"Still room for Durians on mainland Chinese market"

"The mainland Chinese market for imported fruit has been growing rapidly in recent years as a result of the higher income level of Chinese consumers and their continuously increasing demand for high-quality fruit. Year after year, the import volume shows growth. In comparison with European and American countries where customs duties and such stipulations are relatively strict, Southeast Asian countries have won the close attention of many importers because of their advantageous policy of minimal customs duty on trade with China." This is according to Michelle from the Ding Shing Fruit Corporation.

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Factory workers select and package durian

Recently harvested fresh durian

"This company was established in May, 2013. It is located in Pingdong, Taiwan, and owns large scale pineapple plantations. When the company was first established, we only planted Jinzuan pineapples. Every year they entered the market from the start of January to the end of June. After four years of plantation and market expansion, we can now offer different pineapple varieties throughout the year based on seasonal differences. This includes Jinzuan pineapples, Milk White pineapples, Watermelon pineapples, and Sugarcane pineapples. We started to operate on the durian market as one part of our product range and sales market expansion. Last year we successfully entered the Thai market, and this year we will continue with the Cambodian market."

Factory workers load boxed durian on the truck

Factory workers load boxed durian on the truck

"At this stage we predominantly sell pineapples and durians from our brand 'Sweet Garden' and from client brands to wholesale markets and supermarkets in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, and Guangzhou. There were three considerations that made us decide to start operating on the durian market: first, after long consideration we realized that the production cost of durian in Thailand was comparatively low and the quality was excellent. This provides us with an obvious market advantage in China. Second, we were already fairly familiar with durian on the fresh fruit market in Thailand, because we had extensive sales experience with refrigerated fresh fruit in Thailand. Third, our mainland partners expressed a strong desire to use our company for the selection and purchase of high-quality durian, because in recent years Thai durian were very well received on the market of mainland China."

Large-sized durian with abundant fruit flesh

Factory workers package durian

"The demand of mainland Chinese consumers for durian has continuously increased for the last two years. According to our estimates, in the coming few years this trend will very likely continue. There is still much room for the expansion of durian sales. We set up service points in the major sales districts in mainland China, and we distribute relevant plantation and management techniques to countries in Southeast Asia. This is to better safeguard the foundation of plantation and sales. Apart from this, we also look far and wide for great partners in sales and transportation, so we can better distribute our products."

Ding Shing Fruit Corporation
Telephone number: +886 903 179 338
Fax: +886 8 771 0031
E-mail address: dingshing923@gmail.com

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