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Shelf life prediction, optimized routing and ERP
Cold chain software for fresh produce providers

ProWare provides growers, packers, shippers and distributors of fresh produce and perishable foods with the ability to better manage cold chain operations. ProWare’s FreshAware solution works with Intelleflex RFID readers and tags to capture, monitor, and report pallet-and case-level temperature throughout the supply channel. The data, captured using Intelleflex temperature monitoring tags, can be fed into a shelf-life calculator and utilized by management to improve operation. This data enables shelf-life prediction for improving inventory management by providing the ability to dynamically optimize routing in real-time to reduce waste and maximize post-harvest yield.

ProWare’s AgWare ERP solution, designed specifically for cold chain operations, allows companies to maintain real time control over all products, increasing company profitability and customer satisfaction. Integration of Intelleflex RFID with AgWare enhances traceability and is a logical addition for food safety and security, as well as for superior inventory visibility and compliance.

The Need for On-Demand Visibility
A significant percentage of harvested produce goes to waste each year due to improper temperature management. The cost of this shrink is borne by the producers, suppliers, distributors and retailers through reduced profitability and diminished quality and brand value. Producers, growers and packers are “shipping blind” based solely on visual inspection of product or use of First In, First Out (FIFO) inventory, resulting in delivery of spoiled or reduced shelf-lifeproduct.

The Challenge
Because fresh produce and perishable foods age at rates that are unique to each pallet or container, trailer or lot-level monitoring is inadequate and visual inspection provides few, if any, clues as to the remaining shelf life of the product or how to optimize distribution and routing.

To improve the cold chain, it’s essential to track and monitor temperature and remaining shelf life at the pallet-and case-level in-transit to enable dynamic routing and FEFO inventory to maximize post-harvest yield and provide documented quality of delivery to the retailer.

The Solution
Monitoring and controlling temperature is critical for properly managing and optimizing the fresh produce and perishable cold chain. Whether fruits, vegetables, seafood, flowers or frozen products, knowing and understanding the temperature of the products in-transit from field to fork is essential for reducing waste and maximizing post-harvest yield.

FreshAware, from ProWare Services, works with Intelleflex XC3 Technology™ RFID readers and temperature tags to capture, monitor, and report unit level temperature throughout the supply channel. The captured data is be fed into the FreshAware shelf-life calculator application and made available for operations, QC and sales level analytics.

FreshAware works with Intelleflex RFID temperature monitoring tags that are placed in each unit (case, pallet, etc.) in the field or other points in the cold chain. Monitoring at the pallet-or case-level is critical because temperature variations, and elapsed time of those variations, vary by pallet or container meaning that each unit takes on a shelf life of its own. The tag records temperature at user defined, pre-determined intervals. As the units pass through waypoints (such as the pack house, entry to/exit from cooler, shipping, distribution center, etc.) the tag is energized and records the waypoint location, timestamps and related temperature to the tag’s memory. This data is "harvested“ in-transit at any point in the cold chain using Intelleflex readers and, through a series of proprietary algorithms, calculates the shelf life –in real-time –at the pallet and case level.

FreshAware enables your operations, QC, and sales to match sales orders to customers destinations based on the actual shelf life remaining, not just a generic "harvest", "lot date", or "receive date". This provides the ability to ensure quality and reduce waste.

ProWare Services AgWare solution is designed specifically for packers, growers,shippers,food brokers and distributors. AgWare functionality enables financial traceability of products from purchase/receiving through final settlement and logistical traceability of products from source to point of delivery. Electronic documentation for all phases of operation, including transfers and process orders, enhances speed and accuracy for every employee. AgWare allows companies to maintain real time control over all products, increasing company profitability and customer satisfaction. Integration of Intelleflex RFID-based traceability technology with AgWare is a logical enhancement for food safety and security, as well as for superior inventory visibility and compliance.

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Publication date: 10/13/2011


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