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Safer and easier way to apply ethylene
Catalytic Generators uniformly ripens your fruit

At Catalytic Generators, Inc. the generators convert the company's Ethy-Gen II Ripening Concentrate into ethylene, which is a natural plant hormone. It affects the growth, development, ripening, and senescence (aging) of all plants. It is normally produced in small quantities by most fruits and vegetables; however many fruits produce larger quantities of ethylene and respond with uniform ripening when exposed to an external source of ethylene. Catalytic Generators' system is used in commercial ripening rooms, where the generator continuously produces small amounts of controlled ethylene throughout the initial phases of the ripening cycle.

The company's Easy-Ripe Generator and Ethy-Gen II Ripening Concentrate can be used on a variety of fruits such as avocado, banana, citrus, kiwifruit, mango, Honeydew melon, nectarine, papaya, peach, pear, plum and tomato. Another system is the Centralized Ripening System - CRS, designed to provide a large number of ripening rooms with a continuous ethylene supply from just one large container of Ethy-Gen II.

Ethylene is a natural plant hormone and the external ethylene which is released into a ripening room simply interacts with the fruit and the fruit responds by releasing its own ethylene and beginning the ripening phase. There are no ethylene residues on the fruit from this process, and ethylene has been used and recognized for over 60 years as the universal ripening hormone. Catalytic Generators' systems are safe from the dangers of ethylene explosion, and do not contain toxic chemicals like calcium carbide ripening.

Catalytic Generators, LLC. has a sister company, QA Supplies, LLC, that offers a full line of postharvest instruments, such as thermometers (to measure fruit pulp temperature), fruit firmness testers (penetrometers to measure fruit maturity), refractometers (to measure fruit BRIX ratio, or soluble solid /sugar content) and more. 

The company created the original catalytic generator in 1973, and now supply clients all over the world direct from their offices and warehouse in the USA.  They also have a network of distributors in many countries.

Catalytic Generators' newest system is called the SmartRipe Ethylene Management System.  It features PC-based control, monitoring and data logging of ethylene application. The system allows the user to enter an ethylene setpoint and achieve complete control of the ethylene level in any ripening room. It works by integrating an ethylene sensor with any of our generators. This enables the system to then control the generator ethylene production and maintain the desired ethylene level.

Greg Akins
Catalytic Generators, Inc.
Office: +1.757.855.0191
Cell: +1.757.477.0059


Publication date: 9/28/2010
Author: Nichola Watson


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