AU: New technology delivering biodegradable produce labels

Growers and packers now have access to biodegradable produce labelling technology, with the Orora Group bringing its exclusive Accu-Label to Australia.

Orora Fibre General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Russo says the labels are made from eco-friendly, high-strength paper, rather than traditional plastic, which is an increasingly important consideration for environmentally conscious customers. The technology is already used in the company's North American organisation.

"The thin labels conform to all product shapes and are engineered to be removable in one piece," he said. "The labels are also far easier to clean off the grader with organic citrus cleaners, which absorb into the label and dissolve the food grade adhesive within seconds. The Accu-Labeller incorporates an in-line printer and label applicator. It can print variable information on labels, which are dispensed at over 15 labels per second."

Photo: Fibre Group General Manager, Brian Lowe presents on the Accu-Label

Mr Russo adds that the machine can be taken to a customer’s premises and seamlessly incorporated into their existing sorting process, and the ability to print on-demand reduces label inventory and label wastage.

"A convenient feature is the easy to replace ink cartridges," Mr Russo said. "Also, Accu-Label’s patented tamping bellows achieve the least amount of damage or bruising to delicate fruit and vegetables. Furthermore it offers full Waste Liner Rewind, which replaces noisy waste liner collectors. Accu-Label is recognised for its dependability and reliability, requiring minimal maintenance. Should a problem arise its ‘user-friendly’ serviceability allows the operator to quickly swap components in many instances – which can be faster than making a service call. This all adds up to improved efficiency and productivity with minimal downtime."

Photo: The Accu-Labeller being demonstrated as part of the Expo machinery tour

The Accu-Label print and apply labelling system was unveiled for the first time in Australia at Orora’s Innovation Expo18. Held over four days at Orora’s Specialty Packaging facility in Melbourne, which showcased the latest packaging innovations and high-tech machinery from across Orora’s global business. Mr Russo says the Accu-Label is a world leader in eco-friendly fruit labelling technology and is part of Orora’s suite of advanced in-line printers.

"It is specifically designed to print and apply labels at high speed with the highest application rate of labels on wet and furry fruit and vegetables, such as apples and kiwifruit," he said. "Aside from branding, the Accu-Label systems can print variable data including GS1-DataBar (GTIN) and any other traceability data for a complete traceability solution, down to the item level. This improves product traceability, authenticity and provenance. These are important considerations for any produce grower trying to protect the integrity of their product."

Photo: The Accu-Labeller being demonstrated as part of the Expo machinery tour

Orora Group says there are two factors driving the demand for this environmentally friendly solution in the market.

"The first is that produce growers are increasingly looking for greater productivity, as well as cost reductions, which Accu-Label provides by printing and applying the exact number of labels on demand at the customer’s premises," Mr Russo said. "The other factor is the shift towards sustainable packaging and labelling options. This has been fuelled by changing consumer preferences, as well as the Australian government’s plan to make all packaging reusable and/or recyclable by 2025 in an effort to reduce landfill and safeguard the environment."

Photo: Crowd shot in the booth area at Orora’s Innovation Expo18

The other innovative technology on display included the EFI Nozomi C18000 digital printer, which is the first of its kind digital printer in Australia that offers a revolutionary printing service for corrugated customers. It delivers magazine quality imagery directly onto corrugated board at ultra-high-speed, significantly improving speed-to-market.

Also, the Highcon Euclid IIIC laser cutter is the world’s first production speed digital cutting and creasing machine, which is revolutionising corrugated packaging by dispensing with traditional die-cutters. The Limitronic Limitag V6 Orion in-line printer, also a first for Australia, the Orion is a mobile in-line printer offering high resolution, four colour printing on both sides of a carton, meaning customers only receive plain cartons which can be printed on-demand, reducing inventory and minimising waste.

While the ‘No crush’ system is developed specifically for the fresh produce segment, the ‘No crush’ box combines premium materials and a clever corner structure design to ensure fresh produce arrives to market in pristine condition.

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