Cape Five presents Polish apples in Beijing

Last week, the trade and investment promotion center of the Polish embassy organised a 'Polish food import market and Chinese online and offline market fair meeting event'. At the event, Polish apples were in the spotlight, as they attracted a lot of attention from the public.

23 online and offline market centres from Beijing, Chongqing, Sichuan were invited to the meeting event. The main items on display were fresh produce from Poland.

Cape Five's Shanghai office was the only distributor of Polish apples to attend the event. They brought two different Polish apple varieties, for all visitors to taste. 

According to Mr. He from Cape Five in Shanghai, both fruit varieties have unique characteristics. Red Qiao Prince apples have a very fresh and clean taste, sweet with a defining sour touch. It makes them very popular with young people. The Polish Red apple on the other hand is an outspokenly sweet apple, with a high sugar content. It fits very well with the general taste of the Chinese.

Moreover, Mr. He specifically mentioned the difference between Chinese and European apple consumers. "In terms of taste, European consumers prefer apples that are balanced between sweet and sour. Chinese consumers on the other hand are more inclined towards all-round sweet apples. It is also worth mentioning that European consumers don't peel their apples. The trust that an apple can be eaten right away with the peel still on, comes from the strict European regulations for food products. Under these strict food safety regulations, Europeans aren't concerned with the possibility that pesticides remain on the apple peel. At the same time, everyone knows that the nutritional value of the apple peel is a lot higher than the fruit flesh. For that reason, eating an apple with the peel on is the healthiest option."

"Moreover, Polish apples have another obvious characteristic. The apples are not waxed. In Europe, 'green' food products are very popular. People usually refuse food that has unnecessary food additives in it. Europeans believe that waxing an apple has no other effect than making the apple look more tasty, so they refuse to buy waxed apples. If you see that Polish apples aren't as shiny as other apples, you have to bear in mind that it's not because Polish apples are of lesser quality, but simply because they haven't been waxed."

"Many people today tasted a slice of the Polish apples and they said they tasted good and exceeded their expectations. In the future we hope that as we proceed with promotion, more and more Chinese consumers will start to appreciate these pure Polish apples."

Mr. He
Cape Five Shanghai
Telephone: +86 138 0197 7223

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