Banken Champignons starts supplying four countries with Vitamin D mushrooms

Every year, Banken Champignons introduces tasty, new mushroom concepts. These meet the wishes and demands of the consumer. Health, convenience, and sustainability are examples of this. The entire company strives to contribute to a sustainable future. They also share the vision of a respectful, fair cultivation for people, animals, and the environment.

Mushrooms with vitamin D
Too little sun? These mushrooms will supplement your levels of vitamin D. Wild mushrooms that are exposed to the sun on a daily basis, produce vitamin D naturally. Sunlight converts a substance in these mushrooms into vitamin D2. Cultivated mushrooms use no sunlight. This lack of light from the sun means these mushrooms do not produce any vitamin D.

Research has shown that cultivated mushrooms that are exposed to sunlight while being grown do produce vitamin D. Sunlight is made up of UV light which can be mimicked by special UV lamps. The duration and intensity of this "sunlight" determine the amount of vitamin D the mushroom produces. So, a longer exposure means the fungus will have a higher dose of vitamin D.

As of 17 July 2018, Banken Champignons, which is based in the Netherlands, received official approval from the European Commission. They are now allowed to market mushrooms with a high level of vitamin D. These mushrooms have been treated with UV light.

Is vitamin D healthy?
Vitamin D plays an essential role in the growth and maintenance of bones and teeth. Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium from food. It also helps with the proper functioning of our muscles and immune system.

Our bodies produce 66% of its own vitamin D. This happens when your skin is exposed to sunlight. There is, however, also vitamin D in our food. The vitamin D we get through what we eat is needed to supplement this. A shortage of vitamin D can be experienced especially in autumn and winter. This is simply because there is less sunlight.

Mushrooms produce vitamin D naturally with the help of the sun or short exposure to lights. Banken Champignons supplies Vitamin D mushrooms that contain ten micrograms of vitamin D. This is equivalent to the daily recommended amount of this vitamin. Even after preparing and heating up this product, these mushrooms retain their level of vitamin D. These mushrooms are displayed in a fresh, attractive package. All the relevant information is also given on the packaging.
Sales of Vitamin D mushrooms
Banken Champignons introduced these vitamin D-containing mushrooms at Fruit Logistica 2018. They were met with a lot of positive reactions from clients and business associates. From week 37, Banken Champignons started supplying Vitamin D mushrooms to four countries. Two types of packaging were developed for this. One is a 175-200g, PET container with a top seal. The other is a cardboard tray, which also has a top seat, and contains 180 or 250 grams of mushrooms. Of course, Banken Champignons, also offers the possibility of, along with the client, developing tailor-made packaging.

With regard to the packaging of their mushrooms, Banken Champignons is continually introducing new developments. These types of packaging are aimed at contributing to a more sustainable environment. There is an ever-increasing discussion about the sustainability of plastic. This has led to considering types of plastic, such as PET, that are more recyclable. More and more packaging is also being manufactured from cardboard. This type of packaging can be sealed with a top seal or cellophane. The advantage of this is that no PVC-containing stretch wrapping film is needed. In the way, Banken Champignons, along with their suppliers, is developing more sustainable packaging. Not only is this better for the environment, but it also keeps the mushrooms fresh for the consumer.

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