China: Xuefeng oranges bring the taste of sunshine

Every winter, oranges are the most popular fruit on the market. No wonder, since they contain a huge amount of vitamin C. There are a lot of orange producing areas, however the taste of the oranges can vary. A lot of factors such as environment, temperature, light and soil can affect the fruits' taste, but there are no oranges sweeter and juicier than the orange from Hunan - the Xuefeng Orange.

Just picked sweet oranges

Excellent sour to sweet ratio & great taste
Many people think that oranges are good if they are sweet. In fact, sour oranges are better. An orange has a sour taste if it is rich in citric acid and vitamin C. Both of these substances are very beneficial to human health. Therefore, excellent oranges should not only be sweet, but also have a slightly sour taste.

Sweet orange garden

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines that A-category orange juice should have a sugar to acid ratio of 12.5-20.5. This is not just a randomly picked number, but one which considers the importance of the sour taste. Xuefeng Oranges from the Xuefeng Mountains have an acid ration of 25:3 and feel "pleasantly sweet and mildly sour".

Tasty sour and sweet oranges

All the same size, carefully selected A-category oranges
Xuefeng Oranges cultivated in the natural environment require a long time to grow. At this point, harvest season has already started. After years of experience in planting and picking, the farmers choose only the most suitable Xuefeng Oranges for sale. These oranges have a diameter of 55mm-60mm. 

Sweet oranges growing in the natural environment

Follow the schedule and you'll get the sweetest oganges
Every year, the orange harvest on the Xuefeng mountains begins only after the oranges have enjoyed plenty of sunshine and the temperature begins to fall. By the end of November each year, its flesh gets tender and sweet and soluble solids are up to 13-16%. This is the best time for picking. Farmers don't wax, stain or inject the oranges with sodium cyclamate. The oranges that have ripened naturally are picked and Xuefeng Oranges are sent to millions of households, bringing with them the taste of sunshine.

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