Bananas in the summer gap

"Prices are on a summer basis, but stable"

In parts of Germany, the summer holidays are not over yet. This is also noticeable in the fruit trade and especially for those fruits, which traditionally suffer more from the 'summer gap'. Severus Nacsa, Export Sales Manager at Andretta Fruchtimport GmbH, also knows this: "At the moment, we are still trading in summer volumes. That means very weak sales figures, and the holidays here in southern Germany are still going on. That means the numbers for yellow bananas are quite low, but that's the way it is every year and we have been expecting this."

Andretta mainly markets bananas from Ecuador, Guatemala and Costa Rica, as well as smaller quantities from Colombia. The available quantities are sufficient for the demand and the prices are developing accordingly: "Prices are on a summer basis, but stable. We do not see much fluctuation, as we have annual prices, the spot market was different, the prices at the end of June and July were very low. And with many importers stopping deliveries, or at least slowing them down, prices have skyrocketed and for weeks now the price has been rising in small steps and we are now at a satisfactory level for importers and ripeners."

Quality in waves
Nacsa is also satisfied with the quality of the fruit this summer: "The quality of the fruit is sometimes very different." 'Slowing down trade' means that nobody has much goods, so the fruits are fresh and there is not much to be moved. There have been problems with the cartons and fruits sometimes do not ripen quite evenly, but the situation is stable because of the smaller quantities and the fresh produce."

He goes on to explain: "The quality changes, depending on the place of origin. Sometimes Costa Rica is better and Guatemala is not so good, the next week it is the other way around, so it has been going in waves for the last three months." Even if a larger proportion of fruit had to be sorted at this time of year, the expert generally regards the quality of the fruit as good.

Like many others in the industry, Nacsa notes the presence of summer fruits: "Pineapples are selling relatively well, mangoes are consistent, apples are selling well throughout the year, and perhaps there will be some exciting developments this year thanks to the large harvest, but we will only know that in four weeks. Grapes are sometimes better, sometimes worse, Italy and Spain are through, and now Greece is coming in. Stone fruit is also normal for the season."

Stable market situation for organic bananas
Organic bananas play an important role in the market throughout the year. "Organic bananas are stable all year round, more in the winter, a little less stable in the summer, but always the same for the seasons. And organic bananas are very important."

The headquarters of Andretta Fruchtimport GmbH are located at the Stuttgart Wholesale Market. From there the company, which was founded in 1920, sources fruit and vegetables from almost 100 countries. Andretta's services include logistics and quality management, as well as a modern banana ripening and traditional on-site sales.

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