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In the era of blockchains, Ux (user experience) and new generations, the fresh produce sector can try to follow current market trends too, helped by technological advances and the increased interest in health and food quality. 

Sealed Air's 'Innovazione Cliente' group studies ways to implement new technologies and solutions in this area as well.

"In the future, consumers will increasingly require healthy food, 'free from' products, ready dishes and organic ingredients. The Oppenheimer Group reports that Millennials eat more fruit and vegetables than any other generation (2.7 portions/day) and, in the US, the United Fresh Produce Association has reported a weekly increase in these kind of purchases by 1.5% in volume and 3.6% in value (UFPA 2016 Year in Review report)," explains Barbara Giusti.

Above: Barbara Giusti in Bari during the VIII Simposio Internazionale dell'Uva da Tavola.

"Although the Italian per-capita consumption of a few products has slightly decreased, meaning we don't reach the famous five portions recommended by the OMS, the segment is expected to improve by 5% in 2016-2021, especially as regards organic, pre-cut and ready-to-eat products."

Consumers will care more about the nutritional aspect of fruit and vegetables, but will also require more transparency. Clean labels and traceability should help reduce the use of chemicals or harmful substances along the entire chain.

Vegetable products are very delicate and must be healthy when they reach consumer tables. Maintaining the cold chain is still the key to success.

Sealed Air takes on this challenge in 4 macro-areas: packed unwashed, fresh-cut, ready-to-eat and pre-cooked. Packaging can play a considerable role to guarantee freshness, ease of use and traceability along the entire chain.

See through packet

"We have been operating in food sectors such as meat, charcuterie, fish, dairy etc. for over fifty years. We provide a wide selection of innovative packaging solutions and are committed to providing added value. Our materials derive from years of innovation and development and are therefore unique under the technological and performance aspects."

The Sealed Air expert network interacts to develop and patent new solutions every day. It has many years of experience in the single food sectors introducing new solutions, systems, technologies and services. This in turn means we provide new materials with a reduced environmental impact that can maintain healthy delicate food such as vegetable products as well: heat-shrink films studied for sealed packets (even on high-productivity lines) but with excellent permeability to gas and humidity, perfect to maintain freshness, providing excellent visibility and resistant to breakage while remaining thin (between 7 and 12/u).

Sealappeal PSF difference

The Sealappeal film family combines low environmental impact and an improved warehouse management with the concept of convenience and customer experience. The exclusive Easy Peel system was patented for tamper-proof trays. These films guarantee excellent visibility but enable the customisation of permeability and print. It is also perfect for the pre-cooked segment.

The R&D group looks at innovation, the future, sustainability, food security, quality improvement and improved operative efficiency with a deep knowledge of the main and most innovative technologies and of the requirements and limitations of clever active packaging and technologies.

"The combination of technology and packaging is also perfect for transport and online commerce needs. Sealed Air is organising a second event in 2018, Packforum®, especially for this. Knowing the real problems clients face is essential for us, because it is the only way to study effective solutions," explains Giusti (in the photo).

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