Innovation and sustainability: Smilesys reclosable systems fight waste

The fight against food and plastic waste is an evergreen topic among governments, universities and companies, as it is in our everyday lives. In this globalized world, virtuous companies propose new solutions that are intended to combine flexibility and efficiency, to provide a new approach to the way people manage their relationship to food. An arduous challenge, though it promises great satisfaction to the companies that will be able to take their chances as this new market branches out.

The ideal solution comes from northern Italy, and the company is Smilesys SpA.

Smilesys is a market leader in the development and production of re-closable systems for innovative packaging solutions for food, industrial and chemical goods. Since 2013 the company counts on a solid double-digit increase rate, with a 95% exporting rate in the whole world. 150 are the million pieces produced last year, with which over 45 million kg of food were packed.

An example of the perfect mix of know-how and virtuousness of the venetian company is its Smile Lite technology, a very special re-closable film which is also the achievement of an interregional cooperation between north and south Italy. This technology has been realized and patented by Smilesys in cooperation with Besana, European market leader in the packaging of dried fruit, Bioplast, film converter for the food industry based in Salerno and Ritrama, Italian multinational corporation leader in the production of adhesive materials.

Considering that the wasted food rate, mostly due to the deterioration of the product once the pack is opened, for 150 million packs is about the 8%. Therefore, the Smile Lite film avoids the waste of 3.5 million kg of food, as to say it saves 12 million packs, more than 60.000 kg of plastic and 100.000 kg of CO2.

The pursuit of the environmental sustainability is guaranteed to the whole pack, as it can be realised in fully recyclable PET mono-material. A responsible utilisation of plastic material through re-closable systems is a solution to the fight to wasted packaging, as it is absolutely not invasive and suitable to all packaging machinery in the market without the need to bring any change.

The key is in the cost-effectiveness of the packaging: the motto ''less is morè' is in this case fitting perfectly. Therefore, the plastic material has been reduced by 7 times, opting for a re-closable plastic film, that makes the lid unnecessary.

The change is in act and Smilesys is doing its part through the study of new re-closable systems that allows quicker ways of packaging and remarkably avoidance of plastic waste, electric consumption and a way further less environmental impact, while providing a better experience of the product.

Smile Lite lands in Turkey

After Europe and America, now is the time for Smilesys to reach the Asiatic continent, thanks to its last agreement with a Turkish company.

Recently Erüst Tarim, Turkish leader in fruit and vegetable production and supplier of main retail and wholesale players (Metro, Carrefour, Migros), has decided to implement its range of packed products with Smile Lite, the re-closable film for pre-formed trays, patented and realised by Smilesys.

While Erüst Tarim has a long familiar tradition in produce business, its quest for innovation has always been one of its strength point since the early 90's.

This explains its choice for Smile Lite. This film is able to combine complete reclosability, marketing attractiveness and shelf life extension at the same time. Those features make the foil a perfect solution for fresh snacks and multiple consumption products.

The synergy between the two companies with a similar vision intends to widen Smilesys services to a potential market of 80 million people.

There are few gestures that simplify the life of the consumer, while giving a strong value to the brand, and also a benefit to the environment.

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