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"Plagiarism among merchants in the seed industry still awaits regulation"

"Ready money, limited volume, and set prices help brand development in the melon seed industry"

"Hainan is China's main production area of melons in the off-season. There is currently a surface are of 10 thousand hectares devoted to muskmelon plantations. These plantations are located in a tropical, typhoon-prone climate. The growing process takes place predominantly in large greenhouses. The quality of melon seeds is judged on the melon's resistance to disease, production volume, and sugar content. Melon seeds have become a key aspect of the entire industry. In recent years, there has been a growing number of muskmelon varieties as a result of successful research and development, and marketing of melon seeds." This is according to Mr. Wang Zhong of the Xinjiang Bao Feng Seed Industry.

"Hong Jia Li", the brand of Xinjiang Bao Feng Seed Industry

Current best-seller on the domestic market, the newest product variety "Chao Mo"

"We think that the Chinese melon seed industry needs to undergo a process of standardization before it can reach maturity. Several problems in the industry have become apparent in the last few years. On the one hand, many varieties of inferior muskmelon seeds enter the market in large volumes as a result of limited research levels. These less than ideal market conditions not only bring a loss to melon farmers, but also douse the desire of consumers to buy melon seeds. On the other hand, as soon as one company develops a new product variety and brings it on the market, other companies in the same industry produce imitations. This leads to large-scale plantations that do not meet standards, which harms the market image of the original product variety."

Maturing muskmelons

Product variety "Katyusha"

"In the last year, we have already moved our muskmelon cultivation plantation from China to several countries in Southeast Asia and Central Asia. Every year, we test and cultivate 50-60 varieties. Then we select the varieties that are most suitable for the market and we promote them. 90% of them are sold through the wholesale market in Hainan, and only 10% is sold to Chinese plantation owners who carry out muskmelon cultivation abroad."

Current best-seller on the domestic market, the newest product variety "Chao Mo"

Recently harvested "Jin Ru Yi"

"Branding is the future of the melon seed industry. In order to guarantee seed quality and create a healthy market for melon products, we hold on to three principles during the entire production process: the first principle is concerned with cash transactions. Many dealers on the seed market currently use credit to trade with fruit farmers. This increases trade risks for fruit farmers. When sales are poor, then there is a risk that dealers are unable to make good on their debts. The second principle is concerned with limited volume. Under regular circumstances we only bring a limited volume of seeds on the market to avoid flooding it. The third principle is concerned with fixed prices. The price is relatively stable in a large market where conditions rarely change. We set prices to prevent unfair competition and to guarantee that there is enough funding for the research and development of product varieties."

Wang Zhong
Xinjiang Bao Feng Seed Industry
Public name: Hainan Seed Brother
Company telephone and WeChat: +86 1888 9115 000
Company e-mail:

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