One of the largest bell pepper packers in the Netherlands

Rainbow Kleinpak expands machine park with four Fuji Flowpackers

This year, Harvest House, a Dutch bell pepper grower's, packing activities became centralised. Packing will now be done at Rainbow Kleinpak in the town of De Lier. This equates to substantial growth for this small packing company. To realise this growth, the machine park needed to expand. For René van der Meij, the Small Packaging Manager, there was only one option. In March, four new Fuji Flowpackers were delivered to the company. They were supplied by Dijkstra Vereenigde.

"We had Fuji Flowpackers", says René. "In March, four more were added. This year, Harvest House amalgamated the packaging of two large bell pepper packing stations into one location. This decision was made by the Harvest House growers. Now, Rainbow Kleinpak is one of the largest bell pepper packers in the Netherlands. The larger the quantities, the better and more effectively we can organise the packing."
Rolls Royce of flowpackers
The focus on efficacy and quality was the reason behind choosing the Fuji Flowpackers. In week 13, Dijkstra Ver­eenigde delivered and installed the four new machines. "The Fuji Flowpacker is the Rolls Royce of flowpackers. Easy to maintain, very reliable, and user-friendly. These are important features for me", says René, who has more than 25 years of bell pepper packing experience under the belt. "I worked with various kinds of machines at different companies. Here, at Rainbow Kleinpak, I saw the first Fuji Flowpacker being installed. This was about eight years ago. Through the years, we have replaced all the other brands. Every time with a Fuji. We now have eleven of them running. This includes a back-seal flowpacker for the pointed peppers."

Packing bell peppers
The Fuji Flow­ packer CX was installed at Rainbow Kleinpak. This is a successor of the Alpha 6. There is also an extended Alpha 8 in Dijkstra Vereenigde's range. It, however, has too many bells and whistles. There are too many varied packaging requirements in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector. The CX is used more often in this sector. It is used for, among other things, packaging bell peppers and tomatoes. It is also used for soft fruit and tray packaging. Since the machine is easy to adjust, its popularity is steadily growing. There is increased attention to minimising waste and improving the sustainability of machines. This means this machine's popularity will continue to grow.

A Rolls Royce does not sound like a cheap option. René confirms this. "We certainly looked at this. For us, the question was mainly that of return on investment. How will such a machine ultimately perform? We expanded considerably this year. This means an increased number of operating hours per machine. From this season, we are running ten machines, seven days a week, 20 hours a day. Reliability must be high. We will gladly invest in this. In my opinion, the Fuji Flowpackers are good value-for-money."

"Of course, any machine can break. Or it can malfunction due to human error", continues René, "but we can do a lot of the repairs ourselves. We hardly ever need a Dijk­stra technician." This is thanks to Rainbow Kleinpak's stringent maintenance policy. "In the winter, bell pepper production is, naturally, quieter. Then we carry out maintenance. Everything is checked. Everything that will not last through the coming season is replaced. We want to ensure that we never experience a standstill during the season. This is certainly true for the coming year."

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