Big potential for Chilean avocados in China

"Every year, the Chilean avocado season starts in August and ends in March. If we compare this season with the last year, we see that production of avocados in Chile has slightly increased. The new season has begun and export prices are still the same as the last year. However, taking into account the increased production and the exporter's enhanced interest in the Chinese market, we can anticipate that Chilean avocado exports to China will grow during the production season. If so, the prices are going to change as well." said Jason Xu from Supafresh.

Bravocado from Supafresh

"This is the first time in the last 5 years that Supafresh has exported avocados from Mexico onto the Chinese market. This fruit is exotic for customers. When it just comes to market, there are not many people buying it. There are two main categories of customers now: mothers who give avocado to their children as a snack for school and young people who are interested in everything exotic. After a while, when other groups of customers have become familiar with avocados, a lot of restaurants started ordering them, which led to the present great rise in the overall amount of sales in retail."

Chilean avocado in a process of growth

"In the last two years, avocado sales volume have decreased. We are not worried about this tendency, though. It takes time for every new product to gain the trust of customers and to promote sales growth, it is not a quick process. I do believe though that, after the Chinese customer's tastes evolve and the new recipes become more popular, avocado will reveal it's great potential."

Signs on the package indicate a degree of ripeness

"The most important thing about an avocado is it's freshness. That is why we impose strict controls throughout the whole production process. Firstly, Supafresh is monitoring the work of our Chilean suppliers so that we can guarantee the highest quality. Secondly, every single year, we are constantly sending our teams to the production and packing, meeting the farmers. They are checking everything themselves, talking to the suppliers, making sure that product will remain fresh, will arrive to Chinese customers in a perfect condition and will fully satisfy Chinese market's demands. At this moment, Supafresh avocado shipments arrive at the ports of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong. We have developed a new variety called Bravocado, that can be found all over the country, in a big chain stores as well as in small shops. It can be found on the internet platforms like Tmall and as well. We are able to satisfy every kind of customer from every part of China with the avocado of any ripeness degree."

Different ripeness degree avocados in one pack

"In terms of sales channels, Supafresh is different from the other companies. Three years ago, we discovered that restaurants need avocados of different ripeness. A lot of Western cuisine restaurants have opened in South and East China. We started to work with them directly. At this moment, we have our own greenhouses in the key areas. After four years of research, we have invented our own special ripening technique, which allows us to prepare avocados of the exact ripeness degree that our client requires. For example, we made a pack containing three avocados of different ripeness, which gives a perfect representation of the product to our customers. The pack has a nice design with the Supafresh logo on it. Those sets are pretty popular among customers. Retailers are very satisfied with the sales."

Chile avocado plantation

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