Battery technology for asparagus harvesting machines

Battery technology has developed to such an extent in recent years that the application of electrically powered machines has improved. In Europe 10,000 AspergeSpinnen are being used in the white and green asparagus cultivation. Combined with the correct cultivation systems this raises the productivity of seasonal labourers considerably. It makes a harvest performance of 250% compared to traditional harvest by hand possible.

The AspergeSpin A1 with the M-Bogen system for harvesting white asparagus

Lithium battery pack
Last season the first AspergeSpinnen were fitted with a 24 volt lithium battery pack. This battery pack has turned out to be very reliable. Characteristic of this pack is a weight reduction of 62% and a volume reduction of 50% compared to a conventional battery pack. It is possible to charge this battery pack in two hours. The lifespan of over 1000 cycles equals 10 asparagus seasons.

AGM Deep Cycle battery pack
The AspergeSpin has been fitted with an AGM Deep Cycle battery pack as the standard since 2018. This battery pack consists of two 12 volt AGM Deep Cycle batteries. AGM stands for "absorbent glass mat" which means that the acid is absorbed in a layer of fibre glass between the lead plates. This technology means the battery can be 80% discharged. The lifespan of 500 cycles equals 5 asparagus season. This leak free battery is also maintenance free, which means the acid level doesn't have to be topped up. The battery pack is the most economical choice for the AspergeSpin at the moment.

Solar panels
The application of solar panels on the AspergeSpin to replace a battery pack was less successful. Solar panels can only be used to extend the capacity of a battery pack. The AspergeSpin also isn't a 'good weather' machine and is often used in the early harvest of asparagus with conditions in which the sun isn't always shining.

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