 31
Fruit Logistica 2007 Exhibition in Berlin
FreshPlaza was present with a stand in Hall 3.2. Different staff members made a series of pictures of the people and the stands they visited and of the noteworthy items that were seen underway. Fruit Logistica made for a very enjoyable exhibition, that allowed for meeting many of the people in this exceptionally thriving industry...

Photo report 30
Italy at the Fruit Logistica 2007
FreshPlaza correspondent Italy, Rossella Gigli made a series of fotos at the Fruit Logistica 2007, with a focus on the Italian representation at the exhibition, showing some of the innovations and topical issues that played a part there...

Photo report 29
Official Opening Fruit Logistica
The Official Opening of the Fruit Logistica 2007 in Berlin took place in the International Congress Center (ICC). This year, the Netherlands were the Fruit Logistica partner country. About 800 people were invited to the opening...
Photo report 28
Belco: Egyptian fruit and vegetable giant
Partakers of a delegation to Egypt visited the company Belco in Zamalek, at 85 kilometres west of Cairo. Belco is an Egyptian company which was founded in 1993 by the brothers Sherif and Mohsen El-Beltagy. Presently the growing acreage covers around 1000 hectare, of which 650 hectare is located at Zamalek...
Photo report 27
First edition of Frutiveg produce exhibition in Cairo
The Dutch embassy in Egypt organised a horticultural exhibition in Cairo called Frutiveg, to join Egyptian and Dutch companies to create new businesses opportunities. A Dutch delegation of business people from the fresh produce and cut flower industries were present for the occasion....
Photo report 26
Hustle before Christmas at European Centre of fruit and vegetables in Brussels
Brussels - During the last days before Christmas, importers are very busy. Also those who are located at the European Centre of fruit and vegetables in Brussels, Belgium. Colleague Lody van Berkel travelled to Brussels early this morning...
Photo report 25
Interpom 2006, International potato trade fair, Kortrijk, Belgium
On Sunday 26, Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 November 2006, the Belgian Xpo exposition center featured the 13th INTERPOM / PRIMEURS...
Photo report 24
China, Shenzhen International Fruit, Vegetable & Technology Trade Show
May of the Chinese produce company Yantai Guangyuan Fruit Vegetable Co. Ltd . has sent us a photoreport of the international produce show in Shenzen.

Photo report 23
Interpoma 2006
Our FreshPlaza correspondent in Italy, Rossella Gigli, was set to go to Interpoma, but was then urgently hospitalized. Fortunately her husband Giancarlo visited the exhibition on her behalf and made this photo report for us.

Photo report 22
Heavy rainfall in Spain

Several sources sent us pictures of the heavy rainfall in Spain. An importer wrote: "Due to the bad weather conditions, severe shortages of iceberg lettuce developed in entire Europe. Many plots can be considered as lost.

Photo report 21
PMA Fresh Summit 2006 San Diego, CA
Our photo report with over 500 pictures of people, products, innovations and booths present at the exhibition. This photo report gives a good impression of the livelyhood and high number of visitors experienced this year. For those who were there and for those who were not, find yourself amongst the pictures or take a look at what you may have missed!

Photo report 20
Wholesale market Rungis
A group of representatives of the fresh produce industry made a study trip to Paris. The delegation visited the French wholesale market Rungis Marché International and took some pictures there.

Photo report 19
New fruit on fruit show in Rome, Italy
The second edition 2006 of the Stone Fruit Show has taken place on last October the 6th. The show is organized in Rome two times a year by the Italian Fruit Tree Research Institute...
Photo report 18
Valparaíso and Llay llay; FreshPlaza visits Chile
This photo report shows the Valparaíso port facilities, gives some impressions of grape packing, vineyards, hawking and avocado production...
Photo report 17
Del Curto; FreshPlaza visits Chile
While in Chile, a visit was made to the facilities of Del Curto, Chilean vineyards and a winery. Here is a photo impression of the visit...
Photo report 16
Photo report pineapple harvest Costa Rica
During his trip to Costa Rica, Frank Levarht photographed the harvest and postharvest process of pineapple. It concerns the Sweet Kiss pineapples that have been available at Levahrt for a while now. Here is a short photo report...
Photo report 15
Macfrut produce expo in Cesena, Italy May 2006
Our Italian fresh produce correspondent Rossella Gigli attended Macfrut and visited numerous exhibitors. These pictures give an impression of the good atmosphere at Macfrut and the spirit of collaboration that could be noted everywhere...
Photo report 14
Reception of first Lola bananas from Guatemala
The European banana distributor SIFE Spa from Padova, Italy, has started collaboration with Agro Industrias Hame from Guatemala, Green Reefers and Seabrex, bringing Guatemalan bananas to the EU market...
Photo report 13
Asoex & Los Lirios; FreshPlaza visits Chile
Progressing through our visit to Chile we received an introduction to the Chilean Fruit Industry from Ronald Bown of Asoex, followed by a visit to Los Lirios. Meanwhile we get a view on La Moneda, the presidents palace....
Photo report 12
Viña Undurraga; FreshPlaza visits Chile
Asoex , the Chilean export promotion organisation, has invited FreshPlaza to visit Chile - an invitation we gladly accepted. The visits to several companies started with the visit to the Santa Ana estate of Viña Undurraga in Maipo Valley....
Photo report 11 - 205 pictures
Fruit Logistica 2006 Exhibition in Messe Berlin
Here are some images that give an impression of what the Fruit Logistica was like, trying to display innovative products and packagins and also attempting to give a face to the companies that have appeared in the news over the past year.
Photo report 10
US National Onion Association at NNZ
A delegation of the NOA was welcomed on the premises of the NNZ (Noord Nederlandse Zakkenhandel, traders in onion packagings since 1922) during their tour through the Netherlands. A group of around 30 onion growers, led by their president Dave Rietveld, made this trip to learn more about the Dutch methods of onion treatments...
Photo report 9
AGF Poland 2005 Exhibition
In Warsaw, Poland, a fresh produce exhibition is being held. The exhibition is relatively young, but draws international attention. Especially Dutch traders enjoy the private atmosphere at the fair, were the scale allows for qualitative conversations.
Photo report 8
Coosemans Reception at Marriott Marquis Atlanta, 2005
Coosemans Diam has treated many guests to an unforgettable evening, with beatifully dressed ladies, tidbits, drinks and animated conversations at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Atlanta, durin the Fresh Summit 2005.
Photo report 7 - around 300 pictures
PMA Fresh Summit 2005, USA
The long awaited photo report on the PMA Fresh Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, which was held from November 4-8 in the Georgia World Congress Center. There are about 300 photo's here. We've included pictures of the people present, products and several booths.
Photo report 6
AGF Totaal 2005, The Netherlands
Here is the promised photo report on the fresh produce exhibition AGF Totaal 2005, which was held in the Ahoy' in Rotterdam, from 12 to 15 September. It offers a mix of foreign exhibitors, visitors and Dutch traders, captured at the event...
Photo report 5
Bessels Architects, Kuwait
Acclimatised Produce Distribution Centre built in Kuwait
Bessels architects & engineers from Twello, The Netherlands is active in cunstruction works even in Kuwait, where a temperature difference of 100 degrees Celsius had to be overcome.
Photo report 4
Fortuna Frutos, Tenerife
Grower of mini- and plum tomatoes, Manuel Jesus Acevedo. The visited greenhouses in Playa San Juan cover an area of 3 ha...
Photo report 3
Field trip to Ireland
Tuesday and wednesday, April 19 and 20, we organised a flied trip to Ireland. As tour conductor Patricia de Jonge, Primago, headed the delegation on it's visits to Donnely, Fyffes, Superquinn, Jameson whisky and a reception at the Dutch embassy. Also, the agricultural council for GB and Ireland shared info and a visit to the Dublin wholesale market and the IFEX food fair were included...
Photo report 2
Van Rijn celebrates 150 years jubilee
With great interest from business relations and employees alike, the Van Rijn Group from Poeldijk celebrated it's 150 years jubilee. About thirteen hundred guests were present attending the official program and around eleven hundred joined the festivities in the evening, which took place on April 2...

Photo report 1
Allfru Group, Tenerife
With a total member count of 400 growers, the Coagisora, a division of the Allfru group, can claim it is one of the biggest cooperation’s on Tenerife. 250 Growers produce long life tomatoes on 251 hectares. At the peak of it’s production, the cooperation daily processes 20.000 cartons. This photo report covers both the tomato-and the banana processing…