"China: "Kiwifruit varieties become a decisive factor in progress of exports"

"China is a great country for kiwifruit. When it comes to production volumes China is among the world's leading countries, but it is far from the strongest. New Zealand has a production volume between 2 and 4 tons per 0.07 hectare, but China does not even come close, with a production volume of 1 ton per 0.07 hectare. Furthermore, the two countries are worlds apart when it comes to the difference in price. There are several reasons that bring about this difference. The Chinese agricultural industry falls short with regard to regulations for relevant standards in comparison with standards in developed countries. These regulated standards should not only be expressed in the consumer segment of the process, but in every segment of the process from production to retail." This is according to Mr. Liu Jianfeng, the first vice-president of Yangling Zhen Yu Agricultural Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Kiwifruit plantation

Kiwifruit plantation

"When we look at the import and export market trade, we can see that China primarily imports kiwifruit from New Zealand, Chile, and Italy. The Chinese export market for kiwifruit is not well developed. In 2015, the export volume for the entire country was only about 2 thousand tons. This is less than one thousandth of the total production value. When it comes to export destinations, China primarily sells to Russia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. These are all neighbouring countries and territories. Furthermore, the scale of this export is quite limited."

Kiwifruit plantation

Recently harvested fresh kiwifruit

"One leading cause for the slow development of Chinese kiwifruit export is the diverse nature of the kiwifruit industry. The most crucial factor in all of this is still the kiwifruit product itself. This includes the stability of kiwifruit varieties, and monitoring pesticide residues. According to our understanding, the best way forward for the fruit industry is to engage in the creation of brands. It is common at this time for Chinese fruit producing areas to collectively use one brand. For example, Gannan Navel oranges and Korla fragrant pears are named after their production area, but they lack famous enterprises and product brands. In the future, after the industry has carried out standardization of supply chain management, the main trend on the market will be to establish various kiwifruit product brands."

Several varieties of kiwifruit

"This company is in possession of more than 33 hectares of its own kiwifruit plantations in the Yangling area, Shaanxi. In addition, we have over 53 hectares of collectively owned plantations. The main varieties of kiwifruit include Cui Xiang, Xu Xiang, and Hayward. In the kiwifruit plantations we established we primarily use standardized regulations. In the selection and breeding process of product varieties we give ample consideration to the climate conditions in the plantation area, as well as soil structure. At the same time, we cooperate with several specialized kiwifruit enterprises in China and abroad. We enthusiastically explore all possibilities to improve our product varieties."

Standardized photoelectric selection line

"At this stage, the sprouts we cultivate at our company are primarily used in co-op plantations and in the orchards constructed by this company. We sell the fruit under our own brand, and at the same time, we also established cooperative relations with large-scale fruit manufacturer outlets, large-scale online merchants, and wholesale markets. Apart from this, we also utilize the superior geographical position and resources of Shaanxi through a combined production and marketing strategy with the localities of Shaanxi and other fruit producers. In order to realize off-season, graded retail, we have established an air-regulated refrigerated warehouse for the preservation of fresh fruit, as well a standardized photoelectric selection line."

Liu Jianfeng - First Vice-President (FVP)
Yangling Zhen Yu Agricultural Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.
Telephone number +86 186 0067 1620
E-mail address liujianfengvip@126.com

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