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Italy: Malavasi presents baby watermelon Cuoredolce®

Italian agricultural firm Malavasi Agostino, which is located in Poggio Rusco (near Mantua, Lombardy region), produces and markets a range of different watermelons' varieties, amongst which one of the last ones is a baby watermelon called Cuoredolce®.

Umberto Malavasi, actual firm's administrator, explains: "Cuoredolce® is our last creation. It is something innovative, with which we are trying to follow the quickly developing market in the watermelons' sector.

Cuoredolce® is a baby watermelon with a deep red and very refreshing sweet pulp. Each fruit weights between 1,5 and 2,5 kg. The peel is striped in light and deep green. This product is offered in 10 kg cartons, containing 3, 4, 5 or 6 pieces.
Palletization is made on the basis of the customers' specific requests and the product can be shipped everywhere in taly and on the European market.

Malavasi's history
Founded in 1932, the firm Malavasi Agostino started producing and exporting watermelons in 1952. Umbero Malavasi explains: "Our very first important contract was the one we signed with the American Army, in the time it garrisoned the German territory after the WWII. In a single season, more than 200 wagons of watermelons were sent by us to the various American headquarters."

"The seed had been provided to us by the Americans selfs and it was the first time that some long and striped watermelon's varieties, such as Charleston and similar, could be seen in Italy."

The Sixties and the Sugar Baby

"Our work with the USA army lasted many years - Umberto says - until the decreasing number of American soldiers negatively affected the consumption. So, in the Sixties, we started to introduce the Sugar Baby watermelon's variety, which soon met the demand of the consumers all over Europe. We exported it especially to the French and to the German markets."

"In that period, during the producing season, we delivered 50-60 wagons of watermelons a day. The first packagings were wooden boxes with 4-6 fruits, while later cartons were introduced as main packagings."

"Sugar Baby was a very sweet watermelon and its cultivation was made, just as nowadays, under plastic tunnels. Exports have been very active until the end of the Eighties, but later the stronger concurrence from other producing countries limited our market. This is the reason why Malavasi is expanding its watermelons' offer, in order to better answer the requests from an evolving and still more demanding market."

Commercial offer by Italian firm Malavasi Agostino:

TOP GUN (Crimson variety)
Rounded shape, striped peel. Great size: each fruit can weight more than 12 kg.

Red, crispy, compact and very sweet pulp, with small seeds.

It is harvested some days in advance if shipped to far destinations.

DUMARA (Crimson variety)
Elongated shape, good colour, high-quality pulp.
Great size: middle weight for fruit - 10-15 kg.

Red, crispy, compact and very sweet pulp, with small seeds.

Cartons: 3,4,5,6,7 fruits
Box: 250 Kg
Wooden box: 200/250 Kg

AGUA DULCE F1 (Seedless variety)
Rounded shape. Strong peel, which allows this product to be transported also for long journeys without damages. Each fruit weights about 5-6 kg.

Deep red, high-quality and tasty pulp.

Cartons: 3,4,5,6,7 fruits
Box: 250 Kg
Wooden box: 200/250 Kg

Seedless variety)
Rounded shape. Peel with well-defined stripes in deep green color.

Very crispy, red and sweet pulp, very resistant to over-maturation.

Cartons: 3,4,5,6,7 fruits
Box: 250 Kg
Wooden box: 200/250 Kg

Umberto Malavasi
Mobile: +39 335 7613015
Malavasi Agostino & Figli
Via A Brennero 35
46025 Poggio Rusco (MN)
Phone: +39 0386 51007
Fax: +39 0386 51008
Web: and

Publication date: 3/10/2008
Author: Rossella Gigli


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