Italy: Lumigrey reflecting screens

A screen that combines a simple shading function with the capability of monitoring greenhouse temperatures, which is essential, especially in warmer months. These are just some of the characteristics of the Lumigrey® reflecting screens, introduced by Agrintech as an alternative to traditional shading nets.

The reflecting plate prevents the structure from overheating. Thanks to its rachel weaving, Lumigrey® is available with a shading factor of between 30 and 80%.

As for salad and spinach, Lumigrey® 40 and 50% practically replaced the "technique" of applying lime on films, creating a more suitable microclimate inside the greenhouse and guaranteeing the most suitable light conditions.

Valerian is particularly sensitive to temperatures above 35°C, especially when it's really bright or if sunlight hits the leaves directly. In order to obtain resistant homogeneous plants with a bright colour, the perfect balance between shade, temperature and light must be obtained. This is why best results are obtained with Lumigrey® 80, which keeps temperatures down limiting UV rays.

Lumigrey® 50 screen over spinach. Plants are uniform and leafy. 

Lumigrey® 30% seems perfect for greenhouse tomatoes (mainly date and plum varieties). Producers report various advantages:

- application between April and late September with return of the investment already in the first year (keeping in mind Lumigrey® prices are in line with those of traditional shading nets).

- fruits of uniform colour free from scalding damage

- less need to irrigate and, therefore, fewer chemicals and fertilisers needed 

- fewer viral attacks (no side anti-aphid screens needed)

- improved working conditions in the warmer months therefore making longer working days possible.

Bird's eye view of Lumigrey® 30 on tomato greenhouses in Vittoria

Greenhouse soft fruit production is affected by difficult weather conditions, mainly due to the hot summers. Raspberries are the most affected, so volumes are insufficient as regards both quantity and quality.

Lumigrey® 40% recreates the ideal cool climate to grow crops even in the warmer months. Those using Lumigrey® 40 could see how plant vigour already increased already during the first year. Less stressed plants means they produce more fruits of an impeccable quality. 

Screens are applied above plastic films thanks to practical reinforced strips along the entire perimeter. Plastic films are also protected from UV rains, meaning they last longer.

Results on raspberry crops. Plastic polytunnel on the right vs Lumigrey® on the left

Lumigrey® is therefore suitable for all kinds of crops, so plants are not stressed during growth.

It is a more professional method compared to using lime and could replace traditional shading nets.

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