Netherlands, UK and France, largest importers of fruit and veg from third countries

The Netherlands imported fruits and vegetables from third countries worth 4,440 million Euro in 2017; the United Kingdom made purchases worth 3,241 million Euro, and France imported produce worth 1,719 million Euro. Together, these three countries accounted for 58% of the EU's total imports from third countries, which were worth a total of 16,304 million Euro, according to Eurostat data; 5% more than in 2016.

Of the three countries, France has been the one that has grown the most, with a 13% increase in 2017 compared to 2016, when it imported fruit and vegetables worth 1,518 million Euro. As for the Netherlands, its fruit and veg imports from third countries grew by 5% in 2017 compared to 2016, when they stood at 4,213 million Euro. Lastly, the United Kingdom recorded a 1% drop.

Of the 4,440 million Euro worth of imports from third countries into the Netherlands, 4,034 million corresponded to fruits and 406 million to vegetables. The fruits most imported by the Netherlands are those included in chapter 0804 of the tariff nomenclature, mainly pineapples and avocados, with 1,035 million Euro; followed by citrus, with 840 million Euro, and grapes with 767 million Euro.

In the case of the United Kingdom, the bulk of imports also corresponded to fruit, with 2,723 million Euro in 2017, while expenditure on vegetables stood at 494 million Euro. Bananas were the most purchased fruit, with 688 million Euro, followed by grapes, with 529 million, and pineapples and avocados, with 490 million Euro.

Lastly, France imported 1,014 million Euro worth of fruit and 705 million Euro worth of vegetables. The most imported fruits were pineapples and avocados, with 361 million Euro, and bananas, with 199 million Euro. As for vegetables, the most purchased crops were tomatoes, with 363 million Euro, and green beans, with 126 million Euro, according to Eurostat data processed by FEPEX.

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