Italy: 'Fellini Patrizio' introduces jujube pots

Introducing new things by reinterpreting a traditional, ancient product in a modern way. We are talking about jujubes, which "Fellini Patrizio" has started selling in a modern practical packaging.

The packaging chosen by Fellini Patrizio. 250 gram pot with lid and label

"Harvesting is in full swing and we are rather pleased, as the produce is of high quality. Jujube cultivation has always been marginal, but we decided to do it professionally. We opted for a practical packaging, perfect for snacking. And results are showing we were right."

Harvesting operations 

The jujube orchard is made up of three varieties chosen for their organoleptic qualities and ripening date. In order to obtain a high-quality product, irrigation and fertigation are essential. Mechanical operations against weeds are carried out on rows while grassing and mowing is carried out between rows.

Jujubes are produced by Azienda Agricola 67#, owned by Fellini with almost 100 cultivated hectares.

Round shaped variety

Packaging is very practical. "It seems very popular with retailers, so much so that we can't meet all demands," explains sales manager Lamberto Giovanardi. The 250 gram pot is part of the "Gli Sfizi" line, which is in turn a part of the Freschissimi di Fellini Patrizio range. "We focused on varietal choice and on good organoleptic qualities. Our produce is available for almost two months."

"Harvesting is what makes the difference. We carry out six harvests in order to always supply perfectly ripe fruit. Our clients have noticed it, and that's why we can't meet all the demands. Professionalism is part of our DNA."

Emile Fellini shows jujube pots part of the Gli Sfizi line

Jujubes are not very well known, but they have a high nutritional value. The fruit contains approximately 8.7% of sugars, 2.6% of protein as well as 1.4% ash, 1.7% pectin and 1.3% tannins. 

Oblong jujubes

"Jujubes can be eaten fresh but are even better if boiled, cooked, stewed or dried. They contain 20 times the vitamin C found in citrus fruit and are also rich in vitamins B1, B2 and B6. In addition, they contain manganese, potassium, iron, calcium and phosphorous." 

Fellini Patrizio S.r.L.

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